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Latest Customer Reviews

Passed The Enterasys Certification Exam but Could Have Done It Better

TestsForge was responsible for my passing the Enterasys certification exam last week but I found it a bit challenging. I'm glad I passed, but it was a close call. I wish I had taken a little more time using the study guides. I pushed myself a little bit too fast to pass, not giving much thought to how I'd do on the exam. I passed with a marginal score of 75%. Not bad, but not great either. Next time I'll take a little bit more time and do it right. I do plan on taking more training courses though TestsForge and this time I'll do it right. Thanks for all your help!

- From Cassandra Mcclendon

It Made A Huge Difference!

The first time I took my Enterasys certification exam, I passed, but I was told that had I missed only a few more questions, I would have received a failing score. I knew I had what it takes to pass with a high score. I also knew that if a potential employer asked about my score, I wanted to be proud of the number I gave them. So I went ahead and ordered the practice test materials from TestsForge. I went over everything in the package and took those practice tests so many times I thought I wore them out. But it was worth it because I got a great score the second time! Thanks!

- From Elizabeth Rosario

All Certification Exams
  • 2B0-011 : ES Router Configuration
  • 2B0-012 : ES Switching Edition 4.0
  • 2B0-015 : ES Wireless
  • 2B0-018 : ES Dragon IDS
  • 2B0-019 : ES Policy Enabled Networking
  • 2B0-020 : ES NetSight Atlas
  • 2B0-023 : ES Advanced Dragon IDS
  • 2B0-100 : ESE Recertification
  • 2B0-101 : ESSE Recertification
  • 2B0-102 : Enterasys Security Systems Engineer Defense
  • 2B0-103 : Enterasys Security Systems Engineer-NAC
  • 2B0-104 : Enterasys Certified Internetworking Engineer(ECIE)
  • 2B0-202 : ES NetSight Atlas
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