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CompTIA Strata Green IT

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Jul 3, 14


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Overview of FC0-GR1 certification exam

The FC0-GR1 CompTIA Strata Green IT exam consists of 30 questions regarding the implementation of environmentally sound strategies and emerging technologies into a company's existing infrastructure. Green IT programs and methodologies, such as power preservation reduction of an organization's ecological footprint, will be discussed on this exam. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate an ability to develop and deploy green IT initiatives and an awareness of global green mandates. Participants will get one hour to complete this exam. A passing score of 705 or higher will earn candidates the CompTIA Green IT certification.

Before taking this exam, it is suggested that candidates first earn the CompTIA A+ and Server+ certifications, as the concepts tested on this exam will expand on concepts and terminology that must be mastered on those exams. In addition, at least 18 months of professional IT experience in enterprise infrastructures is required. Training options for this exam include a student manual/textbook and Strata Green IT courseware.

This exam is a great way for system and network administrators, IT managers and supervisors, network security managers, data center managers, and operations managers to expand their resume and become acquainted to an IT field that is quickly growing. The majority of the exam will focus on Green IT techniques and technologies, including ones to dispose of hazardous materials, preserver power, and enhance major green initiatives. The application of virtualization technology will also be discussed. The exam will end with a section on Green IT policies and standards, for analyzing ROI and reducing environmental damage.

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Dealing with an Acquisition

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My old server job is open for anyone else who wants it

I realized over the years that I was simply not cut out to be a server in a restaurant. While I could do the job and I made plenty of money, I was just not happy in what I was doing. I knew what I would rather be doing and I sought to make it a part of my life. This is why I was making sure that I was going to TestsForge to pass the CompTIA FC0-GR1: CompTIA Strata Green IT among the other tests that I wanted to pass. I knew that this was the key to my success and I was right. I now have the kind of career that I truly want to have and my server job can go to someone else who needs it.

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