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... .... Eric Scannevin also creates the website of emonsubmeter. Established in 1981, E-Mon is the leading manufacturer of solid state electronic KWh sub-meters, energy monitors, interval data recorders and automatic reader software. As a stand-alone meter, E-Mon products provide you with extensive real-time knowledge of your energy use, allowing you to identify where the greatest energy consumption is being used. Eric Scannevin explains that the E-Mon products are especially useful for apartments, school dormitories, business facilities, government offices and other multiple use buildings. Building managers are able to save energy and cut costs with the data gathering tools that allow them to profile the entire facility for specific energy costs related to individual spaces and usage. Students in energy conservation can benefit from the use of sub-meters. With E-Mon products, you are able to diagnose equipment performance and determine ways for conserving energy. 1. About the webpage of products_class1000.html: You can parallel up to three sets of current sensors for cumulative reading with the class 1000 single phase kWh E-Mon sub-meter. Eric Scannevin creates a page that gives the features of the single phase sub-meters, which includes current sensor installation diagnostics, fixed pulse output, and a non-volatile memory. The meter will even maintain readings during a power outage. 2. About the webpage of pr_BASapprovals713.html: Eric Scannevin approves of the Building Automation System (BAS) energy monitoring applications. E-Mon's “D-Mon” products have met or exceeded the guidelines of two of the industry's leading standard's agencies; BACnet Testing Laboratories and LonWorks. The product line is designed for a variety of energy applications, including integrating facility electrical equipment and systems with widely used building automation system protocols. 3. About the webpage of pr_BASapprovals713.html: After several years of research and development, E-Mon brought the first fully electronic kilowatt hour sub-meter to the market. Eric Scannevin assisted E-Mon in establishing itself within a network of over 4,000 distributors supported by independent sales agencies throughout the world. The company base ranges from small retail stores to Fortune 500 corporations. 4. About the webpage of pr_emon30year.html: Enabling energy-efficiency initiatives across the facility landscape, E-Mon celebrates thirty years as a sub-metering market leader. Eric Scannevin agrees that their success as a company was due to the loyal support of customers and a nationwide network of distributors and retailers. He further notes that the company has gained its reputation through a statement of core values and sticking to them. 5. About the webpage of article_whitepaper engguidetosubmetering.html: Among the top tools for facility personnel are high-tech sub-meters and energy intelligence software. In the white paper, Eric Scannevin presents an overview of sub-metering for the green facility environment with an eye to how facility engineers can deploy them to help bottom-line pressure. 6. About the webpage of article_whitepaper_submeteringineducationandhealtcarefacilities.html: There are many uses for electric sub-meters in schools and health care facility environments, as well as many benefits. In school facilities, energy is often the highest expense after salaries and benefits. Eric Scannevin states that controlling the bottom-line cost is the key to maintaining current programs while ensuring cost-effective delivery of affordable services. 7. About the webpage of products_class3400.html: Eric Scannevin introduces the class 3400 Smart Meter with Dual Protocol Communications on a page for E-Mon sub-meters. The page gives model information, and its electric sub-meter features. The meter is designed for both indoor and outdoor inclosures. 8. About the webpage of products_class2000.html: The Class 2000 Three Phase kWh/kW Demand Sub-Meter has a direct 8-digit LCD display without the complications of multiple kWh cumulative displays and “real-time” kW load. Eric Scannevin states users have the option of displaying kW demand and kW peak date and time, and that it is available as a multiple meter unit, able to maintain up to 24 meters in one compact enclosure.

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Michael Duhsalso creates the website of insightix. Businesses require the highest security for their online applications, files and records. They need to drill deep to detect any vulnerabilities within their web-based interactions and keep their codes strengthened against hackers. Michael Duhs announces McAfee has acquired Insigtix business security assurance technology and incorporated it into the McAfee Asset Manager. Meeting the most demanding federal and industry requirements, McAfee includes the most popular compliance templates and standards. Actively or passively scan your network, discover hidden devices in your computer network, your smart phones, tablets and lap-tops. Gain unmatched scanning technology for testing your network vulnerability and for malware protection. Evolving Internet technology means evolving standards for your work environment and McAfee laboratories actively engage noticing changes in the threat landscape, triggering real-time threat assessments and advisories. 1. About the webpage of terms_of_use.aspx: Michael Duhs explains the terms of use between customers and Insightix within their legal agreement. Insightix states it does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information through its website. By furnishing information, Insightix does not grant any licenses, copyrights, patents or any other intellectual property. 2. About the webpage of privacy_policy.aspx: The privacy policy for Insigtix is stated on a page created by Michael Duhs. Private information about visitors to its website is gained with permission through the use of forms and feedback questionnaires. Isightix does not sell, rent or lease private information to third parties. 3. About the webpage of solutions_management.aspx: Few organizations are able to maintain an up-to-date inventory according to Michael Duhs. They are also unable to document the number of devices connected to their network. From twenty to fifty percent of all devices residing in a company computer are unknown to its managers, which means the devices are under-managed, or in some cases, are rogue devices. 4. About the webpage of products_bsa_overview.aspx: Detect, identify, profile, audit and control all the devices on your computer with Insightix Business Security Assurance (BSA) product suite. Michael Duhs states the product will help with the comprehensive data collection of all your network assets, simplify the process of conducting network-wide configuration audits and safe-guard the network's security integrity. 5. About the webpage of solutions_compliance.aspx: There are a great many complications and costs involved with remaining in compliance with multiple regulations. Michael Duhs wants to help you lower your labor costs, reduce your risk exposure and ensure compliance across multiple regulatory standards with the Insightix BSA Solution Suite. Insightix Solutions demonstrates compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

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Kallia Germanou also creates the website of stepforleaders. There is a gap within our educational system, with a large demand for qualified medical personnel, certified medical and research technologists and licensed professionals in the sciences. Kallia Germanou points out that this gap has an even greater impact upon the under-represented minorities of America. The Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) targets economically disadvantaged and under-represented students of the sciences, mathematics, technology and health related fields with programs that will advance them in their studies, help them reach their educational objective and prepare them for a professional career. STEP students are more likely to stay in school and receive a high school diploma than their peers, and more likely to pursue a college degree program. The New York State program is designed to help fill the educational gap. 1. About the webpage of step/aboutstep.asp: STEP students are given high school and college admission counseling, standardized test preparations, supervised training in research methods and career awareness, aided by developmental activities. Kallia Germanou has helped STEP with over sixty schools located in institutions of higher education and professional schools throughout New York State. 2. About the webpage of cstep/aboutcstep.asp: The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) was created to give economically disadvantaged students pursuing a career and enriching academic and research experience. Kallia Germanou explains the ability to pursue a college career depends on the ability to pass a standardized graduate school test. CSTEP helps in these preparations, assist in the college application process and grants internships. 3. About the webpage of sia/csvideo.asp: Students were unhappy when the Governor of New York proposed budget cut funds for CSTEP projects by fifty percent. Kallia Germanou presents a video in which the students speak out to protect the CSTEP program that has added to the excellence of higher education. Over 1,000 students from seventy different colleges met with law-makers and staff to seek full restoration of the Science and Technology Entry Program. 4. About the webpage of sia/csconferences_opportunitiesfair.asp: For those interested in attending the CSTEP Transfer, Graduate and Professional Opportunities Fair, Kallia Germanou presents a page with all the information. Scheduled during the annual state-wide student's conference, there is a contact number and registration form for those who would like to participate. 5. About the webpage of sia/inthenews_cstep.asp: Read CSTEP success stories in a newsletter designed by Kallia Germanou. Quarterly newsletters provide information about the communities and its programs, but also takes a snapshot of some award-winning students. 6. About the webpage of sia/csconferences_oral.asp: CSTEP students are given the opportunity to take part in an oral presentation at the CSTEP conference. Kallia Germanou states two competitors from each institution will be allowed to making a talking points and research fifteen minute speech choosing a topic from one of the four categories: Natural Science, Technology, Physical Science, Human Services or Social Science. Distinguished awards will be based on the student abstract and power point presentation. 7. About the webpage of sia/inthenews_step.asp: STEP students receive a lot of hands-on education, as is illustrated in the news page produced by Kallia Germanou. STEP students visit science laboratories, participate in a solar energy workshop and attend summer camp in a professional environment. Other activities include a robot and a robot building competition and a chance to design your own video game.

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… Brandon Schwalm also creates the website of ncfisheries. The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries looks forward to serving the public by ensuring sustainable fisheries and habitats. Brandon Schwalm has been working with them to develop their informational website, which can be found at ncfisheries. This site will serve as the main portal, providing information to the public about recreational and commercial fishing, news and updates pertaining to North Carolina fishing, and important licensure information. The fishing enthusiast will also find reports detailing habitat protection, stocking status, educational resources, and rules and regulations that ensure safety and protection for all. Be sure to check this site prior to your next North Carolina fishing adventure. 1. About the webpage of paprocs/index2009-2010.html: The Department of Fisheries website provides information and updates regarding specific areas of North Carolina which are declared to be polluted. Brandon Schwalm has designed a polluted area proclamations page that provides updates on fishing areas that are deemed to be open for fishing or closed due to pollution. This page also contains historical information from 2009-2010 with updates available on the current website. 2. About the webpage of procs/index2k7.html: The Department of Fisheries wants visitors to be aware of past fishing areas that have been closed due to pollution. For this purpose, Brandon Schwalm has created a proclamations webpage for 2007, which indicates areas that have been closed due to pollution during that year. Visit the links on the page for various maps and announcements of specific locations in North Carolina that are affected. 3. About the webpage of procs/index2k8.html: Brandon Schwalm has also created a proclamation web page for 2008 that is available as an archived page. Check out this page to view polluted area proclamations for 2008 and visit the updated site for current proclamation information. 4. About the webpage of stocks/reddrum.htm: Fishing enthusiasts who are pursuing Red Drum fish should check Brandon Schwalm's Red Drum web page for information about conditions related to this specific variety of fish. Stock status, harvest season, and current regulations can be found in this section. 5. About the webpage of stocks/summerflounder.htm: If you are fishing for Summer Flounder, you will want to be sure to check the stock status of this variety of fish. Brandon Schwalm has designed a Summer Flounder webpage that details past stock status, fisheries management plans, harvest season, and information about its habitat. 6. About the webpage of stocks/atlanticmenhaden.htm: Brandon Schwalm's Atlantic Menhaden page discusses the 2009 statistics surrounding this variety of fish. This section offers more information about the stock status, harvest season, and regulations that were in effect at that time. Of course, visitors are encouraged to check the updated site for current status information. 7. About the webpage of stocks/stripedmullet.htm: The North Carolina Department of Fisheries website features the Striped Mullet webpage that Brandon Schwalm created to provide information about this variety of fish. Please visit this page to view recent status of related to stocking, harvest season, and other basic information that will be useful when fishing for Striped Mullet.

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…James Young also creates the website of microgold. When you are building your business with online applications, you want your architectural base to be solid, with an ability to develop and adjust to the scale of your development. James Young works with Microgold Software Inc in offering consulting services in Microsoft Technology and building business applications for your enterprise. Microgold will help you get it right the first time by helping you to identify your requirements and communicating them to the consulting agency's skilled team of experts. Microgold consultants work closely with their clients to help them understand not only their software delivery, but how their business works through the software maps. Manage your business needs more effectively and drive customers to your online business by building a solid foundation in Microsoft technologies. 1. About the webpage of aboutus.html: Microgold Software Inc has been working with Microsoft technologies since 1993. James Young introduces the CEO president, Mike Gold, who has been programming and architecturally engineering Microsoft software and technologies for twenty-five years. Mike has consulted on a number of software projects, including Silverlight projects in both the military and the medical sectors. 2. About the webpage of services.html: Microgold is able to provide a wide variety of services to its clients through its familiarity with business software applications. James Young states that services include development in Silverlight, Javascript, and server-side/ data based distributed development. It also includes mobile development for enterprise applications and web integration between businesses. 3. About the webpage of home.html: James Young explains why you should choose Microgold as your consulting company in building your business enterprise's software applications. Microgold's talented experts will help you in executing Microsoft Technologies solutions so that your business is operating at its full potential. 4. About the webpage of products.html: Microgold offers technical assistance on a number of different levels, depending on the tech support package you purchase with your software. James Young joins Microgold in offering the With Class UML modeling tool. You can use With Class in all phases of your development, from the initial analysis and design to implementation and testing your codes.

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… Darryl Robinson also creates the website of uagc. Nearly every state, every institution and every educator has their own definition of gifted children, but they do come to agreement on the problems of children who show high skill levels and learning capacities but may not be realizing their full potential. Darryl Robinson explains that gifted children are often ahead of their peers in physical growth but their social-emotional and cognitive functions may be more unevenly developed. Environmental conditions, such as economic difficulties, discrimination or cultural barriers may hamper their intellectual accomplishments. The Utah Association for Gifted Children advocates for the diverse population of gifted children in the state of Utah. Their goal is to raise public awareness of the needs gifted children have, promote research and development on the nature and education of gifted people of all ages and to provide educational opportunities for gifted children. 1. About the webpage of resources.html: Darryl Robinson helped the Utah Association for Gifted Children by designing a page that gives more information on the resources available for gifted children and how to work with gifted children. There are a number of links to organizations supporting gifted children, and articles that include how to communicate effectively with your child's school and myths concerning the international baccalaureate program. 2. About the webpage of uagcawards.html: There are awards available for educators and professionals who have devoted their time and energy to the well-being and education of gifted children. Darryl Robinson presents the Utah Association for Gifted Children awards that begins with the prestigious Jewell Bindrup award, which can be presented to anyone living in Utah who has contributed substantially to the specific needs of Utah's gifted children, to the Distinguished Student Awards. Awards are also given to top leaders and educators. 3. About the webpage of uagcconference.html: Joining with UAGC, Darryl Robinson talks about the June conference designed for both parents and children. Parents gain more awareness of their children's special qualities in a session, “what's so different about raising gifted children”. Teachers are helped in their techniques for educating gifted children in “unwrapping the gift by supporting the potential”. 4. About the webpage of aboutus.html: The UAGC promotes the development of quality services in providing educational opportunities for gifted children. Darryl Robinson wants to increase the capacity of educators and parents for becoming participating agents of their schools, influencing changes in the schools and communities that will encourage a nurturing environment for the development of gifted children. Stimuli includes UAGC materials and benefits, as well as scholarships and grants. 5. About the webpage of affiliatechaptersdescription.html: Darryl Robinson can help you become an affiliate chapter with the Utah Association for Gifted Children. As an affiliate chapter, you can network with other schools for developing a positive relationship and advocate for gifted/ talented programs, write letters to educators about gifted and talented children issues, and send members to the yearly UAGC conventions. Most importantly, as an affiliate chapter, you will be visible as an advocate for gifted children.

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… Diane Catullo also creates the website of djdesignerlab. Diane Catullo understands that the world of technology can be a daunting place and he wanted to make it a little easier for those that are not technology wizards so, she created the DJDesignerLab website. She has taken the “information highway” to a new level within the realms of this site. She has included such great topics as wordpress, Photoshop, pixel art, inspiration of advertising, and how to run a crowd funding campaign to mention a few. She has included great articles written by Robert Woges, Dibakar Jana, and Ben Wilson along with a host of others. Diane Catullo has even included freebies and tutorials for those viewers needing a little extra boost. 1. About the webpage of 2011/01/13/10-excellent-applications-for-mobile-website-testing/: Knowing that mobile phones a large part of the world today Diane Catullo created the page 10 Excellent Applications for Mobile Web Site Testing. Businesses want to advertise and this page gives the best ideas on how to test how their advertising will come across on a mobile phone. Through the page he has created a path to emulators and simulators that will give the results businesses need to get the most out of advertising on mobile phones. 2. About the webpage of 2013/08/24/20-vector-tutorials-and-free-vector-resources/: Knowing that Illustrator is an important aspect of web design Diane Catullo has put together a page entitled 20 Vector Tutorials and Free Vector Resources. Diane Catullo has developed the page so that it has something for everyone from the amateur to the most skilled designers. Through the site viewers can find tutorials on things like creating a Vector Cloud, how to create a hand painted sign, creating lighting effects, and labels, and tons, and tons of other great web design effects using Adobe, Vector, and Illustrator. 3. About the webpage of 2013/08/28/15-beautiful-and-creative-css-navigation-menus/: After years of creating web pages Diane Catullo has come to appreciate the importance and attractiveness of a great navigation bar. That is why he has created the page 15 Beautiful and Creative CSS Navigation Menus. Diane Catullo gives viewers the opportunity to see some of the best navigation menus out there on the web such as; Rockatee, ToastedDigital, Sourcebits, and Dragon. This is page will get creative juices flowing. 4. About the webpage of 2013/08/10/10-advanced-photoshop-tutorials-for-lighting-effects/: Diane Catullo wants to help everyone get the most out of their web site or art work so he has created the web page 10 Advanced Photoshop Tutorials for Lighting Effects. Lighting effects can make all the difference in a “good” piece and a “fantastic” piece. There are tutorials for Photoshop, for making lighting effects in Windows Vista, and even how to create a Blackberry ad inspired with lighting effects. Diane Catullo has included some of the basics as well as the advanced steps that can be used to get the most out of lighting. 5. About the webpage of 2013/08/21/20-free-and-premium-psd-website-templates/: A little help can go a long way and Diane Catullo thought about that when he was creating the web page 20 Free and Premium PSD Website Templates. Not everyone has the direct, focus, or creativity to build a web site from the ground up for their business and that is Diane Catullo's point for the page. He has included links to wonderful template locations to get viewers started. Some of hi top picks are EaglesTroop, Pocket, and Caprice. 6. About the webpage of 2013/08/22/20-useful-fresh-css3-tutorials-for-web-designers/: Every web designer has to stay current and up to date on the latest and greatest trends to be at the top of their game in the business world. Diane Catullo created the 20 Useful Fresh CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers to keep designers right where they need to be. Every designer must be verse in HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery to succeed. Here they can visit tutorials in areas like Lava Lamp Menus, Hover Effects, Photo Stack, and Swatch Book. 7. About the webpage of 2013/08/23/25-innovative-resume-designs-to-impress-your-recruiter/: The competition in the job market has grown fierce over the past couple years and in recognizing that Diane Catullo created the page 25 Innovative Resume Designs to Impress Your Recruiter. When there are hundreds of resumes for the same position you have to make yours jump out from the pile. Diane Catullo shows viewers how Resume Confidential, Resume by Cheek-to-Cheek, Resume by Orbit, and 22 others can help you make your resume pop.

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Vanessa Roth also creates the website of envoyhostel. Traveling in its self can be frustrating but getting to a hostel and it not being what was expected can make things even worse. With that in mind Vanessa Roth created the Envoy Hostel page so that travelers might avoid some of the pitfalls of traveling. Vanessa Roth has taken some of the guess work out of visiting Armenia with this site. This site list the top hostels to stay at along with the list of prestigious awards they have won over the past several years. You can also find a quick list of the amenities to expect and special discounts for groups. 1. About the webpage of yerevan/facilities.php: For those planning a visit to Yerevan, Vanessa Roth has designed a Facilities page for that particular hostel. This hostel was specifically designed with the people traveling on a tight budget in mind. Started in 2005 the hostel has continued to modernize to keep up with the comfort levels expected such as beds designed for adults, bed side lights, powerpoint access, more bathroom and better water flow. All the amenities available at the hostel are listed on the page along with a link for an even more in-depth overview. 2. About the webpage of yerevan/find_us.php: When in a new place Vanessa Roth knows it is sometimes hard to get your bearings and sense of direction so he created the Find Us page. Rather you are looking for the Yerevan or Tbilisi this page will get you there. From the page you can pull up a map and directions from the Yerevan or Tbilisi airport, the Yerevan train station, or Yerevan bus station. Vanessa Roth has also included a phone number in case more information is needed by the traveler. 3. About the webpage of yerevan/armenia.php: If you have never been to Armenia and aren't sure what to expect you may want to see Vanessa Roth's page About Armenia. Vanessa Roth wanted travelers to be well informed so he has included such things as a short history on Armenia, museums and attractions to visit, the weather, best places to shop, best places to eat, and festivals. As a bonus he even put in a link where visitors can learn to speak a bit of Armenian. 4. About the webpage of yerevan/green.php: Saving the environment is important to Vanessa Roth and the Envoy hostels so he has created the Be Green With Envoy page. Being green is not a common goal in Armenia but, this page shows just how much Envoy is committed to do their part. Viewers can learn about the lighting used, water usage, and paper recycling with in the business. Also learn about the Awareness campaign they now have in place. 5. About the webpage of georgia/index.php Vanessa Roth wants visitors to make the most of their trip so he has included the Tours page. Here visitors can gather information on the Enlinking Caucasus to and several free walking tours. There is also information about a newly released tour that with bring visitors to see the gems of Armenia and feed them a BBQ lunch before returning. Vanessa Roth has included photos on the page to help making decisions on tours easier to the will be traveler. 6. About the webpage of tour/blog_post.php?blog_id=7: Part of the attractions in Yerevan is visiting the Pak Shuka which in English means “close market”. As the market will actually be closing its doors Vanessa Roth built the Tourist Destination in Yerevan: Pak Shuka to make soon to be visitors aware that time was running out to see the market. While touring the market visitors will come across many types of vendors that are friendly and more than welcome you to sample their wares.

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Naomi Snellingalso creates the website of freedeals.highstuff. Naomi Snelling knows that everyone loves free stuff so, for the freebie lovers he designed the High Stuff website. Here lovers of free can find the latest in free samples, free games, free food, and they can even suggest ideas for free items. Not only can you find great freebies that are strictly tied to the site often manufactures place ads for free samples on the site as well. Having learned how well free items liked Naomi Snelling has made it so visitors can like the page on social media sites and get their friends some great free deals too. 1. About the webpage of gifts.htm: We all want free stuff and Naomi Snelling has created the page Free Gifts with an article about a Free Scratch Card Campaign contest titled Let It Flow. Let It Flow is a Facebook page that that wants to reward its followers. They have set a magic number and the first patrons to reach that number by posting on the blog will received a scratch off card that could result in great prizes. 2. About the webpage of restaurantgiftcards.htm: If you like to go out for dinner but, don't always have the funds Naomi Snelling has a fix for that on the Restaurant Card page. Different companies at different times are giving away freebies to get business moving and this is the page to find those freebies. Currently Naomi Snelling is hosting an offer from Popeyes. If you don't find anything for yourself you can refer a friend to the page and get them a free meal. 3. About the webpage of freelaptop.htm: Naomi Snelling created an exciting page for a Free Laptop that receives a ton of views. The page isn't just about free laptops but, viewers might find offers for free gaming systems, tablets, or other electronics. These items are provided by name brand companies such as Sony, Gateway, or PlayStation. 4. About the webpage of free-stuff-sites.htm: Naomi Snelling wanted to make it easier for everyday people to receive the freebies available so he created the page, Free Stuff Sites. Here he has composed a listing of some of the most popular free sites out there on the web. He has made it easy by giving a link straight to the site so seekers of the free can get started. Some of the sites he has included are Freebies Point, Free Stuff Channel, Free Stuff Resort, and Freebies Archive. 5. About the webpage of ecards.htm: With the growing use of the internet sending a birthday card through the snail mail has become extinct. Naomi Snelling has put together the E-Card page to give viewers a solid starting place to find that special card. Here you can go to the site directly and avoid spending hours sifting through search engine listings. All the sites such as High Stuff E-Cards and Wicked Moon E-Cards are entirely free. After viewers find their favorite site they can Tweet about so others can enjoy the benefit. 6. About the webpage of popular-freebies.htm: Popular Freebies and Free Stuff is a page Naomi Snelling created to make it much simpler to find the special free offers that suit his viewers the best. He has taken the best of the best and the most popular and put them all together on this page. With each listing there is a brief description of what is offered and what may be expected of the recipient. Naomi Snelling knows that sometimes there are requirements to receive freebies and he wants his viewers to be aware of that.

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Having the understanding that the business world is competitive is part of the reason that Kimberly Zinser created the website - PelFusion. Her site has a plethora of information that can be beneficial to thousands upon thousands of viewers. He not only looks into strategies and freebies for business owners and web designers he also delves into news that may affect those people. For restaurant owners there is a great link with ideas on how to creatively give discounts to patrons. Illustrators can find a link to help them get noticed sooner in their careers. There are just too many web design links to help the creators of the World Wide Web sites. 1. About the webpage of cool-fonts-for-design-heads/: What font is used in the creating of a web page is just as important as the words used to get the attention of viewers. With that in mind Kimberly Zinser created the 20 Cool Fonts for Design Heads page to give light to some fonts that a lot of people have never even heard of. He has included some great pictures to capture the uniqueness of each font. Here are a couple that can be seen on the page; Qub, Citrus, Zero One, Sumkin, and Patagonia. 2. About the webpage of easter-wallpapers-and-cards/: Those that celebrate Easter and wait for it every year want it to be special so that is why Kimberly Zinser created the web page High Quality Easter Backgrounds. He has chosen some of the best backgrounds available to honor Easter. Each one is vibrant in color and true to the holiday. Kimberly Zinser has covered all aspects from the traditional dyed and painted eggs to some backgrounds that are more modern for example; background of eggs made from colored strands of wicker. This is a good page to help create a great Easter announcement or card. 3. About the webpage of freebies-for-designers/: Kimberly Zinser built the 30 In-Demand Freebies for Designers to help designers get in touch with the latest and greatest for their sites without spending a fortune. There are elements here that can keep designers creating fresh and innovative sites. One of the hottest right now is the social networking buttons because almost everyone on the net is somehow connected to a social media site. Another great idea from the page is Portfoilio Snaps which can change the dynamic of a site. 4. About the webpage of 30-twitter-tools-for-managing-followers/: Managing followers on Twitter can get out of hand but, Kimberly Zinser created the 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers page to help with just that problem. Most viewers didn't even know there were so many tools available for managing your Twitter followers. Each of the 30 sites Kimberly Zinser has supplied on the page has their own pros and cons. You can visit each site and make educated decisions. Some of the top picks Kimberly Zinser has included are Twittersnooze, Twitter Karma, Twittangle, Refollow, and Twitoria. Viewers can view each site and be able to make an informed decision. 5. About the webpage of how-to-sell-your-internet-business-in-todays-marketplace/: Everyday there are internet businesses going up for sale and those business owners either making a fortune or going broke. Kimberly Zinser created the page How to Sell Your Internet Business in Today's Marketplace for those contemplating the big move. In the page he suggest that sellers turn to BizBroker24 to get the help they need. BizBroker24 is ready to help sellers determine the best price and the actual worth of their business. There are three main ways buyers will look at the worth of a company and they are Revenue Multiple, Comparable Sales, and Asset value. BizBroker24 will help determine all those aspects. 6. About the webpage of how-to-make-a-esume/: Kimberly Zinser knows that finding a job the business world today is tougher that it was a long time ago so he created the How to Make a Resume page. When there is one job opening and hundreds of applicants you need your resume to jump out and grab the attention of the recruiter. Kimberly Zinser has put together a get package that includes free resume templates, free resume samples, free resume formatting, and free resume builders. Viewers will find the means to make a resume that stands miles away from tradition. 7. About the webpage of free-and-paid-seo-tools/: Search engines are vital for the web and Kimberly Zinser knows that being at the right place on a search engine is important to any business. Therefore he has gone on to create the Top 14 Free and Paid SEO Tools. Not optimizing search engines can be detrimental to a business and Kimberly Zinser's page shows avenues that will optimize usage. Some of his suggested free tools are SEOQuake, Alexa, and Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The more indepth sites that are charging are SEMrush, Ahrefs, CuteRank, and Market Samurai.

carlos betancourt

For anyone that loves the Yankees Carlos Betancourt has created a great web page titled the BronxGoblin that is delightful. It is a great place where stories about the Yankees and their fans can be found anytime of the year; not just during the baseball season. There is also tons of other stuff thrown in to keep it fresh like the article on Halloween costumes for fans of sports and links to various pages of interest. Here you can even find ways to score discount tickets to games and every fan loves that. If you ever wondered what happened to that guy that fell asleep at the Yankee game; you can find out on the web page. Viewers might also find videos that will lift their spirits like the A-Rod Respect Parody video. 1. About the webpage of content/lady-gaga-inspired-bag: Carlos Betancourt wanted create a page that paid a bit of tribute to Lady Gaga so he designed the “Lady Gaga Inspired Handbag” page. It highlights a picture of Lady Gaga with the original bag and some pictures of bags that are available online that are similar in style and look. Viewers will be directed to the site where this great item can be purchased. 2. About the webpage of content/where-buy-classic-americas-cup-j-class-yacht: For those fans of the America's Cup Carlos Betancourt created the Where to Buy a Classic America's Cup J Class Yacht; a model one at least. There is an online company that boast some of the best replicas and Carlos Betancourt lets viewers know who. He has included some pictures to pay tribute to the fine craftsmanship. 3. About the webpage of content/cheap-hotels-central-london-near-o2-arena-and-westminster: Travelers planning to see central London will like Carlos Betancourt's page; Cheap Hotels in Central London Near O2 Arena and Westminster. Travelers will find these hotels close to such a great place that host some of the best events in London. The City Hotel is one of the best and offers discounts during certain seasons of the year. 4 . About the webpage of content/swisher-finds-religion-loses-his-swing: Carlos Betancourt shared a lighter story on his page Swisher Finds Religion, Loses His Swing, to show that athletes to can make mistakes. Nick Swisher apparently felt that his stardom was out shining the rest of the team so he obligated himself to give up homeruns for Lent. After learning that Lent would be for 40 days and carry into the regular season; he had a swift change of heart. 5. About the webpage of content/burger-rival-texas-rangers-26-hot-dog: On the page Burger to Rival Texas Rangers $26 Hot Dog Carlos Betancourt shares an story submitted by Matt that is sure to get some laughs. The premise of the story is to poke fun at the Texas Rangers offering a $26 hot dog at their stadium. According to the story anything that cost more should taste better so; viewers will be shocked when they see what they will be paying for the Yankee Deluxo Slopburger at a Yankee game. 6. About the webpage of content/philly-welcomes-douchebag-jonathan-papelbon: Everyone has an opinion about one thing or another and Carlos Betancourt created the Philly Welcomes Douchebag Jonathon Papelbon to share on opinion of the move from the Red Sox. Learn what high school bully Scott Fitselmeier thinks about Papelbon. Fitselmeier's douchebag response fits nicely with the douchebag attitude and feminine dancing of Papelbon. 7. About the webpage of content/debate-clubhouse-president-continues: Proving that laughter is alive and well in the world of baseball Carlos Betancourt built the Debate for Clubhouse President Continues. Matt submits a tale of Teixeira and Gardner debating who would be clubhouse president in a South Carolina Church. One of them even suggest giving free ice cream after each win. Viewers will find themselves laughing when they see what Gardner said about the name of his opponent.

John Hagan - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Inc) Expert Profile

Health is an issue that affects every person in every part of the world and to recognize that John Hagan created the web page Genderhealth. The site touches on issues that affect men, women, and children around the world. Some of the things that viewers can learn about are family planning, foreign policy and funding in the world of health, and sexual and reproductive health. Viewers can read some informative publications and articles while visiting the site like; Keep up With Change and Break the Barriers. This is also a good site to get started learning the rights being based on maternal health. 1. About the webpage of files/uploads/pepfar_watch/publications/fiveyearstrategydec2009.pdf: Aids is affecting people worldwide, young and old, male and female. John Hagan created the The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief – Five Year Strategy. The page is packed with information ranging from a letter addressing Congress all the way to endnotes. There are 23 pages on the site outlining the PEPFAR's five year strategy. 2. About the webpage of the_issues/comprehensive_sexual_and_reproductive_health/: In the health world sexual and reproductive health are vital and John Hagan has dedicated a page to it titled Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health. The article on the page relays that being sexually and reproductively healthy can help to prevent maternal mortality, morbidity, and help to fight against Aids and HIV. It states that it needs to be looked at from a female perspective to determine what programs, services, and rights do they need to reach the optimal level of health. 3. About the webpage of media_and_publications/glossary/: John Hagan understands the frustration when reading through a web page and it is full of words or abbreviations that viewers don't know so; with that in mind he created the Glossary page. This is where viewers can find out the meaning of acronyms such as ALPO, FBO, FGM, ICPD, and IDU just list a few. Some of the words that may need to be clear that show up in the glossary are microbicides, advocacy, and unsafe abortion. 4. About the webpage of the_issues/why_women_and_girls/: Why Women and Girls? Is an interesting page that John Hagan has included to clear up some of the questions as to why there is more focus on the health and well being of women and girls. It is believed that women are essential to the development because of their ability to be caregiver, community activists, and society leaders. It explains that men and boys are equally important and partly because they have the duty of helping to protect the female population. 5. About the webpage of get_involved/tools_for_advocacy/: John Hagan wants viewers to know that anyone can help in the process of change and therefore has created the web page Tools for Advocacy. On the page John Hagan list ways to help everyday people become the advocates for change that they can be. Some of the ways suggested on the page are; contacting congressmen, organizing events to promote awareness, writing letters to the editors of their newspapers, or creating effective messages to pass on. 6. About the webpage of the_issues/women_girls_and_hiv/: The statistics regarding females with Aids and HIV have changed over the years and John Hagan wanted to bring it to light through the web page Women, Girls, and HIV. At this point women in their reproductive years account for more than half of Aids related deaths. This page explains how the fight against HIV needs to start with female in order to bring an end to the pandemic. 7. About the webpage of about_us/our_mission_and_history/: John Hagan wants to make visitors aware of the goal of Change and has created the History and Mission page. Visitors will learn on the page that the specific goal is to promote the health of women and girls around the world through change in U.S. Policy. Change was created in 1994 after the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo.

Luis Blanco - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Inc) Expert Profile

Luis Blanco knows that sometimes we need something extra to complete a project on the computer and we just don't have it so, he has designed the web site OnlyFreewares to help the public out. He has put together a listing of freewares with links that covers just about any area needed. He has broken it down into most popular, the latest and newest, and special freeware that may be difficult to find. This site makes it easier and less time consuming because it is all in one place. Each link connects to a informative product description to make sure it is what the visitor is looking for and from there the download can be started. It will give viewers the publisher of the freeware, size of the file, operating system it is compatible with, and the category it falls into. 1. About the webpage of Web-Development/Css-Tools/CSS3-Menu-MAC.php: Luis Blanco has been in the position where he spent hours completing downloads only to discover at the end that one file was missing. To help others avoid this pitfall he created the page SFV Checker 2.01. This is a downloadable freeware that uses CRC-32 technology to scan each file and give operator notification of possible corruption or missing files. It operates with Windows and can be downloaded from Luis Blanco's page. 2. About the webpage of Audio-Video/Encoders-Rippers/All-Free-ISO-Ripper.php: Finding a solid product to rip ISO image from a CD or DVD just got easy thanks to Luis Blanco, he has created the All Free ISO Ripper 2.8.2 page. This is a 2.91 MB file downloadable from the page and operable with Windows OS. The program allows the ripping of any size disk without size limitation on ISO. 3. About the webpage of Web-Development/Website-Management/Free-SEO-Power-Suite.php: Luis Blanco has created the Free SEO PowerSuite 20 page so his viewers can down load the package easily and quickly. The download will include the following as part of the PowerSuite: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO spyglass, and LinkAssistant. Luis Blanco's page has a basic description of each element so visitors can know with certainty that this is the download they need. 4. About the webpage of Audio-Video/Video-Converters/Full-Video-Converter-Free.php: The Full Video Converter Free 10.3.9 page Luis Blanco created is beneficial for so many reasons. He has found a freeware that has the ability to convert video formats from HD to HD, HD to SD, SD to SD; while being able to transform between audio formats, extract pictures or audio from videos, and even create video from photos. Several new features have been added that Luis Blanco has included along with the key features of the freeware. 5. About the webpage of Business/Helpdesk-Remote-Pc/NeuQs-Free-Help-Desk.php: Luis Blanco knows that finding a solution to a help desk problem can be time consuming so he created the NeuQs Free Help Desk 1.1 to try and help eliminate the minutes wasted searching. This program was created using Microsoft Silverlight and gives users a great experience. There is a list of features that of itself would sell the program on the page. Down load it quickly from the page. 6. About the webpage of Programming/Source-Code/Seccia.php: Luis Blanco wanted to give some new freeware out there a leg up so he created the Seccia 0.1 which is a object based program. It is relatively new and creators are still looking for input to better the product. The program is designed with both polymorphism and inheritance. This is a powerful program that boasts 3D integration with DirectX and is completely free to download. 7. About the webpage of Business/Project-Management/Free-Comindware-Task-Management.php: Trying to keep up with to-do lists can take more time than getting the task done so Luis Blanco created the page Free Comindware Task Management. This is a simple to use task manager that can handle an unlimited number of users. It is available through the browser window so all yo need in an internet connection with a password and log in. It is user friendly and can help make sure that everything that needs to get done; gets done.

Ashley Mason-Maxwell - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Inc) Expert Profile

Ashley Mason-Maxwell created the RealaReal website with one idea in mind; putting a ton of information in one easily accessible place for his viewers. Augmented Reality is forever growing and Ashley Mason-Maxwell is trying to keep the news flowing and current on this site. This is the place where visitors can learn about things like; an apartment app that allows tenants a view of apartments to save time going to those that aren't suited to them, add 3D features to your birthday with an Augmented Reality app, or have an audiovisual experience using the LEAP motion. Augmented Reality even has an app for decorating your home and Ashley Mason-Maxwell has all the info on the site. 1. About the webpage of manifest-ar-symposium-event: Ashley Mason-Maxwell created the Manifest: AR Symposium – Event page by starting with a post from Kiran Voleti. The Manifest AR event will have focus on the relationships between art, technology, and exhibition series; this will be the second in the history of Gallery 31's Manifest series. The event will be held at the Frances and Armand Hammer Auditorium Corcoran Gallery of Art College + Design. During the afternoon guest can enjoy talks with artists discussing their work and a reception will follow the event. 2. About the webpage of dollardance-very-fun-augmented-reality-app: Ashley Mason-Maxwell knows that guys like a dancing girl so; he created the DollarDance – A Very Fun Augmented Reality App page. Each customer gets their first dancer for free and can purchase others as they go. Just take a picture of a paper bill and your own private dancer will dance for you. If you don't have any paper money the app will work with other objects. This app allows clients to have their own dancer with the for entertainment purposes at any time. 3. About the webpage of next-generation-augmented-reality-t-shirts: Ashley Mason-Maxwell couldn't believe the new technology that Augmented Reality developed so he created the Next Generation: Augmented Reality T-Shirts page. This is an actual 3D interactive Dragon t-shirt. It actually has controls that allow the wearer to make the dragon do certain actions working with your phone. On the site find a video that shows how it works and what it will do. 4. About the webpage of impulse-augmented-reality: Ashley Mason-Maxwell created the Impulse Augmented Reality page to show that advertising can be made fun when it is interactive. In Buenos Aires, Argentina Impulse provided a LED screen larger than 4 meters that allowed women in the participating mall to interact with the screen characters. While creating their own commercial participants could video and take pictures of their experience. Many women in attendance were given free tokens of appreciation. 5. About the webpage of mts-visionar-science-festival-belgrade: Science is interesting and Augmented can make it more interesting so Ashley Mason-Maxwell created the mt:s/Vision:AR – Science Festival Belgrade to prove it. AR had an installation focusing on the idea of education made fun. They produced a giant book containing many of the basic school subjects but added an AR twist to it. The walls were lined with symbols which visitors could take of picture of with their phone and get a detailed meaning of the symbol.

Kelly Hill - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Inc) Expert Profile

Kelly Hill created the TechNightOwl website so that consumers can have a place to go to learn about current goings on in the technology world from people like themselves. From the website you can down load the GCN app and listen to news from the site on GCN Radio. The site is always filled with informative information like the comparison over Apple or Samsung. Readers might be surprised that though Samsung it still outselling the phone market their profits are way behind those of Apple. Another great informative piece is the one about Apple releasing a new OS and with the bugs how long it took them to correct the problems. Every day there is something new and fresh on the page for technology seekers. 1. About the webpage of radio/our-cast/: Kelly Hill created the Our Cast – Meet the Show Hosts to introduce the voices behind GCN radio. Gene Steinberg is the host and executive producer that has won awards as a journalist and has been writing since his teen years. Throughout his career he has written over thirty books. Grayson Steinberg a graduate of Arizona State University is the co-host. The station has two staff announcers and they are RJ Kight and Bob LeVitus. 2 . About the webpage of 2013/06/os-x-mavericks-isnt-there-more/: When Apple released the new operating system people were expecting more so Kelly Hill created the OS X Maverick: Isn't There More? Page to address some of the issues. One such issue was that Apple was promising nearly 200 new features and the OS sprouts maybe a dozen new features and most are from the backend. Many critics think that instead of charging for the upgrade that Apple should do the right thing and make it free. 3. About the webpage of about/: The Night Owl Gene Steinberg deserved some recognition so Kelly Hill created the About the Night Owl page. Gene started his writing career early as a journalist and then moved on to science fiction. After years he finally decided to become a full time writer but, kept a position as a computer technician to gain material for his books. His plans for the future include producing a game based off the comic Rocknoids. 4. About the webpage of 2012/08/is-office-still-relevant-on-the-mac/: People are confused and Kelly Hill wanted to help clear things up so he designed the Is Office Still Relevant to Mac page. Though it was to be compatible users are finding that there are many areas that still need work and capabilities are running short in the switch over stage. After using Outlook for a while most users find themselves wanting their Mail back. Gene states that the value of Office 2011 versus Office 2008 is somewhat questionable. 5. About the webpage of 2013/05/what-features-do-you-want-in-a-smartphone/: What Do You Want in a SmartPhone is an informative page that Kelly Hill created to help keep the public up to speed on the world of smartphones. Consumer Reports seem to driven by the the list of features and the longer the better the review. On one hand there is Samsung adding features trying to trump the competition; Apple and then there is Apple that seems to be taking away more features than they are adding. The article gives visitors good informative information that will help in decision making. 6. About the webpage of 2013/05/samsung-galaxy-s4-what-about-the-little-things/: The Samsung S4 received a ton of hype so Kelly Hill created the Samsung Galaxy 4: What About the Little Things page to review some of that hype. It is popular after all it outsold IPhone the first two weeks it went on the market. One of the pluses to the S4 is that when you complete your setup with your email account you will find that all your downloaded apps are available. Overall the article ranks it as a good product but, not worthy of all the hype it received prior to release.

Brittany Bennett - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Inc) Expert Profile

Brittany Bennett knows that there is so much to keep up with in the technology world that he wanted to help out and designed the TechPluto website. The site is jam packed full of technology information. Visitors can get the latest on so many facets like technology, gadgets, scams, installations, and miscellaneous news that is hitting the tech world. Learn about how Bitcoin is affecting how people shop on line and how to turn off safe mode on that galaxy tablet you purchased. If you haven't figured it out you can get the latest on installing Jelly Bean. There is a great article on the page that talks about companies going paperless and how that is affecting business trends. 1. About the webpage of makemyreturns-com-online-income-tax-filing/: Taxes are something that we must all deal with and the number of companies out their offering to help can get confusing so Brittany Bennett did a page titled MakeMyReturns.com Review. This is a tax service site that is available to its clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The site allows customers to fill out their taxes without fear of costly mistakes and they can e-file as well to get a faster return on their refund. 2. About the webpage of how-to-project-revenue-for-startups/: Creating a startup budget is tough and Brittany Bennett created the How to Project Revenue for Startups page to shed a little light for his visitors. First things first get a good estimate on operational costs such as electric bills, rent, phones, insurance, legal, employees, and a few other cost that will need to be figured in the equation. The next set of cost to figure is a little more difficult to estimate; sell of goods, labor cost, packaging, marketing, customer service, and a few other variables to consider. The page also talks about forecasting in a conservative or aggressive scenario. 3. About the webpage of facebook-orkut-profile-linking/: Brittany Bennett knows that Orkut used to be the social site of India and Brazil but, that has changed so he has created the page Facebook Just Finished Writing “death Sentence” for Orkut. Orkut is a Google backed social network that will not be rising from the ashes that Facebook has left behind just like MySpace or Friendster. Orkut attempted to offer the same things as Facebook and with that FaceBook encouraged Orkut members to link their profiles. 4. About the webpage of legal-issues-for-startups/: A startup does not only include finding revenue there are other factors and Brittany Bennett covers some of them on the page Tax and Legal Issues or Startups. Here visitors will find some areas that may be overlooked in the startup for instance; employee background checks, patent and copyright issues, and issues from debentures. 5. About the webpage of hotmail-evolution/: Brittany Bennett created the page The “Hotmail” Evolution to share the story of how the site became the sensation that it is. Started in 1996 by creators Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith; both still in college at the time. They came up with the name by just inserting letters into HTML. In just one short year it became a web hit and many major companies were interested in purchasing it. A deal was finally struck with Microsoft for $400 million. 6. About the webpage of cvmkr-com-review/: Use Brittany Bennett's page Create Professional Resume Online Through cvmmkr.com to learn the tricks to the resume that will jump out at employers. The site is very easy to use and all the information is kept private and confidential. It is a totally free service and members can set up an account directly through Facebook. One of the best features is that it will do all the formatting for users so there is no room for incorrect formatting.

Valerie Birger - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Valerie birger also creates the website of celebrationofseagrovepotters. The SAPA or Seagrove Area Potters Association is exclusively devoted to the pottery community of North Carolina. This includes historical and geographical studies on pottery, in addition to contemporary information. The community primarily serves Randolph, Moore, and Montgomery counties, and the area has long been associated with a thriving pottery community dating back as far as the 18th century. Valerie birger's site helps to keep the community in touch with one another, for opportunities in community colleges, association, collaboration, and shopping or trading for tools and supplies. In addition to history and visitor's guide information, there is also a membership directory, location information and events for the year. Lastly, you can meet some of the area's most talented potters and get inspiration from fellow artists and craftsman near to where you live. There are links to the artist's pottery websites, as well as a description of each business with photos of finished works. 1. About the webpage potters/potters.htm: When you have so many amazing artifacts to display, a celebration is required! How can you not be moved by all these handcrafted works of art? This page by Valerie birger showcases the best pottery works of the Seagrove Potters area with accompanying picture. 2. About the webpage membership.asp: This page by Valerie birger was commemorating the Seagrove Potters group's celebration of American Craft Week. In addition the page also highlights membership information and the fact that their group sponsors American Craft Week and their various partnerships with other local stores and groups are cited. 3. About the webpage pottery-history.asp: A history of pottery is a complex subject, going back to Native Americans, and progressing all the way to modern times. Valerie birger's history page recounts the information and also discusses local history of Seagrove pottery history. Learn about immigrant potters and their influences on our own arts. 4. About the webpage history.html: More in-depth information on the Seagrove area is shared here, including details as to the timeline dating back to 1969 and all the way to 2008. Valerie birger's local history page also lists books of interest, news items and additional pictures. 5. About the webpage nc-potters-hours.asp: The Potters Page displays all the major pottery artworks in the area, including tile works, artistic pottery, jewelry pottery and the many other styles that can be found locally. Store hours are included on Valerie birger's page, as well as pictures of some of the galleries' best work. 6. About the webpage location.html: Location is an important element of Valerie birger's pottery site created for the Seagrove Potters group. That's why this page goes into detail about events and where they are located, not to mention logistical concerns like parking, bathroom facilities and directions. 7. About the webpage campbellhouse.html: News about Seagrove Potters is always exciting and the latest report on the Campbell House showcase was big news. This page prints the 2008 press release of the event opening as well as contact information for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters.

Joseph Montgomery - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Joseph Montgomery also creates the website of bridgetofreedomfoundation. Unfortunately, slavery is alive and well and not just a shameful reminder of the distant past. There is still slavery all around the world, and people who need rehabilitation from escaping slavery. That's why sites like the Bridge to Freedom Foundation are so helpful in helping to restore survivors to their dignity, and help give them a role in society. This site bridges together survivors, service providers, communities and companies that have outreach programs in place to help victims of modern slavery. The goal of this organization, first starting in 2008, is to ensure survivors can build the skills and get the resources necessary to start a new life. As Joseph Montgomery's website explains, the organization hopes to bridge the gap and open communication between all parties. The Bridge to Freedom Foundation also works with other organizations to help bring together all resources so that survivors can learn to thrive, whether that's in teaching them self-confidence, interviewing techniques, and help in learning language skills. 1. About the webpage PreviousEvents.html: The Previous Events page recounts past successes that have played an important part in helping people escape slavery and make peace with themselves and the world. Joseph Montgomery's page lists significant events such as a self-defense class and a stop human trafficking walk cause. 2. About the webpage programs.html: What is being done to stop human slavery all over the world? Joseph Montgomery's page for the Bridge to Freedom Foundation explains what programs are currently in place, as well as future projects. The goal is to bring survivors and the nonprofit community together for collaboration. 3. About the webpage opportunities.html: What can you do to help stop slavery? Joseph Montgomery's opportunities page details ways to join important organizations, to volunteer your free time and energy, and join internship and fellowship programs. There is always something you can do to make a difference. 4. About the webpage Our Team.html: Meet the minds behind the Bridge to Freedom Foundation. Joseph Montgomery's team page profiles director and founder Cassandra Clifford, as well as other board members like Abhipraya (Abhi) Subedi, Patrick Clifford and Barbara Amaya. It also highlights their backgrounds. 5. About the webpage Our Team2.html: Volunteer team members are just as important as the organization's founders, because everyone's contributions help to influence change. Team members like Mary Rankin, Evidence-Based Research Associate, Elyse Elder, Recruitment Coordinator Volunteer, among several others are featured. The entire profile list is available at Joseph Montgomery's page. 6. About the webpage BTFF_Brochure.pdf: The BTFF's goal is to bridge together survivors, service providers, and corporations to strengthen the community. Joseph Montgomery's posting of the brochure page covers donation arrangements, program needs, and various ways people can get involved with the cause. Read over internships, professional development, volunteering and other opportunities. 7. About the webpage 2011 NGHTAD Poster.pdf: This page by Joseph Montgomery focuses on the National Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It's easy to dismiss the reality of slavery, but an estimated 27 million people are still being held captive in slavery with very little hope. This brochure offers contact information and statistics on the problem.

Brady Rogers - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Brady rogers also creates the website of brewerygems. Brewery gems are collectibles from breweries all across the nation. Popular memorabilia includes mugs, steins, beer glasses, embossed or etched bottles, trays, and signs. Even the accessories are fun to collect as they may have company logos on the bottle openers, mini-bottles, patches and tap handles. Brady rogers helped create this site in collaboration with Gary E. Flynn, who is a longtime brewery gem collector. The site is a gateway for both buyers and sellers. You can buy the items onsite, or you can get in contact with Gary who buys “breweriana” from other collectors. Historical gems are searchable on the site and there is also a history section making note of several historical companies and dynasties. There is a foreign collectibles section, featuring the greatest mementos from all over Europe, including Germany, Italy, France, and even as far as Mexico, Japan and the Philippines. Come see why this hobby is so exciting and nostalgic. 1. About the webpage spellmire.htm: Brady rogers's Brewery Gems page expounds on some important aspects on the hobby of brewery gem collecting. This one details the origin of the Spellmire Brewing Company, first founded in 1902, as well as its successor the Washington Brewing Company, lasting two years after the closing of the first one. 2. About the webpage aberdeen.htm: Brady rogers's Brewery Gems site is not just a store or a gateway but a link to the past. Here, the page goes into detail on the origin of Aberdeen, founded in 1901, as well as its relationship with the Pioneer Brewing Company. 3. About the webpage weinhard.htm: Weinhard, named after Henry Weinhard, is detailed here in this page by Brady rogers that recounts the history of City Brewery, established in 1862, and then the Henry Weinhard Brewery, which was established in 1905. Many interesting historical accounts are collected at Brewery Gems. 4. About the webpage olympia.htm: The Olympia Brewing Company was first established 1902 as this historical page by Brady rogers explains, before ultimately retiring in 2003. Its management dated back to 1896 when it was called the Capital Brewing Company. Learn of the brewery's history on this Brewery Gems historical page. 5. About the webpage taps.htm: Tap markers and tap handles are among the most popular brewery collectibles. Brady rogers's store page for Brewery Gems features some of the most interesting themes and logos, as well as the condition they are in. There are also tap handles from Canada and other locations. 6. About the webpage trays.htm: The lost art of beer trays is worth revisiting. These early 20th century throwbacks from the prohibition era feature trays with original artwork. They are collectible and historically relevant, as Brady rogers's store page explains. There are also newer trays for the 1970s. 7. About the webpage rainier.htm: Rainier Beer was founded in 1978 in Seattle. Contrary to the urban legend, they were never founded in 1878. That was a marketing gag invented in the 1930s. However, the history of the company, documented in Brady rogers's historical page for Brewery Gems, explains the significance. 8. About the webpage claussen.htm: The Claussen Brewing Association was started in 1901 by Johanne Claussen of Germany, who took his existing brewery knowledge and opened his own in San Francisco. As Brady rogers's historical page explains, Claussen was a major player in the 1900s era, and the website even lists some of his company's beer trays.

Christopher Johnson - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Christopher Johnson also creates the website of asischem. AsisChem is a medicinal chemistry leader, based in the US, and one handling a wide range of scientific and medical building blocks. The company helps scientists all across the world with research so that they can advance their industry. Their specialties include custom synthesis, compound sourcing, delivery, drug discovery and custom chemical solutions. The AsisChem company is the one company based in the US that leverages teams in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their goal is to make sure all products are consistent in quality and priced fairly for the global market. Christopher Johnson's site helps the company to send out its message to the world, offering product availability, 98% purity in quality production, diversity, and PhD-backed expertise in chemical solutions. They either already have the compound a medical team needs, or will custom-create one for the project. There are 30 PhD chemists on the team and the offices are based in Watertown, Massachusetts. 1. About the webpage screeninglib.aspx: Christopher Johnson's screening libraries page features a commercial sample collection that will be of help to those in the pharmaceutical industry. There are available synthetic organic compounds falling in line with all appropriate criteria and this process is verified before they are listed in the database. 2. About the webpage about_us.aspx: Christopher Johnson's About Us page for AsisChem features a thorough explanation of how the company started and how they are the only US company that leverages expert chemistry teams in St. Petersburg, Russia. They also report on their team of 30 PhD chemists organized into three core groups. 3. About the webpage drug-discovery.aspx: Christopher Johnson's page discusses the confidence and security a client can have in choosing AsisChem for their drug discovery project. The page also explains the qualifications of the team as well as the specifics of what they can do in terms of planning, optimization, and reduction of project risk. 4. About the webpage medicinal-chemistry-synthesis.aspx: This page on Christopher Johnson's AsisChem site, discusses the option of medicinal chemistry. This can help with discovery programs and using the company's expert chemistry team is an advantage, given their Russia-based synthesis experience and expertise. The page also features a profile of each member. 5. About the webpage custom-synthesis-research-chemicals.aspx: Custom synthesis is another option that this page by Christopher Johnson highlights, speaking of the resources clients can save by using AsisChem's own synthesis team. This way, surprises can be avoided and 30 PhD caliber chemists can be on the task, providing fast and efficient analog synthesis. 6. About the webpage blog/: Christopher Johnson's AsisChem blog provides regular industry news and updates, describing to visitors how synthesis works, and what issues are pertinent when working on a chemistry project. The blog also publishes newsletters from the company and lists major points about the market, yesterday and today. 7. About the webpage company-management.aspx: Christopher Johnson's Company Management page profiles each member of the AsisChem management team so potential clients can learn firsthand their level of experience, qualification and understanding of the chemical processes. The biography page also reveals work experience and educational backgrounds.

Garth Wagner - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Garth wagner also creates the website of alyotech-me. Alyotech Middle East is an IT consulting company that works business to business installing and configuring various software solutions. The main intent is to improve a client's productivity by using innovative new technologies made for modern businesses. They handle technical as well as commercial services throughout Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and others. They also have an international presence as far as India and Lebanon, and this is why Garth wagner put great effort into this site to make it mainstream, simple to navigate, and very user-friendly. Alyotech Middle East does work on network and information systems, electric systems, scientific computing, telecom engineering, and other complex mathematic systems, appropriate for all types of businesses. The company helps numerous industries from railways to space travel to banking and nuclear plants, and many more. Their large scale project portfolio has put the company in the international spotlight. They have 2000 clients to date and counting all over the world. 1. About the webpage Projects.html: This page showcases some of the projects Alyotech Middle East has done with some of the largest companies and brands in the world. Among those includes are Dunkin' Donuts, Beltexco, OCP and Bonjus. Garth wagner's portfolio page helps to direct attention to the company's experience. 2. About the webpage AlyotechGroup.html: Garth wagner's group page lists the company's specialties, specifically in network and information systems, technical and scientific computing, security management and business management. The page also discusses the industries Alyotech can help, including public administration, aeronautics, space, energy and nuclear power, and many more. 3. About the webpage CaseStudies/CustomerSuccessStoryAUBEN.pdf: Garth wagner's page reveals a case study is referenced in PDF format, detailing a study on the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and how Alyotech's efforts helped. Alyotech helped develop systems that let the university manage big data, replace Oracle business intelligence solutions, and deployed the company's Qlikview helping to improve performance in the medical center. 4. About the webpage CaseStudies/ABCMallcasestudy-New.pdf: Garth wagner's page shows another PDF case study, this one involving the ABC Mall in Lebanon. The case centered Alyotech's efforts to help ABC Mall in Lebanon, deploying the first QlikView application for their finance department in a limited amount of time.

Cory Parham - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Cory Parham also creates the website of abpn. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology website covers frequently asked questions, lists publications and forms, and provides quarterly updates on the profession of psychiatry. Cory Parham helped the not-for-profit organization, ABPN, to create a website that would keep doctors, staff, and interested consumers apprised of the latest industry developments. The site also helps to promote excellence in practice through certification. As an ABPN physician, you can also log in to the Folio program and apply for online certification in your field. Other programs include MOC Activity, PreCert, and VerifyCert. Educational content is provided covering subjects such as neurology, psychiatry, medication, palliative and hospice care, and a variety of disorders. There is even breaking news on issues that concern all doctors and nurses, including Ebola information from ACCME. This site does make many of the application processes easier and more accessible to psychiatrists and other industry workers, and is a helpful resource page. 1. About the webpage moc_cpmoc.html: Cory Parham's Maintenance of Certification C-MOC, is an interactive processing page for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. This certification is available in the specific fields of neurology, psychiatry, and for various subspecialties. Find out what subjects are covered and what ABPN approved products are listed. 2. About the webpage moc_products.asp: This page by Cory Parham explains approved MOC products for certification and continuing education. These include self assessment products such as cthe Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, among others. These broad-based SA activities are required for diplomates of the ABPN. 3. About the webpage moc.html: At Cory Parham's ABPN MOC program page, the the Board's commitment to lifelong learning is explained, including the mission of the program as well as the application process for the Maintenance of Certification. You can also learn why certification matters in the profession, or apply for an examination instantly via online form. 4. About the webpage cert_fp.html: The Initial Certification in Forensic Psychiatry examination tests the qualifications of candidates in this chosen profession. This page explains some of the requirements and focuses, such as the relationship between psychiatry and civil, criminal and administrative law. Cory Parham's page alsot explains the certification requirements. 5. About the webpage moc_pain.asp: The Maintenance of Certification in Pain Medicine program reflects the organization's goals of making education a lifelong experience. The MOC program will help new ones to keep a high standard as they pursue medicine and healthcare. Cory Parham's page also discusses self-assessment measures and identifying your own weaknesses. 6. About the webpage moc_cnp.asp: The Maintenance of Certification in Clinical Neurophysiology is a lifelong certification program in the specific subject of neurophysiology. Cory Parham's company page covers the clinical practice, as well as examination information. Approved MOC SA Products and Optional Non-CME SA Products are also reviewed. 7. About the webpage moc_hospice.asp: The Maintenance of Certification in Hospice and Palliative Medicine is a program covering the subject of hospice, and does not require a high standard of excellent and compliance based on evidence-backed guidelines. This will help diplomates reflect on their own personal knowledge as they seek continuing education in this critical subject. 8. About the webpage ifas_psych.html: Cory Parham's page for the Application Materials makes it easy for you to begin the process. You can download application materials and take an online examination at your convenience. The ABPN does provide materials for exams, including initial certification and maintenance of certification. 9. About the webpage sub_bim.html: The Brain Injury Medicine examination page will help diplomates in their chosen field, and help teach the special expertise required to catch symptoms quickly and arrange for treatment and rehabilitation in a timely way. Cory Parham's informational page begins the process, leading to the application step and then a review from the credentials department. Maintenance of certification follows completion of the test. 10. About the webpage descriptions.html: This descriptions page by Cory Parham follows ABPN terminology and allows diplomates to understand the certification process, the areas of study, and the way the computer-based tests work. The page also provides facts about board eligibility, specialties, subspecialties and the Maintenance of Certification program.

Erik Pulgarin - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Erik pulgarin also creates the website of aawc. The African American Web Connection is a website site promoting and celebrating African American culture. Here, you can read reviews of products marketed towards African Americans, including black hair care products, vitamins, and skin care items. There are also DVDs showing popular hair styling techniques. However, the site goes well beyond the peripherals and also showcases important arts and literature, including ancestry, religion, poetry and art, business and entertainment. This award-winning website is a gateway for the issues that the African American community cares about today. Erik pulgarin's goal in making this site, in collaboration with William R. Jones, was to provide a doorway into Afrocentric resources. Many feel that mainstream news and art websites underreport significant events in black culture, and so with the AAWC, the community now has a site made for them that reports on important stories. The webmaster often says that it's a site belonging to the community, and so is always receptive to feedback, suggestions and new angles from readers. 1. About the webpage zfamily.html: Old family photo albums are viewable on this page, which includes names, descriptions and more details on African American History. Some photos date back to 100 years ago. Erik pulgarin's page make each picture viewable through a thumbnail where it can be enlarged. 2. About the webpage zaao.html: The African American Organizations page lists other organizations of interest to the black community and to the AAWB specifically. Erik pulgarin lists some of the most significant partners in the gateway, from churches to support groups to educational opportunities and membership unions. 3. About the webpage aah.html: Erik pulgarin's Afro-American History page for the AAWB lists several sites that include details and virtual museums of diaspora-related history. Some are curriculum enhancement tests while others are special projects in black history month or genealogical research. There is also information available on cultural issues including Kwanzaa recipes, resources and historical writings. 4. About the webpage Zaae.html: Entertainment is a huge part of black culture and Erik pulgarin's entertainment page highlights some of the most important actors and singers in the black community. Among the big names include Angela Bassett's page, Miles Davis' discography, and more mainstream news channels and sites for updates. 5. About the webpage Zaap.html African American publications focus on issues that matter to African Americans, from politics and race to financial news to healthcare and culture, it is important the community stays apprised of the latest changes. Erik pulgarin's news and publication page list each magazine and its particular niche. 6. About the webpage zaah.html This page by Erik pulgarin covers African American art, sports, notable names, cinema, literature and historical stories. This page includes links as well as a summary of each items, some that link to audio and video biographies. There are also guides to understand the more complex elements of black history. 7. About the webpage aac.html: Church is an important part of life for some in the African-American community. Erik pulgarin's list of churches covers Afro-American churches as well as churches that welcome all ages, races and ethnicities. Some even welcome different sexual orientations. The list is comprehensive and covers multiple states. 8. About the webpage paa.html: Knowing the history of black culture involves learning the names that made a difference. On Erik pulgarin's prominent African Americans page, multiple names are reviewed, from politicians to civil rights activists to congresspersons, actors and singers that helped shape the culture. 9. About the webpage zblack_authors.html: The truth is that Afro-American culture wouldn't be what it is today without the contributions of some of the very best black authors. Today, there are still African American writers making a difference and advancing literature. Read Erik pulgarin's list of prominent 21st century authors. 10. About the webpage zwwk.html: Don't forget to teach your children about the important things in life like society, civics, ethics, and math. There are games for children that Erik pulgarin has compiled from various sources on the web that will help children learn through interactive studying. From bible games to space to even African-American studies, this page has hours of education to give.

Arkeens Ajetunmobi - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Arkeens ajetunmobi also creates the website of dcbabrief. The DuPage County Bar Association is a website reporting on the legal aspects of DuPage County, Illinois. Arkeens ajetunmobi’s site provides legal information, business development help, and various networking opportunities. This information is not merely to impart the law but also to help local residents improve their business and become a more integral part of the community. Dating back to 1879, this organization remains the largest county bar in Illinois with 2,600 members. They present everything from seminars for education to community service programs. There is always help available to small business at the government level. You can also get insightful comments from editors, judicial profiles, lead articles on changing laws, interviews, roundtable discussions and regular news updates. There is even a submissions page conveying information about persons qualified and interested in submitting original material to the site. Qualified personnel might include DCBA bar participants, as well as members of the courthouse or legal profession. 1. About the webpage editorspage.html: Arkeens ajetunmobi’s Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association page lists the editors, the publication board, and advertising staff. It also has a letter from the editor, Raleigh Kalbfleisch, discussing the beauty of fall and the importance of experiencing the season change rather than just jumping immediately to holiday shopping. 2. About the webpage onlineversion.html: The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association has its archives stored online, meaning you can view all the previous months from November back to October 2010. Arkeens ajetunmobi’s page links to all online version of the journal, although a Flash player is required to read the documents. 3. About the webpage submissions.html: The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association accepts submissions from qualified authors. Arkeens ajetunmobi’s submission page explains the requirements, which include a signed author’s agreement. There is also a link to writer’s guidelines and a briefing discussing photos and biographies. 4. About the webpage presidentspage.html: Arkeens ajetunmobi’s President page lists statements from the president of the board, Lynn C. Cavallo, who provides some insights on the changing season as well as starting a new strategic plan for the future. The president states that legal education is a priority for the organization in 2015. 5. About the webpage authormclecredit.html: The Journal’s rules for writing legal articles are posted on this page, designed by Arkeens ajetunmobi, and directs attention to the rules for attorneys writing legal articles or books or law review features. Find out what laws might apply to you. 6. About the webpage vol220110art1.html: The ADAM Amendment of 2008 is covered on this page, which Arkeens ajetunmobi created to direct focus to a proper understanding of the American with Disabilities Act. The page further explains that it’s imperative attorneys understand what the amendment means and what interpretations might be derived from it. 7. About the webpage vol100498art4.html: Arkeens ajetunmobi’s Briefing page covers an important issue on advanced estate planning. This page also contains several laws, exemption tables and an explanation of estate tax relief under TRA 97. CRTs, limited partnerships and charitable partnerships are also discussed in detail.

Sam Astrahan - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Sam Astrakhan also creates the website of purplecoworganics. Purple Cow Organics is an organic farming company specializing in quality soil and quality produce. All of their practices are organic, from the farming technique, to land construction to the unique culinary arts that bring food to the consumers. This site by Sam Astrakhan in cooperation with Purple Cow Organics is not an online store but is a promotional site that helps with securing partnerships with grocery stores and other pre-consumer food locations. Their reuse solution, with special nutrients and moisture, is responsible for creating soil that produces higher quality fruits and vegetables. This South Central, Wisconsin-based company explains on its website the importance of the process, while also highlighting mulch, blends, nursery mixes and fertilizer of interest to farmers who want higher quality from the soil up. The company also has contract services for dressing, overseeding and aerification, among others. News and events are covered for the company and the industry, and even growers are highlighted individually, in the interest of the community. 1. About the webpage Compost.asp: On Sam Astrakhan’s Purple Cow Organics Compost page, the benefits of classic compost are given, including the ability to break up tightly bound soil, improve moisture, and encourage root growth. There are also links of interest pertaining to how much compost you might need. 2. About the webpage LawnRepair.asp: Law repair is always a popular topic and on this page, Sam Astrakhan’s website for Purple Cow Organics explains a few expert tips on how to restore a lawn to look its best all season long. Specific step by step instructions are shared. 3. About the webpage CompostTea.asp: Sam Astrakhan’s page on Compost Tea Starter reveals the special development of compost used for producing compost tea. Tea practitioners rely on the process to produce high quality. This page gives a few options for tea compost as well as the volume of content. 4. About the webpage services.asp: Sam Astrakhan’s Services page describes the many services Purple Cow Organics offers, from agriculture applications to residential lawn care and even projects for commercial, industry or governmental territories. There is a link to request for more information, as well as photos demonstrating what good the services can do. 5. About the webpage Learn.asp: If you are not sure how the soil works or need some specialty help, Sam Astrakhan’s PCO Learning page can help you take in the fundamentals of root growth, soil blocking and sizes. There is also information on compost, compost teas, and visuals to help you understand how it all comes together. 6. About the webpage About.asp: This About page centers on Purple Cow Organics, and the difference they offer with compost, produce and other organic products. However, there is also information on organic products and a video that reveals the company’s story. The video asks the question, is your produce really as nutritious as it could be? 7. About the webpage Careers.asp: Would you like to work at Purple Cow Organics? You can and it’s not as difficult to secure a long career as you might think. This career page by Sam Astrakhan page highlights some of the qualifications and requirements for jobs within the company, such as truck drivers, wheel loader operations and other open positions.

Jerry Chastain - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Jerry Chastain also creates the website of monroecommunitykitchen. Monroe County Kitchen is a “community kitchen” that gives something back—its mission is eliminate hunger all over the county, serving Monroe and also in surrounding areas. They partner with other local charities and companies and provide education, advocacy and direct feeding projections. Even better, all the meals are nutritious and free of charge. More importantly, the outreach program is free and the organization handles referrals, daily operations and educational issues that the public need to be aware of, which directly affect the price of food and the hungry population. This site helps to explain the mission of the organization and directs attention to a number of divisions within, such as those who are unemployed, disabled, low-income, homeless, pregnant or nursing. Ever since 1983, the organization has been functioning and over the years many people and companies have helped the Community Kitchen of Monroe County to make great strides in helping the less fortunate. 1. About the webpage programs.html: Monroe Community Kitchen has a number of programs and has been utilizing its resources and planning to help the underprivileged since 1983. Some of their programs include 1515 S Rogers Street Sit Down Meals, Feed Our Future, Backpack Buddies and the Summer Food Service Program. 2. About the webpage about.html: Monroe Community Kitchen is a community effort to help the needy, including low-income families, the homeless, and the infirm. This About Us page by Jerry Chastain explains the mission statement of the nonprofit organization as well as the services offered. The board of directors are listed by name. 3. About the webpage volunteer.html: If you have ever wanted to make a difference for those in need, you have a great opportunity working with Monroe Community Kitchen. This page shows how to get started, what you will be doing and with whom you’ll be serving. The initiative uses 15-21 volunteers every day, depending on season. 4. About the webpage capitalcampaign.html: The Capital Campaign page by Jerry Chastain reviews the recent efforts to expand the MCK project. Recently, they renovated a new building to serve as the Community Kitchen. As explained, advantages are in affordability, convenient location, bus line, comfortable parking and precisely the right size as originally planned. 5. About the webpage disclaimer.html: This is Jerry Chastain’s disclaimer page created for the Monroe Community Kitchen project. This explains the legalities of the site, including copyright notice and a waiver of responsibility for any links included onsite. There is also contact information for Vicki Pierce, Executive Director. 6. About the webpage docs/CKAnnual_report_of_2012.pdf: The Annual Report for 2012 is available for viewing online from the Monroe Community Kitchen website, designed by Jerry Chastain. This particular document lists the board members, staff members, partner agencies and highlights of the year, with figures and statistics on hours. Many goals were met and the year was a great success.

Brayden Elpers - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge & TF Corp) Expert Profile

Brayden elpers also creates the website of mojavewater. The Mojave Water Agency website is an effort to help the community as well as engage stockholders in a public collaboration to benefit San Bernardino County, particularly the High Desert area. This land encompasses 4,900 miles and requires an annual allotment of 82,800 acre feet of water. More water is required than is being replaced naturally and so now more than ever it is crucial to use conservationist strategies to avoid overdrafting. A court recently ordered the agency to find new sources of extra water and thus begins MWA’s partnership with the local community, and other agencies in the state, in order to create a more efficient way of accommodating San Bernardino County. Brayden elpers’s site draws attention to the key issues and the site details some initiatives, such as mini-tours of the agency, educational content on drought and water issues, as well as audio presentations and upcoming agendas. This is a site that can help the community to understand pertinent issues of water usage. 1. About the webpage files/LateCenozoicStrike-SlipFaultingintheMojaveDesertCA.pdf: Brayden elpers’s website for Mojave Water relates the study of strike-slip faulting in the Mojave Desert. This study by the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University is explained in a paper by Roy K. Dokka and Christopher J. Travis. 2. About the webpage why-do-i-pay-property-taxes-to-mwa-.html: Many people wonder why they have to pay property taxes to the Mojave Water Agency. Brayden elpers’s MWA page explains the California Water Code, as well as the distant future passed 2035 when the time period ends. The page also provides a phone number for additional information. 3. About the webpage conservation-programs.html: In a time of national drought, water and energy conservation is so important, particularly in desert territory. Brayden elpers’s page explaining these programs focus on conservation efforts in the way of “cash for grass” campaigns. This replaces grass, which requires heavy watering and substitutes gravel and or bushes. 4. About the webpage general-info.html: Brayden elpers’s information page on MWA explains more about the 4,900 square mile area encompassed in the High Desert, and part of MWA’s boundaries. The page also explains the agency’s mission, as well as partnered companies that work to maintain resources. 5. About the webpage mojave-river.html: The Mojave River is the most important part of the desert and has been called the “life blood” of the area. Brayden elpers’s informational page on the river also provides pictures, showing parts of the river, which can be greatly affected by the 50,000 acre-feet of water that enters every year. 6. About the webpage morongo-pipeline.html: The Morongo Basic Pipeline is 71 miles of underground pipeline constructed by MWA, connecting water from the California Aqueduct in Hesperia to the Rock Springs Recharge site at the Mojave River. On this page, Brayden elpers explains how the pipeline works and is diverted so that residents can get an ample supply of water in the desert. 7. About the webpage silverwood-lake.html: Brayden elpers’s MWA site shows pictures of Silverwood Lake, as well as a profile of the lake. The river was constructed in 1971. On this page, you can read about where the water comes from and how surface drainage affects water volume. 8. About the webpage about-the-committees.html: The About the Committees page by Brayden elpers for MWA lists a variety of committees in charge of debating and deliberating over matters that concern the community, specifically as regards water usage. The board of directors uses the committee format to discuss matters and then makes recommendations to the entire board. 9. About the webpage state-water-project.html: Brayden elpers’s MWA Water Project page describes details of the State Water Project, a supplemental source of water. Thus far, over 82,000 acres of Table A water rights are available to the agency. Find out how this projects affects residents in Southern California.

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Joann Donovan also creates the website of microcomdesign. Joann Donovan’s work at Microcrom Design highlights the company’s three-pronged approach to modern business: customized production, engineering and computer system design, and IT that is environmentally focused. Joann Donovan’s contributions to the site helped to create promotional page that highlighted the company’s services, from standard products to custom solutions to turn-key packages in a number of monitoring systems technologies. The company, founded in 1975 has provided over 35 years of modern services for business, services that change and progress through the ages. The environmental marketplace is the newest trend and so options are offered in Hydro-meteorology, Agrometeorology, Coastal Sea-Level Meteorology, and automated weather stations. In addition to design and product the company also offers in-house production staffing, project management, facilities, testing and software and firmware needed to complete a task. This is a turnkey style business model, but even comprehensive training programs to a company’s staff members are provided, showing this is a client-centered business focusing on individual needs. 1. About the webpage env/products/Sensors.shtml: Joann Donovan’s website for Microcom Design includes information on sensors and this page includes standard products like satellite transmitters, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, and other database tools. The page also links to a data sheet and manual for using each part. 2. About the webpage env/products/Sinterface.shtml: The Sensor Interface page features explanation of standard products like, antennas, test sets, software tracking tools and more. Products are cataloged and include brief summaries and links. Links take you to the manual, data sheet, GTX utility information and all related products. 3. About the webpage env/ProductPages/SI5/SI5.shtml: As this page shows, each product has a thorough listing. The Sensor Interface Datalogger is profiled, along with its best features, storage capacity, terminals and channel expansion. All specifications are listed. Joann Donovan’s cataloging pages are thorough, delivering the most vital information of each product quickly. 4. About the webpage env/productpages/dadds/dadds.shtml: This page explains the DADDS, an integrated Wide Area Remote Data Collection System. Here, you can learn about how a DADDS system works, including the hardware and software elements, as well as the roles MS SQL database and MS server operating system play. The GUI is also shown illustrating how the system appears. 5. About the webpage env/GOES/DCP/GOES_DCP.shtml: Joann Donovan’s web page reviews the GOES platforms (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite). Data Collection Platforms are further explained and an example is given for illustration purposes. There is also a visual display that helps users understand a DAPS Data Distribution Network in motion. 6. About the webpage env/GOES/DCS/GOES_DCS.shtml: Joann Donovan’s page summarizes the GOES DCS system for Microcrom Designs. The information is based on the NOAA website. The mechanism of the GOES system is detailed here, including the mission to observe changing weather occurrences from satellite censors. They are located 23,000 miles away from earth. 7. About the webpage env/ProductPages/S410/s410.shtml: Joann Donovan’s page for the SDI Multi Sensor Module shows how to use the tool. The value in the module is to provide a low power temperature compensated battery charge controller and interface for the use with analog sensors. There is also a link to a brochure further explaining how the system works.

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Jason woolgar also creates the website of metsoc. Met Soc is a Canadian based organization dealing in metalurgy and other materials. The site is built not only for those working in the industry but also society itself, which responds to changing technology. Met Soc is one of four divisions that make up the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. The official name is the Metallurgy and Materials Society, and within this body is nine technical sections, each one devoted to different types of metal and materials. There are a number of annual programs devoted to education as well as progressiveness in the industry, which is of great importance to the country as a whole. Among the issues considered are environmentally responsible methods of extraction, fabrication, utilization and recycling. Jason woolgar’s goals in creating the site were to provide an easy to use experience that helped to encourage membership involvement and participation, recognize and encourage individual achievement, attract leaders of the field for conferences, and produce helpful educational resources. The organization performs a variety of actions from working with international organizations to creating networking opportunities for newcomers. 1. About the webpage cimpp.pdf: Jason woolgar’s goal in posting this page was to inform web visitors of the goals that the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, its Branches, Societies and Divisions has. This 2004 document reports on responsible collection, use and disclosure of the personal information of members. 2. About the webpage virtualtour/info/glossary.asp: The glossary of the METSOC explains some of the most important terminology in the profession. Definitions from anode to tuyere are explained in simple terms. The list is in alphabetic order. The company also plans to expand its glossary in the near future. 3. About the webpage virtualtour/processes/unitop.asp: Jason woolgar’s page for explaining unit operations covers a number of tables that list information by process type. Then they are cross referenced to online tours for additional instruction. The listings are arranged alphabetically and categorized by mineral processing, Pyrometallurgical, Hydrometallurgical, Electrometallurgical and other. 4. About the webpage MetSoc/MetSoc_Fund.asp: Jason woolgar’s SOC Fund page explains the succession plan of the company. The MetSOC fund of the CMMF helps students in the field by giving them an opportunity to pursue studies and find a job. Each year, the company gives over $15,000 in funding for travel, scholarships and field trips. 5. About the webpage conferences/com2006/symposia/hydro/hydro.asp: This page is a summary of the conference of Metallurgists, COM 2006. Jason woolgar’s page reports on the symposium heard and its purpose, which was to bring together a variety of professionals to discuss the iron control problem as relates to the processing of metals. 6. About the webpage com2011/commemorative-book.asp: Jason woolgar’s book page highlights a commemorative book project, which is a compilation of over 50 years of CMME contributions. The book contains a number of individual papers referencing key events that have occurred in Canada over the last century and explains why they are milestones in the industry. 7. About the webpage com2011/light-metals.asp: Jason woolgar’s page explains the importance of light metals in connection with technical programming. This page goes into some detail regarding Quebec and the aluminum industry, as well as other light metals like magnesium, titanium, or others. Trends have suggested that light metals are increasing in popularity. 8. About the webpage conferences/com2005/symposia/gold.asp: Gold ore is a major issue in the world scene, which prompted an International Symposium on the Treatment of Gold Ores. This summary highlights important points covered, including applied mineralogy, gravity extraction, leaching with cyanide and alternative lixiviants, and various recoveries and refractory of ore.

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Antoni huggins also creates the website of meadowcroftmuseum. The Senator John Heinz - History Center website previews the experience of visiting the Pennsylvania-based museum which details Pittsburg history. This institution is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. The 275,000 square foot museum is a six-floor long experience, featuring a number of exhibitions, including a museum within a museum, known as the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. There is also a library and archive center for scholastic research. The interactive element of the museum is the most interesting aspect, as you “get into the game” by using machines and simulations, watch a two-story theatre screen, and ride powerboats, among many other hands-on features. This is not merely a museum of culture but a museum that lets you experience local history as vividly as it happened. Antoni huggins’s user experience for the website is easy, quick and organized, giving users access to visiting information, field trips, artifact donations, educational resources and membership opportunities. 1. About the webpage organization.aspx: Antoni huggins’s organizational page for the Meadowcroft Museum shows how the organization has evolved over time and some specifics about the center itself, including its dimensions at 370,000 square feet. This interactive History Center is conveniently located and with multiple interactive exhibits. 2. About the webpage facilityRental.aspx: The Facility Rental page explains the process of renting event rooms within the History Center, usually for large gatherings like wedding receptions, trade shows or other meetings. As Antoni huggins’s site explains, the Center has a working arrangement with Common Plea Catering taking care of catering and linens. 3. About the webpage historyCenter.aspx: The History Center description page by Antoni huggins seeks to explain the history of the center, standing high at six stories, as well as the relationship it has to the Smithsonian Institution. The page presents compelling stories from American history in an interactive setting. 4. About the webpage meadowcroft.aspx: The Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village is another part of the area you must see. The historical significance is rich, given the fact that it was the earliest North American settlement of man. Antoni huggins’s site shows the special quality that the Meadowcroft area has to offer with its combination of tourist spots and natural beauty. 5. About the webpage uploads/Media/7_3.VendorList2009.doc: Antoni huggins’s vendor list for the Meadowcroft Museum and Historical Center features the entertainers and vendors that have organized events to be held at the History Center. This way, other potential clients can see how the process works. Vendors include audio-visual companies, entertainment novelties and photographers.

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Tegh Terrell also creates the website of indianaconsumer. The Office of the Indiana Attorney General is a website devoted to all consumer information as it affects Indiana consumers. This website is authorized by the Indiana Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. Tegh Terrell’s intention is producing this site was to help answer frequently asked questions about Indiana business, from the entrepreneurial aspect to consumer concerns, like local scams, identity theft, rising costs of living, healthcare and medication, and other pivotal issues. Through the subscriber center, visitors to the site can look into online services such as credit freezes, requesting a speaker, receiving fraud alerts, finding unclaimed money and ID theft prevention. There are also links to the government website for additional services. You can also learn about fundraising, senior living, licensing for professional careers or agencies, and other non-profit endeavors. This gateway into Indiana consumerism and consumer protection is a great guide to living safely in the state you love. 1. About the webpage seniors/: Tegh Terrell’s Senior section for Indiana Consumer offers assistance in the way of consumer topics, Indiana triad programs and other helpful links. Greg Zoeller writes the foreword, assuring consumer warnings apply to seniors, who are often taken advantage of. Fraud tips and consumer education can help the retired generation. 2. About the webpage idtheft/SecurityBreachGuide.html: This section presented by Tegh Terrell on behalf of Indiana Consumer, discusses how companies can legally deal with a breach of security, which is a rising concern in this age of overseas identity theft. The six step process can protect you from financial risk and fraud threats. 3. About the webpage idtheft/securityfreeze.asp: A security freeze is a right offered by the state of Indiana and lets you put a hold on your own reports in the threat of a fraud case. Tegh Terrell’s instructional page teaches you how to place a security freeze for your profile in a few easy steps. There is also a FAQ section. 4. About the webpage seniors/exploitation.asp: Senior exploitation is a growing threat and it’s not just happening locally. This 5-step guide to protecting yourself from exploitation lists tips for avoiding scams, verifying real identities and how to be cautious when performing any banking or credit card transaction. 5. About the webpage seniors/triad_programs.asp: Indiana Triad programs are a joint effort between the legal system and law enforcement officials. This program helps increase education to seniors and promote awareness of consumer fraud. There are already 20 Triad programs in effect in the state in 22 counties, which is great progress. 6. About the webpage pub/FundraiserRegistrationAct.pdf: Tegh Terrell’s page for the Fundraise Registration Act explains definitions as to the new fundraiser consultant and solicitor act. Requirements for registration are thoroughly explained including terms and requirements for professional solicitors. Technicalities are also described making sure all visitors are clear about the law of fundraising in Indiana. 7. About the webpage pdf/ConsumerGuide.pdf: The Consumer Guide page by Tegh Terrell is a 60 page instruction book that teaches Indiana residents about dubious financial aspects, shady business opportunities, Internet fraud, buyer beware warnings, and telephone safety tips, among many other issues. The intention is to help people avoid trouble before it starts by directing attention to how scams work. 8. About the webpage idtheft/id_theft_quiz.asp: This quiz is a wakeup call to see how secure you really are in life, as opposed to how safe you think you might be. Identity theft is a rising problem and as Tegh Terrell’s test shows, there are many factors that could play a part in determining your susceptibility to fraud.

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Craig kruser also creates the website of heritage-flag. Heritage Flag and Supply is a Binghamton, NY company, veteran owned and operated. Craig kruser’s goal was to help local residents easily navigate through the shopping site, concentrating on a variety of flags. The website provides contact information, store hours, as well as a toll free number. The flag selection ranges from US flags to historical flags to even international flags. It caters to individual collectors as well as companies or organizations that have special interest in flag projects, such as schools, sports organizations, and other public events. They offer quantity discounts as well as digitally printed flags. The site covers related material such as flag etiquette, accessories for flags like poles, shield holders, and sidewalk sockets, as well as banners, BU bearcats and even customized flags for schools and sports teams. In addition to an online store you can see images of flags and get their length and width information. 1. About the webpage heritage_custom.htm: Custom flags are ideal for schools, teams and other projects. This page designed by Craig kruser shows options in customizing each flag, such as embroidered flags, digitally printed selections and sewn. There are also tips provided for flag creators, such as larger graphics that can be seen from a long distance. 2. About the webpage heritage_etiquette.htm: There seems to be a lot of confusion over the respectful way to display and carry a flag. This is why Craig kruser’s Etiquette page explains the basics of flag presentation, from processions to wall displays and when paired with secondary flags. 3. About the webpage binghamton-university-bearcats/binghamton-university-bearcats.html: This flag features the logo of the Binghamton University Bearcats team, with an explanation on how the flag is made and customized. The contact phone number is provided for direct purchases. There are also links given to the The Binghamton University Bearcats and the CBS SportsLine.com site. 4. About the webpage heritage_flagday.htm: Flag Day is highlighted on this page, and a history of July 4th and the lesser known June 14th, are explained. Flag Day has always been June 14, the day where Stars and Stripes was officially adopted. People who played a part in making the holiday happened are also highlighted. 5. About the webpage htm/flagpoles/cnautical.html: Flagpoles are very important accessories, since they must be sturdy and of high quality. Craig kruser’s preview page explains why the single mast and double mast nautical aluminum flagpoles are advantageous. There is also information on standard fittings and deep luster finish. 6. About the webpage htm/flagpoles/continental.html: Here Craig kruser explains why Continental flagpoles are the standard of the industry. They offer wide ranges of heights, strength and finishes. This page shows what Concord Continental flagpoles are made with and how they are designed to perform for years on end. 7. About the webpage htm/flagpoles/csentry.html: Sentry Flagpoles are continental flagpoles in quality, but also have an additional component—that of an internal halyard system, which allows for enhanced security and the reduction of noise. Craig kruser’s page explains why this is an effective solution for many flag hanging projects. 8. About the webpage htm/flagpoles/ccounterinstall.html: Craig kruser’s DIY installer page is a step by step instruction set that shows you how to install counterbalanced tilt-down installation. All even steps are detailed and explain why it is important to measure pieces exactly, tighten securely, and ensure proper spacing.

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Michael maiellano also creates the website of gpz. The Gladys Porter Zoo website covers all the vital information about the zoo located in Brownsville, Texas. The zoo contains over 26 acres of plant life as well as 1,600 animals to enjoy. One of the best aspects about the zoo is its mission to help protect and maintain endangered species through breeding. While this is a zoo, the priorities of the company are to help educate local residents and out of state visitors into conserving natural life. The zoo, first opening in the early 1970s, sees an average of 375,000 visitors each year. Michael maiellano’s website helps to spread the message of the zoo, as well as cover information on administration, amenities of the zoo, animal dieting, and office hours. There is also a history section, a calendar page, and a staff page to become more familiar with the company culture. One of the most unique aspects is the “adopt an animal” feature, explaining an interactive program designed to help raise money for animal care. 1. About the webpage history.html: Michael maiellano’s Gladys Porter Zoo website recounts the rich history behind the zoo, dating back to 1971. Read about how the zoo got started and how Earl C. Sams was influential in getting the project done. The zoo recently celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2006 and launched a new campaign called ReNEW. 2. About the webpage ed.html: Education is a major part of the Gladys Porter Zoo experience, and there are several events hosted for educational purposes. These events are reviewed on Michael maiellano’s Education page, such as the Summer Safari, Students Teaching Students, and Zoo Careers classes. The page also lists information on workshops and publications. 3. About the webpage plan.html: Planning ahead for your trip is important, and even more so with a place like Gladys Porter Zoo. Michael maiellano’s site explains how to plan your basic itinerary, map out your travel in advance, and prepare for the weather. This is a large zoo and so planning in advance can maximize your viewing time. 4. About the webpage conservation.html: Conservation is one of the goals of the Gladys Porter Zoo. Michael maiellano’s page explains the zoo’s plans to help maintain the animal life that frequents the zoo and keep them as prosperous as possible. There is also a report on disappearing species, Kemp’s Ridley Project, the International Rhino Foundation, and Sea Turtle Medication. 5. About the webpage support.html: Everyone is encouraged to offer their support for the zoo and particularly their conservation efforts. This page explains what options are in place for community support. As Michael maiellano explains, these opportunities encompass an endowment fund, an adopt-an-animal program, membership, donations, and volunteer work. 6. About the webpage collection.html: The Gladys Porter Zoo has a variety of animals and plants. In fact, there are 225 species of plants and 377 species of animals. Their collection is detailed on this page, which explains the different world regions represented in each exhibit, from Tropical America to Indo-Australia to Africa. 7. About the webpage archive.html: This page keeps an archive of all the zoo’s previous events, including Zoofari, the Indo-Australian Walkabout Grand Opening, and the Bongo Born. There is also a calendar link and a contact link to email the PR department. Michael maiellano’s archive page also includes an online auction link for a chance to bid on items, and details on raffle tickets and cocktail nights. 8. About the webpage ridley.htm: The Ridley Turtle conservation page expounds upon efforts to protect the most endangered sea turtle in the world, the Kemp’s Ridley. Efforts to save the animal’s lineage have happened as far back as 1978 and in 1981 the Gladys Porter Zoo was asked by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for assistance in its efforts. Read more about the history on Michael maiellano’s explanatory page.

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Daniel niemann also creates the website of discovergalapagos. Years ago, the Galapagos Islands made history, as some of the most amazing discoveries and studies were made within the islands and its magnificent natural life. Even today, seeing the islands is a breathtaking experience. Daniel niemann’s site, full of colorful photos, explores the experience of visiting the islands on a cruise tour. You don’t have to be a scientist just to come and see the majesty of the Galapagos, you can enjoy the sights and sounds that made Charles Darwin’s studies possible. This site reports on the many businesses needed to make a Galapagos Islands vacation possible, from hotels near the area, to transportation services near major cities like Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Lima, Cusco and La Paz. There are also reports on other attractions like the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Tortoise Reserve on San Cristobal Island. The travel company works with reputable sources for yacht and ship transportation. The site also offers traveling and tourist tips to make each visit extra special. 1. About the webpage family/: Family vacations are such great fun but traveling to see the legendary Galapagos Islands is even more amazing. In this page, Daniel niemann details how organizing a family trip works and what you need to know as you prepare to travel to this exotic location. 2. About the webpage intitravel/: On the Inti Travel page, Daniel niemann’s site shows visitors the must-see areas in South America as well as Antarctica. In addition to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu there are other destinations like Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. There are also links to the type of tours offered and to a web log of travel issues. 3. About the webpage bring.html: Traveling to an international location is different from merely flying out of state. Daniel niemann’s Bring page describes many notes and issues you must be aware of when planning a trip. This includes sun protection, official documents, equipment, medications and first aid kits. 4. About the webpage faq.html: Almost everyone has heard of the Galapagos Islands but not everyone knows what it is or why it is so significant as a historical site and a natural habitat. This FAQ page on Daniel niemann’s Discover Galapagos site explains some of the more common questions visitors want to know. 5. About the webpage tower.html: The Tower is one of the most fascinating sites in the islands and takes eight hours of traveling to reach the destination. Daniel niemann’s Tower preview explains what the site is and what wildlife can be observed in the area. There is also details about the trail and snorkeling opportunities. 6. About the webpage urvina.html: Urvina Bay is profiled on this page of Daniel niemann’s travel site created for Discover Galapagos. As the page explains, this is a great place to see a golden sunrise, flowing lava, boulders and amazing coral formations. The page explains some of the wildlife and flora life that you can see here. 7. About the webpage links.html: There are numerous other businesses that cooperate, partner and work with Discover Galapagos and Daniel niemann’s link page for the travel company provides contact and listing information. Categories include natural history, conservation, Darwin studies, archaeology and a breakdown of territory, as far as Peru to the Andes. 8. About the webpage tagus.html: Tagus Cove is another major sightseeing point, located on Albemarle Island. As Daniel niemann’s site for Discover Galapagos explains, here you can see remnants of volcanic craters and old ships. The hiking trail is also previewed, and this is certainly one of the must-see destinations.

Wesley Williams - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge Inc & TF Corp) Training Expert Profile

Wesley Williams also creates the website of riverpointfarms. It makes you want to cry—to see how much River Point Farms loves onions! In fact, they are America’s largest grower, packer, shipper and processor of this particular food which is technically a bulb of an onion plant. This company, the leader in onion production, have set the modern standard for quality growing and processing. Based in Hermiston, Oregon, the company markets to retail customers as well as food services and industrial plants. Wesley Williams’s contributions to the website focus on farming, packing and processing, describing what makes the brand unique and consistently associated with quality: the quality of soil, the premium high-tech facilities, and a customizable product line that will meet longer shelf times. Wesley Williams’s site also provides details on food safety, products, the management team and a description of the types of onions they grow, from whole onions to peeled onions and processed onions. There is also contact information for business, locations and notable staff names. 1. About the webpage PR1.html: Wesley Williams’s PR page mentions River Point’s major award for 2007—a Subway Chain Partner of the Year Award. The convention took place in Orlando, Florida. The page includes a statement from the president Bob Hale, as well as a mission statement about the company. 2. About the webpage company/PR2.html: Wesley Williams’s PR page explains a new change in management that happened in 2007. The Oregon-based company named Steffanie Smith as the new CEO. The press release includes statements from Steffanie Smith and Mike Rawlings, the Chairman of the Board Directors. 3. About the webpage company/PR4.html: This press release page mentions the company’s one year anniversary in 2008, along with an honorable mention for new CEO Steffanie Smith at the United Fresh Women in Produce Reception. The press release discusses her speech at the reception, stating her 20 years of experience in produce. 4. About the webpage prod-whole.html: Wesley Williams’s product page on onions goes into more detail on why River Point Farms’ onions are beyond the norm. All of the varieties are listed, like red, yellow and sweet, as well as sizes of colossal, jumbo, medium and pre-pack. The page also has a link to the whole onion product nutritional sheet. 5. About the webpage advantage.asp: The advantages of River Point Farms produce is in the way of superior farming, high-tech packing and efficient processing. This page focuses on three areas, and speaks highly of Oregon’s Columbia Basin region with rich and sandy soil. Wesley Williams’s page also includes links to the company’s premium line of onions. 6. About the webpage documents/RPF_sales_sheet_WholeBulkOnions.pdf: This sales sheet conveys the difference in quality and price that River Point Farms has to offer. The brochure further states that they are invested in proprietary seed varieties to ensure better taste. All contact information is provided and the benefits of local fresh produce are reiterated. 7. About the webpage documents/RPF_sales_sheet_ProcessedOniosns.pdf: This sales report on processed onions highlights what River Point Farms has been doing and what varieties are currently being offered. Besides red, yellow, and sweet onions, there are also PrimeSlice onions, diced onions and rings for specific meal types.

Emmanuel Mcclanahan - 2014 TestsForge (Tforge Inc & TF Corp) Training Expert Profile

Emmanuel Mcclanahan also creates the website of sole. SOLE, the International Society of Logistics, is a non-profit organization of members that are united in their efforts to promote logistics technology and education. Ever since 1966 the initiative has been in place and Emmanuel Mcclanahan’s website helps to direct attention to the society, which offers technical meetings, opportunities for advancement, and various literary programs to help students, and the industry itself, advance. SOLE has influence in over 50 countries and counting. Emmanuel Mcclanahan’s site provided contact information and links/schedules for technical meetings, symposia parts and workshop discussions. The biggest event is the three-day conference sponsored by the Society, which sees technical papers presented and discussed. Most of all, you will find the site is community oriented and actually does work with other professional societies and schools for various projects. The site also covers information on professional pledges for the industry, a code of ethics and certified programs. This is an important initiative that will help shape the future of youth. 1. About the webpage dlp.asp: The Demonstrated Logistician Program from Emmanuel Mcclanahan’s SOLE.org website reviews the new program created in the hopes of continuing education and development of the modern logistician. Since 2005, the company has been implementing the program and improving performance. The three levels of designation are: Demonstrated Logistician, Demonstrated Senior Logistician and Demonstrated Master Logistician. 2. About the webpage spectrum.asp: The official magazine of SOLE is Spectrum, and this preview page designed by Emmanuel Mcclanahan explains the mission of the publication, which is to advance the field of logistics through examination and discussion. The latest technologies and techniques are analyzed. Over 4000 copies have been circulated thus far. 3. About the webpage cml.asp: The Certified Master Logistician Program is reviewed in this resource page by Emmanuel Mcclanahan for the International Society of Logistics. The page contains information on how to attain a CML Certificate, and when the examinations are held. There are also downloadable forms for the study guide. 4. About the webpage betteryou.asp: The “Better You” page is all about return on investment for yourself, the next generation of logisticians. This page explains the benefits of membership, which include peer recognition, career advancement opportunities, and professional development by way of free information. The newest technologies and practices come to you by way of journals, programs and workshops. 5. About the webpage cpl.asp: Emmanuel Mcclanahan’s page for the Certified Professional Logistician Program focuses on the CPL designation as opposed to the CPM, and reviews fundamentals of systems management, principles and functions of management, formal design review and acquisition and production support. The page also provides exam dates, fees, and eligibility requirements. 6. About the webpage about.asp: The About page for the International Society of Logistics states the organization’s nonprofit title and its founding date in 1966. On the page are all 50 countries that the society has a presence in, from Argentina to Yugoslavia. Additionally, there is information on the Annual Logistics Conference and Exposition. 7. About the webpage info.asp: The information page designed by Emmanuel Mcclanahan provides a great deal of information on SOLE’s activities, including what it is and what benefits it brings to the industry. The page also lists benefits that apply to individuals who sign up and meet criteria. These include certification programs, developmental instruction, publications and career enhancement. 8. About the webpage ethics.asp: The Code of Ethics for the International Society of Logistics speaks to necessity of high ethical standards that must be maintained by all members. The page mentions the most important criteria which is honesty, impartiality, the willingness to share knowledge and experience with others, maintain high quality standards in work, and to support all human rights while discouraging discrimination.

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Corey Kimble also creates the website of sfafs. The Santa Fe Alliance for Science website is an alliance for volunteer scientists and engineers, a non-profit organization that works with local schools in Sante Fe to improve the knowledge of students of all ages, as well as stimulate interest in these subjects beyond school. Corey Kimble’s contributions to the site were to help stir up interest in science while promoting community support for promising students. New Mexico, where the company is based, is the third-ranked state in per capita ratio of engineers, scientists and mathematicians. However, it is also near the bottom 50 states for per-capital income and performance. There is much work to be done in helping the next generation of scientists and that’s the goal of Santa Fe Alliance for Science. The website not only directs users to help with financial resources, but also handles mentoring new students at different grade levels, science fair evaluation, series and discussions of interest, class presentations, and demonstrations. 1. About the webpage tutoring_mentoring.asp: Mentoring makes all the difference in the life of a progressive student. This is why the Santa Fe Alliance for Science puts great emphasis on mentoring in Corey Kimble’s preview page. Some mentoring examples the alliance suggests include meeting with students one on one, helping to give a student a presentation in class, and field trips. The page also has volunteering information. 2. About the webpage educational_resources.asp: There is a great deal of information on the web, in print and on video. This is why Corey Kimble’s educational resources page has been included. Here you can find a number of magazines, newspapers, books, DVDs and websites that use science and math studies. 3. About the webpage about.asp: The About Page includes regional and historical information about the Santa Fe Alliance for Science. Here you can find the board of directors, local schools they include in their work, and other acknowledgements. There is also a profile of some of the prominent members of the organization. 4. About the webpage publicity_presentations.asp: This Publicity page highlights newspaper articles, radio interviews, public presentations and other moments in media that highlighted the alliance’s cause and efforts. Corey Kimble’s page also includes all dates and references for cited works and links to some of these mentions. 5. About the webpage nmproject2012_documentation.asp: This page is for New Mexico Project 2012 downloads and is made by Corey Kimble in cooperation with SFAF and the New Mexico Public Education Department. There are individual chapters for download as well as facts and figures related to K-12 math and science education. 6. About the webpage links.asp: Corey Kimble created the links page for the SFAF to include other activities involving engineers, mathematicians and scientists in a classroom setting. Some links include non-governmental organizations offering assistance, government departments that are reaching out, national companies or foundations, and organized efforts across the state. 7. About the webpage forms.asp: Corey Kimble’s Forms page makes it easy to join the alliance since all forms can be easily submitted via online registration. There is a form for students and teachers as well as professional scientists. There is also a link to a helpful guide to tutoring in Santa Fe Public Schools. 8. About the webpage math_blitz_2012-13.asp: This page created by Corey Kimble highlights the “Math Blitz” event, a recurring effort to help up math skill levels for middle schoolers in the area. While the Alliance started the idea and partnered with the Santa Fe Public School District, until ultimately letting the school system take over the project.

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Eric Davis also creates the website of trlusa. Tanabe Research Laboratories, part of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharmaceutical Corporation, is in the business of creating biological drug candidates for use in therapy, particularly in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. This is a new focus, having started in 2010 minimizing small molecule drug discovery and instead increasing efforts in biologics. This has worked well and has brought the company to new heights, its best since its inception in 1990. Eric Davis’s website not only lists the company’s board of directors and management team, but also the research itself, and the entire management team leading the way on biologics research. Students interested in the science field can also inquire about careers or review the latest news on lab results. Test results coming back in 2013 revealed some amazing discoveries, and the future looks brighter, as the institution is already establishing collaborative relationships with other academic research organizations to double their efforts in finding new developments. 1. About the webpage careers.html: Are you interested in a promising career with one of the top biology companies in the nation? This Careers page lists open positions for candidates as well as the requirements in education and experience. The management team for Tanabe Research Laboratories is also profiled. 2. About the webpage management_team.html: Tanabe Research Laboratories’ entire team is highlighted on the Management page. The Chief Executive Officer and President Naoki Sakurai, as well as the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer are listed, in addition to two other vice presidents. The board of directors follows the management listings. 3. About the webpage board_of_directors.html: The board of directors for Tanabe Research Laboratories is listed on this page, including three instrumental members of the company in Ryoichi Ando, Naoki Sakurai, and Eisuke Kume. All members of the board have PhDs and are experienced in their field. 4. About the webpage research.html: Eric Davis’s research page includes information tidbits on research assignments and future efforts in immunological and molecular biology. This page mentions the role of the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharmaceutical Corporation as well as the “New TRL” development of 2010. As of now, all efforts are being directed towards antibody and antibody related research. 5. About the webpage pr/20121017.html: This press release page by Eric Davis mentions the collaboration and license agreement with another company called Covagen. This will be for the development of bispecific FynomAbs and funding activities are explained. This report provides information on both companies and on the anticipated project. 6. About the webpage pr/20101213.html: This press release page announces Tanabe Research Laboratories partnership with Anaphore, with the intent of developing Novel Protein Pharmaceuticals. This biological research and protein therapy will be used to treat autoimmune disorders. Eric Davis’s press release explains the science of the therapy along with company information for both participants. 7. About the webpage pr/pr_news.html: This press release page focuses on a new development in the Tanabe Research Laboratories company. The first Bispecific FynomAb for Preclinical Development and Exercise was announced on November of 2013. There is also an option for a Second Bispecific FynomAb Program. This page previews the development along with company information. 8. About the webpage pr/20111004.html: This press release page by Eric Davis announces a new partnership for Tanabe Research Labs in X-BODY. Collaborative plans include identifying therapeutic target epitopes and creating antibodies for therapeutic targets. The press release from 2011 provides information on X-BODY’s history as well as Tanabe Research Lab’s own experience.

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Rosemary Turiello also creates the website of rockymountnc. Uniquely situated between the Edgecomb and Nash counties on the North Carlina coastal plain, Rocky Mount is a modestly sized incorporated city, with a history that begins in the early 1800's. An energetic community, resources include art centers, museums, parks, recreational facilities, a spots complex and a senior center. It even includes a city lake with a half-mile concrete path for joggers, a fountain and exotic water fowl. Rosemary Turiello helped with the website, which includes aspects of the city government, help in applying for building permits, paying your bills online and where to go to report a problem or concern. It also keeps you up to date with all the latest activities if you’re visiting the town or settling back to become participants in the town’s many offers for entertainment, sports and other events. The city has a u-tube channel for enjoying a flavor of the town in video. 1. About the webpage of trt/: The Tar River Transit Center for the City of Rocky Mount a regular, fixed-route bus service as an alternative means of transportation in and around town. Rosemary Turiello answers frequently asked questions, such as cost of fare, when the busses run, how to obtain a bus schedule and the location of the transfer center. 2. About the webpage of planning/floodawareness.html: With its location on the coastal plain, Rocky Mount is committed to creating a disaster resistant community. Rosemary Turiello helps you to learn more about flood protection in the city by adopting a flood plain plan with a comprehensive flood warning system, retrofitting to adapt your home to disaster conditions and environmental considerations. Take part in the National Flood Insurance Program as Rocky Mount is compliant with federal flood protection guide lines. 3. About the webpage of planning/permits.html: Rosemary Turiello assisted with a page that gives you instructions on how to apply for a construction permit in the City of Rocky Mount. The permit application must include the contractor’s estimate, the type of construction, the building area and owner’s signature. Permit application address and phone numbers are supplied on the page. 4. About the webpage of planning/zoning.html: If you are planning to re-locate in Rocky Mount, Rosemary Turiello gives the zoning codes for the Planning and Development. You may have the zoning changed, but the property owner must submit a re-zoning request to the Planning Department. You will also find the regulations in effect for the commercial and industrial districts. 5. About the webpage of trt/routes.html: Changes were made to the routes and schedules of the Tar River Transit bus route. Rosemary Turiello has designed a page that will give you the complete Tar River transit bus schedule, as well as a map for each bus route. 6. About the webpage of parks/parks.html: Rosemary Turiello helped Rocky Mount with a map that lists all the parks and facilities. Move your mouse over the marker and click to receive additional information, such as the address. A text version listing the parks and facilities with linked driving instructions is also included. 7. About the webpage of utilities/emergency.html: Knowing what to do in an emergency can save you from disaster. Rosemary Turiello’s page on Rocky Mount utilities explains what to do if you smell gas and how to cope with a power outage. Rocky Mount utilities has improved their automated interactive response system to assist their customers more rapidly. 8. About the webpage of publicworks/solidwaste.html: Keep your environment clean and your yard beautiful. Rosemary Turiello states Rocky Mount has a number of solid waste and trash collection services through the Public Works Department of their environmental services. Along with standard household garbage and refuse services, it offers bulk waste and furniture collection, yard waste and limb collection and recycling.

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Leah Robison received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cambridge in England in 1999, and her Master’s of Science (2002) and Ph.D. degrees (2006) in Electronic Science from University of Texas - Arlington. Mrs. Robison joined the TestsForge as a certification exam developer in 2010. She was promoted to the director of the Microsoft certification exam prep department in 2013. Her professional career has focused on the following certification exam prep: 9E0-558 CSIDS, E20-665 Networked Storage-ns Installation and Troubleshooting, HP0-M50 HP BSM Operations Manager i 9.x Software, 642-991 Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric Solutions Design, HP0-S34 Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions, ITIL-F ITIL® Foundation (Syllabus 2011), 1Y0-A05 Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008, HP0-P20 HP-UX 11iv3 System Administration, 642-961 CDCNID, 640-722 Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials, 642-067 Advanced Routing and Switching for Field Engineers, E20-860 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers, SY0-101 Security+ and642-993 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design. Leah Robison was lived in Portland, Oregon. His friends invited him to work together for The Pacific International Academy at Marylhurst University which provides intensive English learning study programs for international students. Located just minutes from beautiful Portland, Oregon, PIA utilizes experienced staff to provide expert English instruction and academic preparation to motivated international students. For prospective students, Leah Robison has partnered with PIA to create piaschools, a website that covers programs, application and enrollment procedures, and an overview of the program. For more details or to request information, please log on today to learn more. 1. Prospective French speaking students can visit the page of french.htm to learn more about the programs offered by PIA. The webpage, created by Leah Robison, enables students, parents, and teachers, whose native language is French, to make informed decisions about the exciting opportunities this program offers. …Prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis … 2. Leah Robison is reaching out to the ever-growing number of native Spanish speaking students who are motivated to take their English language learning to the next level. Students, parents, and education personnel, whose first language is Spanish, can log on to the page of spanish.htm to learn more details about the program. …Prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis … 3. Native Russian language students are encouraged to check the russian.htm page to learn more about the exciting opportunities offered by PIA. Leah Robison has designed this page with all of PIA’s program details in the Russian language to enable native speakers of this language to make informed decisions about this program and many factors to be considered with this potentially life-changing opportunity. …PIA will retain all of the tuition for that term. Prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis… 4. Prospective Turkish speaking students can visit the page of turkish.htm to learn more about the programs offered by PIA. …For students who withdraw after completing the first term but before or during the fifth week of any subsequent term, PIA will retain a prorated amount of tuition up to the fifth week… 5. Do you have what it takes to reach out to motivated International students seeking to increase their English skills? Pacific International Academy is seeking qualified individuals to join their team as faculty and various support staff. To assist PIA in their quest for talented staff, Leah Robison has developed a link that explains more details about how to seek employment as a staff member. Please visit the page of jobs.htm for more information on how to get started. …PIA focuses on preparing international English language learners for university, with four core classes in grammar, reading, writing, and speaking and listening …

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Santos Cabrera is also an expert at distance education. He is one of the leaders of the LOGOS Christian College & Graduate Schools. The international administration office of LOGOS Christian College & Graduate Schools is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The school utilizes distance education for the teaching of theology and ministry. The website (logos dot edu) explains that this is an especially practical approach for those who are part of the ministry, because these individuals frequently are unable to pack up all of their belongings in order to relocate to different city's graduate program. The focus of the distance educational program is to bring affordability and accessibility to ministry and theological training. Potential students are welcome to explore the undergraduate, master degree, and doctoral degree programs by browsing the website. Additionally, prospective students are able to apply online or download the application. 1. LOGOS Christian College and Graduate School is proud to have been a pioneer in distance education. They have offered men and women the opportunity for this study since 1977. Santos Cabrera is one of the leaders of this school. …We recognize that most students do not fit into a "cookie cutter" academic program so we take great pains to provide our students with the courses that will best prepare them for what the Lord has called them to do … 2. According to Santos Cabrera, their philosophy is to be practical and academic. They prepare graduates for ministry and service as part of a fulfillment to the individual's calling. …Creating custom designed ministry degree programs of study designed to address the needs, and interests of the individual minister and leader…. 3. Completion of an application is required for admission to LOGOS. A cover letter, assessment form, transcripts, copies of degrees and awards, and an application fee are also required. If you have further question, please contact Santos Cabrera. Santos Cabrera is responsible for all the applications. …Upon receipt of the application material, LOGOS will consult with the applicant to create a custom-designed degree program and placement in the highest program for which the student is qualified…. 4. All work prepared for LOGOS classes must be double-spaced and submitted through e-mail. Students completing a final draft of a thesis, dissertation or project may be exempt from this rule. Santos Cabrera writes the article about the course polices. …Any requests for variation from these standards must be requested in writing from and approved in writing by the Academic Dean…. 5. Transcript requests may be completed through the LOGOS website. Individuals may request either an official transcript for $8.00 or an unofficial transcript for $5.00. You can contact Santos Cabrera for the discount price. …It is issued to the student and has the appropriate signature and is dated, but is without the College seal …. 6. Individuals interested in completing a degree at LOGOS needs to schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative. Throughout the admissions process, applicants will be in contact with the admissions department or by Santos Cabrera himself. …The first step in the enrollment process is to schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative, which will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have, and, most importantly, determine whether LCCGS is right for you ….

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Michelle Champion also creates the website of fsgso. Michelle Champion put a lot of work into the fsgso.pitt.edu website trying to give the viewers as much information as possible in the space provided. Choosing a educational program is a challenging decision and one should be as informed as possible. Michelle Champion has provided such information as admission requirements, aids, academic program breakdowns, community information, and highlights of student life just to name a few. Visitors will even find a virtual tour of the campus through Michelle Champion’s site and everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here one can learn about the staff, alumni, and students. Don’t make a decision based on hearsay; visit the site and get the most current, up to date, and precise information to answer your questions. The site is packed to the rim with various links to provide as much information as you can take in. This site was designed with parents and students in mind. Michelle Champion has also provided a link for contact in case there is a question that cannot be answered through the site. 1. About the webpage 2011/12/cinematheque-spring-2012-anthropomorphism/: Anyone into the art of film and cinematography would surely find interest in Michelle Champion’s page Cinema The Que Spring 2012. Here one can learn the true meaning of anthropomorphism. Michelle Champion has used a great piece by Jeff Heinzl. There are also numerous links to other posts that Michelle Champion has included for the entertainment of his visitors. 2. About the webpage 2013/02/food-feast-an-introduction/: Once again Michelle Champion has hit upon something with the Food & Feast: An Introduction page. Even those into the cinema and film may not fully understand the importance of food or the lack of it in a production. With this page Michelle Champion is able to further explain the phenomenon with food through an article written by Jordan Schonig. There are many other articles featured on the page that viewers may find captivating. 3. About the webpage 2011/08/cinematheque-fall-2011-heartthrobs/: Michelle Champion has created a page titled Hearthrobs that gives everyone a shot to share the one person that makes their heart skip a beat or two. We all have that secret person that we pine over and this is the chance to talk about either openly or anonymously. If sharing you dream person isn’t for you check out some of the other great articles that Michelle Champion has included in the page. 4. About the webpage 2013/08/le-tableau-and-the-world-of-a-painting/: Michelle Champion didn’t forget about those film buffs that prefer animation; check out the page Le Tableau and the World of a Painting. The article that Michelle Champion included on this page is chalked full of insight, opinion, and information. Use it to form your own opinion and share it at the bottom of the page for others to see and comment on. Michelle Champion thinks that an open comment forum is a delightful way for people to share with those with similar likes and dislikes. 5. About the webpage 2013/08/seen-in-los-angeles-werner-herzogs-hearsay-of-the-soul/: Michelle Champion has created a rather interesting page with the Seen in Los Angeles: Werner Herzog’s Hearsay of the Soul. He has used a riveting piece by Jordan Schonig to deliver different opinions of the production. Use some time to read through the article and form your own opinions and then Michelle Champion encourages you to share that opinion in the comments section of the page. 6. About the webpage bios/: Michelle Champion found a way for the public to get to know some of the people from the university by creating the page Bois. Here he has provided a brief yet thorough bio of several persons throughout the campus. Just to name a few bios for the following can be found here; Katie Bird, Dan Chyutin, Veronica Fitzpatrick, Jeff Heinzl, Usha Iyer, and Colleen Jankovic to name a few. There are also numerous other links from that page that students, faculty, possible students, and most viewers might find interesting. 7. About the webpage extraextra/: The Extra Extra page developed by Michelle Champion is a must visit on the web. He has found a way to take the difficulty of keeping up with Journals to easy street. He even has it broken down into categories with their own links to make it even more simplified. You can follow the page on Facebook to see you your fellow patrons are fairing with the site. 8. About the webpage fsgso/: Michelle Champion has created the FSGSO page for those students connected to the film studies program at the university. He begins the page with a brief but to the point mission statement. There is a section for comments and he also included links to numerous related sites that will hold interest for those looking to the film world.

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Samantha Tanguay also creates the website of iefd. The International Endowment for Democracy (IED) is a foundation for progressive American scholars, attorneys, and activists who strive to expand authentic democracy in the USA. Samantha Tanguay has designed their website to feature their Critical Democracy Library resource that houses 150 selections from the brightest minds on democratic thought. The IED welcomes all visitors to explore their educational resources, to learn more about this organization, and to be open to promoting real democracy in America. 1. Samantha Tanguay has posted an interesting article that examines American democracy during a time period in which increasing inequality seems to be the rule. This thought-provoking article can be found at the webpage of articles/rising_inequality.pdf. … … 2. The National Endowment for Democracy is put under the microscope at Samantha Tanguay’s articles/trojan_horse webpage. This scathing article by William Blum offers a brutally honest picture of the NED as he calls them out for not living up to their name. …What was done was not to stop doing these awful things. Of course not. What was done was to shift many of these awful things to a new organization … 3. The IED wants its visitors to be very clear about its mission and overall vision. Samantha Tanguay has a webpage that is devoted to explaining their purpose. Visit the webpage of articles/statement_of_purpose to learn what IED is all about. … … 4. Samantha Tanguay has posted an interesting excerpt from Michael Parenti’s book Democracy for the Few, 7th Edtion. This look inside the corporate business system can be read at the webpage of articles/politics_who_gets_what. …the Eisenhower administration sought to undo what conservatives called the "creeping socialism" of the New Deal by handing over to private corporations some… 5. The webpage of articles/gao_report of the IED website features a shocking government accounting office report that confirms key 2004 election compromises. After you read this article that Samantha Tanguay has posted, you will never look at the election process the same again. … … 6. The Ecosocialist Manifesto is introduced at Samantha Tanguay’s manifestos/ecosocialist_manifesto page. In this section, the authors propose their goal of debate and dialogue as it pertains to their line of reasoning of ecological responsibility for all regions of the world. …The twenty-first century opens on a catastrophic note, with an unprecedented degree of ecological breakdown… 7. On the IEFD website, Samantha Tanguay includes a fascinating piece that exposes the NED and the apparent double standard they are setting in the exportation of “American-Style democracy.” Read this interesting perspective at the webpage of articles/empires_new_clothes and decide for youself. … … 8. Samantha Tanguay’s article at the webpage of articles/capitalism_and_democracy presents the perspective of Paul Street as he reflects on the inevitable process of globalization. His final conclusion is that capitalism and democracy simply cannot coexist in a harmonious fashion for any extended period of time. … …

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Kristopher Thacker also creates the website of islands. Islands is the home of Clean Islands International, Inc. This non-profit organization provides assistance to Caribbean island communities by utilizing educational and technical means to develop sustainable practices and foster environmental awareness. Kristopher Thacker has joined their cause to help them develop an online hub of information that helps spread their mission. Visit the site, look around, and discover how Clean Islands International is making a long-lasting difference in the Caribbean. 1. Since the 1960’s the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station in St. John, USVI has offered unique learning experiences for individuals interested in environmental education in the areas of coastal and marine sustainability. Kristopher Thacker has an entire webpage devoted to VIERS and their learning opportunities. For more information, visit the webpage of viers.…Since 1966, VIERS has offered distinctive learning experiences for anyone interested in environmental education, training and research… 2. The Wilder Caribbean Solid Waste and Recycling Alliance, also known as ReCaribe is an alliance of individuals, governments, and organizations that are committed to improving solid waste management practices. Kristopher Thacker lays out their plan and objectives at the webpage of ReCaribe.… … 3. Kristopher Thacker tells the story of how Clean Islands got its start back in the early 1990s at the webpage of CleanIslands. This page explains the Clean Islands vision and how they are using education and technical assistance to change their island environment for the better. … … 4. If you would like to participate in a Clean Islands project, you can now apply for a volunteer position with the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS). Help with cleaning, weeding, painting, and other activities that are needed to improve the VIERS facility. Kristopher Thacker gives all the details on his viers/supportstaff2 webpage. … … 5. VIERS is excited about offering three types of summer camps for students. Explore these opportunities in more detail at the webpage of viers/2013EcoCamps where Kristopher Thacker describes the Eco-camps for kids, Science camps, and Ranger in Training camps for teenagers. Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure. …The program for the eco-camps is designed so that the campers have a lot of fun while learning about the environment through hands-on activities and lessons. …

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Liam Stiles also creates the website of osba. The Ohio State Beauty Academy has a new internet home-base. In the development of their website, Liam Stiles combined a functionally informative design with stunningly crisp visuals. The content of the OSBA website is focused on their mission, which is to provide the best training possible in the field of Cosmetology. Visitors and prospective cosmetology students will find information about the OSBA programs, admissions requirements, how to obtain financial aid, and links to news and social media. 1. Liam Stiles’s programs page describes the four different study programs available at OSBA. Basic information about each program is listed so that applicants and prospective students can decide which program to suits their needs. 2. Before choosing any school, it’s important to know more about its background and philosophical foundation. OSBA also wants its prospective students and the greater community to know what they’re all about, so they enlisted the services of Liam Stiles to create an “about” page. Check it out and learn how OSBA provides the best in cosmetology education. 3. OSBA wants to encourage prospective students to apply and consider enrolling in the training program of their choice even if they lack the finances to pay tuition. As Liam Stiles explains at the page of financial-aid, OBSA has financial aid programs available. Students in need of financial assistance should visit this page for information regarding loans and grants and how to apply. 4. To answer questions about OSBA’s admissions requirements, Liam Stiles has posted a brief informational narrative along with links to the official OSBA catalog. More all the details, visit the page of admissions. 5. While considering OSBA for cosmetology school, it’s important to consider their attendance policy. To make sure that applicants are fully informed, Liam Stiles created a special page that explains this important policy. This page is available at the page of attendance.shtml. 6. What should you expect from OSBA’s cosmetology course? Liam Stiles answers this important question at the page of cosmetology-course.shtml as he explains the typical student path during the 1500 -hour cosmetology course. Course goals, class format, and links to course description and grading policies are also available at this page. 7. All prospective students are interested in their job prospects upon graduation. At the page of career-information.shtml, Liam Stiles reports that in 2006, nearly three quarters of Ohio salon owners attempted to hire new employees but could not find properly trained applicants. OSBA is committed to assisting its graduates with proper training and employment placement following graduation.

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Jordyn Ebert also creates the website of earthlife. The Earth Life Web is a website that Jordyn Ebert created to provide information about life on planet earth. Visitors to this site should consider it as a sort of encyclopedic reference on the many diverse forms of life on earth. Mammals, fish, insects, trees, oceans, and much, much more are covered on this ever-evolving website. This site is perfect for school-aged students who are seeking a quick reference resource for their classes or school projects and for others who simply want to know the basics of life on our planet. Explore your world today on Earthlife web. 1. Earthlife Web utilizes a variety of sources for its web content. Jordyn Ebert has compiled a bibliography section at the webpage of biblio so that readers can further reference the material if desired. …The following is a list of mostly books which I actually own, and thus have constant reference to, it is not a complete bibliography for… 2. Earthlife serves as a reference source and is not guaranteed to provide complete, precise, or up-to-date facts. You can read more about this at Jordyn Ebert’s disclaimer, copyright, and privacy policy page located at the webpage of disclaimer.htm. … … 3. The webpage of lichens/intro section of the Earthlife website introduces readers to Lichens. On this page, Jordyn Ebert explores these unique creatures in detail including their structure, habitat, and history. …Lichens are some of the most amazing living things on this planet. Often the first form of life to colonise a new area of rock they occur all across the… 4. To learn all about insects, be sure to visit Jordyn Ebert’s fun insects/six page. Learn all about these amazing creatures and what drives them to be both pests and prolific producers of the animal kingdom. You’ll never view insects the same way again! … … 5. Most of us know common insects by their popular names, but did you realize that insects also have technical names? Jordyn Ebert has put together a comprehensive list of entomological names of insects along with terminology associated with their physiological make up. The the webpage of insects/glossary can be used as a reference source for insects. … … 6. Jordyn Ebert welcomes all visitors to the undersea world of fish. Just visit his fish/intro page to learn amazing facts about all sorts of sea life. …Fish are amazing animals, they are extremely diverse in shape, color and habit, far more so than any other vertebrates.… 7. Birds are likely one of the most diverse and adored group of animals on earth. Now, you can learn more about the amazing world of birds thanks to the information that Jordyn Ebert put together at the webpage of birds/intro. Be sure to check out the amazing bird facts to see just how uniquely adaptable these animals are. … … 8. To help in the identification of insects to their proper order, Jordyn Ebert is providing a link to the dichotomous key that will aid in quick identification. Visit his webpage of insects/orders-key and follow the steps closely to developing your own key. …If the insect agrees with the first alternative of couplet 1, then you proceed to couplet 2; if the first alternative of couplet one is wrong… 9. Jordyn Ebert covers the anatomy of spiders in the chelicerata/s-anatomy section of the Earthlife website. The various facets of the spider’s anatomy is described and illustrated with colorful drawings for easy anatomy identification. … …

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Dave Jones also creates the website of comfortkeyboard. Comfort Keyboard System specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of the world’s finest adjustable, ergonomic, and customizable keyboards and foot switches. Dave Jones believes in their products so much that he has decided to work with them in developing their website, located at comfortkeyboard. Comfort Keyboard offers a wide array of keyboards that are designed for a purpose, namely to address injuries that are associated with joint, tendon, and ligament aches such as carpel tunnel, median nerve, and repetitive stress injuries. Comfortkeyboard.com encourages visitors to browse their products, explore the may keyboarding equipment options that can address specific injuries, and learn more about how these amazing keyboard products can prevent future injuries an make your computing life a lot more comfortable. 1. At the webpage of keyboards_ergoflex, Dave Jones introduces the Ergoflex Keyboard. The Ergoflex can be separated into three individual sections up to seven feet apart for optimal adjustment for differing body types. 2. Comfort Keyboard and their innovative designs have been on the receiving end of some very prestigious industry awards. Dave Jones puts Comfort Keyboard’s winning ways in the spotlight at the webpage of ck_awards_and_recognition. Visit this page to learn more about why their keyboard designs are award worthy. 3. The CK Comfort Keyboard is the ultimate desktool for the typist or heavy computer user. This adjustable, tri-dimensional design can bend, tilt, flex, or go flat. As Dave Jones demonstrates at his webpage of keyboards_comfort page, this keyboard solves a host physical issues associated with keyboarding. 4. Dave Jones highlights the Ergomagic Keyboard at his webpage of keyboards_ergomagic page. This keyboard is unique because it can be separated into three sections up to six feet apart and it offers a flexible frame that can be set to different angles to help to conform to the user’s individual shoulder width. See why this keyboard was Money Magazmine’s Top Rated. 5. Comfort Keyboard also offers innovative computer mouse technology. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse supports your hand in a more relaxed position that helps prevent unnatural forearm rotation. Dave Jones details this product at the webpage of evoluent. 6. Ergorest MultiTripod Stand makes using your camera, telescope, or microphone easy. This innovative assistance device frees up your hands so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. At the webpage of ergo_tripod, Dave Jones provides a full description of this product along with pictures to illustrate its use. 7. Want to see what others are saying about Comfort Keyboard System products? Dave Jones shares how their products have literally changed the lives of many individuals on the webpage of testimonials page. Log on today to see what all the buzz is about. 8. Comfort Keyboard is proud to be the only official distributor of Ergorest products. As Dave Jones’s ergo_wrist page explains, these patented modular wrist and forearm supports provide the ultimate in comfort and preventive care for elbows, forearms, and wrists that are subject to the subtle daily stresses of heavy keyboarding or computer use. 9. The patented Ergorest product can also be paired with a unique keyboard design to provide the ultimate support system available anywhere. Dave Jones describes this as the complete ergo solution for those who are prone to overuse injuries associated with typing. For a complete description and illustration of this product, please visit the webpage of keyboards_ergorest.

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Melissa Cseri also creates the website of cfiwest. The Center for Inquiry (CFI) would like to welcome visitors to their website. CFI exists to promote a secular society that has a foundation of science, reason, humanist values, and freedom of inquiry. CFI has been working closely with Melissa Cseri to create a website that provides information about their organization. The CFI website offers publications, coverage of media appearances, educational opportunities, and the position of advocacy for their cause of encouraging evidence-based reasoning in the modern world. Visitors are encouraged to browse the site for updates, videos, educational podcasts, discussion forums, and most of all, be open placing any topic under scrutinous inquiry. 1. Secular Organizations for Sobriety offers help with recovery from addiction. Melissa Cseri has included a list of SOS links to worldwide sobriety organizations at the webpage of sos/links. Visit this link to find a location near you. 2. Melissa Cseri’s sos/intro webpage introduces visitors to the SOS organization. SOS offers alternative recovery methods for individuals who don’t feel comfortable with spiritual content of traditional 12-step programs. Read through this introduction to see if this type of program is for you. 3. SOS promotes a self-empowerment approach to recovery. At his brochures/overview page, Melissa Cseri provides a step-by-step explanation of this approach to sobriety and gives information on how you can get involved today. 4. As Melissa Cseri explains at family, an individual’s addiction can have a great impact on family and friends. In many cases, family members also experience success from addition when they see their loved ones overcome. Garnering the support of family is a key ingredient in the SOS approach to sobriety. 5. With the SOS approach to recovery, sobriety is the top priority. But what exactly does this mean and how does it happen? Melissa Cseri breaks down their scientific approach to sobriety on his priority page and even weaves in the personal story of one man who overcame addiction. 6. In 2015, SOS will be hosting their 30th Anniversary International Conference in Hollywood, California. This event will feature international recovery speakers, celebrity guests, author book signings, and more. To learn how you be a part of this event, visit the website directly.

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Kym Majors also creates the website of casecec. The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) is an international educational organization whose members work to enhance the potential, dignity, value, and uniqueness of each individual in society. This group has a particular interest in students who receive special education services and is working to ensure that their basic rights and respect is upheld at all times and that they have the opportunity to receive an appropriate free public education. Kym Majors has taken his personal interest in education and has joined with CASE to help develop their website, located at casecec. His design of this website centers on communicating CASE’s purpose of providing leadership and support to members. Site visitors will find information on news updates, events, and numerous resources that contribute to their mission. 1. In response to the unfortunate events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the President devised a plan to protect our children and communities by reducing gun violence. Kym Majors has posted a PDF containing this plan at the webpage of Documents/wh_now_is_the_time_full.pdf. … Our nation has suffered too much at the hands of dangerous people who use guns to commit horrific acts of violence. As President Obama … 2. Many school districts across the nation are implanting a Response To Intervention (RTI) plan to close the gaps in student achievement. To explain this initiative, Kym Majors has posted a link the Response to Intervention-Blueprints for Implementation handbook at the webpage of District Blueprint, which includes a framework for District Level considerations. …The purpose of the Blueprint documents is to provide a framework around which implementation of RtI can be built…. 3. The Response to Intervention-Blueprints for Implementation handbook also has a separate guide for the School Building Level. Kym Majors’s webpage, School Building Blueprint, goes into more detail about how the RTI intervention process can be effectively implemented in schools as a part of their scheduled instruction. …The National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) and the Council of Administrators of Special Education(CASE) believe that Response to … 4. Kym Majors’s about page explains the mission, purpose, and philosophical stance of CASE. Much of their activity and purpose is centered around helping Special Education students be as successful as possible through appropriate interventions in public schools. …The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) is an international professional educational organization which is affiliated with the… 5. As a function of their role of Special Education advocacy, CASE encourages its members to take an active role in legislative processes that impact Special Education. At the webpage of legislative, Kym Majors provides a few examples of how CASE is getting involved in important issues. …Here you will find information on legislative events that impact education policy and more. CASE encourages it's membership to take an active role … 6. CASE has some valuable resources for its membership as well as non-members who work to support their schools in tough situations. Kym Majors has posted links to Crisis Intervention resources and more at the webpage of resources. …The CASE leadership recognizes the need for special education administrators to have access to resources to support schools in their work with students and staff… 7. Each year, CASE recognizes outstanding individuals whose accomplishments have benefited the field of Special Education. If you would like to nominate a special individual for an award, visit Kym Majors’s awards page for instructions. …The Council of Administrators of Special Education, Inc. (CASE) acknowledges the need for a professional association to recognize…

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