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Kevin Carroll received his undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering from the Northwestern University (northwestern), USA in 2001. As a student at Northwestern, he was interested in the booming IT technology. He worked for a year as a research assistant in Cisco. Dr. Carroll joined our team on 2007 May and worked as the Cisco certification exam prep leader since then. He focuses on Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security, Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions and so on. Dr. Kevin is the fan and developer of the game ironworks. His major works published on the website tgeweb. Since 2003, he did lots of testing and program for this game. The following are some contributions he did according the website of tgeweb.

Recent Publications

1. Worked on the new NWN webarea of the game ironworks

He worked on the new NWN webarea, and it'd soon be finished and would replace the old Neverwinter Nights area he never finished. He plan to make it unique, and something you can't find elsewhere.


2. Worked on the Wizards & Warriors's design

He added a new Quest Walkthrough, this one covers Boogre Prison, and was sent in by Rick Volberding!


3. Developed the Wizards & Warriors Graphics Patch

He has developed the Wizards & Warriors Graphics Patch. If you changed your mind about patching the game, you can simply press the Cancel button to exit the utility without making any changes.


4. Design the Darkstone area of the game

He created a Quest called "Devil's Shard" it would be about a HUGE dungeon filled with lots of baddies and some really great quests!


5. Baldurs Gate 1

He added a few things, and changed the look a bit -- Giving it a cleaner look... He also added the cheat codes and more tips and spoilers for Durlags Tower!

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