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Stephen Fraser did his undergraduate work at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and received his BS in Electronic Engineering. He worked for three years at Cisco and another 2 years in Google. inc. Stephen Fraser went back to school at Brown University in 2001 to get an Ph.D. Stephen has built the research program centered on Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials, Routing and Switching for Systems Engineers, Unified Contact Center Enterprise Implementation and Installing TelePresence Video Immersive Systems. He has get the Faculty Early Career Development Award 2003. Now he is our Cisco exam prep director. When you prep for your Cisco exam, you can get the help from a Brown University professor. Mr. Fraser is also interested in many other areas. He is the member of the website of breitlinks and contribute lots of content to this website. He do lots of researches on Adventure, Sports, Mysteries stories. He is also interested in Entrepreneur Self-Test which helps people identify and understand the entrepreneurial potential. Intervention with abuse of alcohol, drugs and women is another topic he is working on now. This topic has been long discussed and Mr. Fraser try to get the relations between abuse of alcohol, drugs and women by men. At the part time, Mr. Fraser is a music lover. He loves podcasting. He write an article about Podcasting and internet and said “audio on the internet comes of age”.

Recent Publications

1. Stephen Fraser has contributed the following content for the AudioOnInternet PDF file on breitlinks

Podcasting: Audio on the Internet Comes of Age ... .... Listening to these new radio programs, audio books, recorded conversations, lectures, is becoming a more and more interesting way of usefully spending time when commuting or when you are traveling.


2. Stephen Fraser has contributed the following content for the AlcoholDrugsAndWomenAbuse PDF file on breitlinks

Intervention with Abuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Women ... ... He also notes commonalities: both kinds of change require personal responsibility, changed thinking, daily work, mutual support and change focus. When there are differences in philosophy and practice based on different models, perspectives and experiences, an important consideration is who decides what will be done.


3. Stephen Fraser has contributed the following content for the entrepreneur_self_test PDF file on breitlinks

Entrepreneur Self Test (TOOLS FOR ENERGIZING ENTREPRENEURSHIP) ... ... Established in the mid-1960s by the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman, the Kauffman Foundation works to advance entrepreneurship by reaching individuals of all ages through the delivery of entrepreneurship education and development


4. Stephen Fraser has contributed the following content for the genres file on breitlinks

Realistic Fiction, Problem Novels... ... The protagonist is in all respects an ordinary adolescent. Humor can be present in any of these genres, as it can also be present in realistic fiction and nonfiction. Humor in an otherwise serious story can give one a sense of hope that not otherwise be there.


5. Stephen Fraser has contributed the following content for the career_activities file on breitlinks

Mr. Breitsprecher's Career Activities ... ... Business Etiquette & International Business. Being sensitive to other cultures is important. This handout explains how to work with global communities and suggests some helpful Websites to learn more.

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