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The present position of computer software developer at TestsForge requires Vasilis Nikolopoulos to have an extensive knowledge of J2EE, SOAP, REST, JAVA, XML/XSD, Shell Scripting, Maven, and VMWare SDK CI tools. His training at the Delhi College of Engineering helped him secure that knowledge, and he further advanced his understanding of these concepts while working at Cisco Systems Inc. and Flextronics Software Systems. He has held the titles of Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Control System Engineer. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: 642-998 Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing, HP0-M48 HP LoadRunner 11.x Software, HP0-S34 Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions, 1Y0-740 Citrix WANScaler 4.2: Administration, 642-996 Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric, 646-401 WLAN, HP0-P21 HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration, 650-294 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express (PATVFEE), HP0-Y18 ProCurve Secure Mobility Solutions, 225-030 CDIA+, 650-665 SE Cisco SP Video Wireline Cable Headend Design (CSPWCHD), 650-032 Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers (MITAM), 642-567 ASFE, HP2-Q06 Selling HP BCS Solutions and JN0-130 E-series, Specialist (JNCIS-E). Vasilis Nikolopoulos also creates the website of englishinteractive. Learning the English language can be very difficult. English is filled with strange phrases and spellings, and even people who are born in English-speaking countries don’t always use or pronounce words correctly. That’s why Vasilis Nikolopoulos developed this concept – to help people who learning to speak English use words and phrases as they were intended. Vasilis Nikolopoulos grew up in the Midwest United States, but has traveled and lived in different areas of the country. He has also studied English as an undergraduate, and is now a professional teacher of the English language. He designed this website in response to difficulties faced by real-life students in his classes, to help them gain and improve their English language skills more rapidly. Like any teacher, Vasilis Nikolopoulos is committed to the success of his students, and he wants to help you with your goals of becoming proficient and competent in using and speaking English today.

1. About the webpage of Conversation: Since even different areas of the country use words differently, and have different accents and usage, it’s important to hear how a native from that region might use the word. That’s why Vasilis Nikolopoulos also includes different sites that focus on regional usage and accents. These services can be very helpful to anyone who is either just beginning to learn the language, or wants to perfect their skills and speak like a native. Click on one of these links to start advancing your mastery of the English language today.


2. About the webpage of E-Class-1/oceanFish: This exercise, odd man out, was created to help you test and improve your vocabulary. Determine what words mean the same, and what words don’t fit in with the rest of the group. Vasilis Nikolopoulos has also included a conversation using a number of idioms and informal phrases. Use this opportunity to test your skills about slang, which is the informal use of words to convey a message. Review the conversation, and then answer the questions about it at the end.


3. About the webpage of WSH: Reading and writing English are also important steps in language fluency. Vasilis Nikolopoulos includes these sites to help you gain confidence with your written language skills. These relevant, interesting articles will keep your attention and provide information about a familiar subject while you learn. Take the time to do each of the learning activities, including the listening activities, work the crossword puzzle, and write the short essay at the end. These will help you to continue progress toward your goal of being confident in using the English language.


4. About the webpage of JOY: Many times, in the English language, the same word can have different meanings when used in a sentence. Words like principal and principle can also be spelled similarly but have very different meanings, but sound the same. That’s why grammar and word usage are especially important. Vasilis Nikolopoulos developed this site to offer extra assistance in learning grammar and selecting the correct words and phrases to complete a sentence. Listening exercises also help tune the user’s ear to differences in pronunciation and accent.


5. About the webpage of E-Class-1: Being able to express important ideas and use English in the professional world is an essential part of job skills. Sometimes, though, part of job skills can include social skills, such as being able to make small talk, tell and understand jokes, and use informal language instead of stiff, formal language during a casual conversation. Because Vasilis Nikolopoulos knew that most formal English classes don’t do that, he created this interactive, hands-on learning site. Listen to the words or phrases spoken, then practice them. When you’re done, take the short quizzes to test your progress. The only grade here is an A, because with each effort you will learn a little more.


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