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TMap NEXT® Test Engineer

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of TMPTE certification exam

A passing score of at least 65% is required for the Exin TMPTE: TMap NEXT® Test Engineer certification exam. Candidates will need to correctly answer 20 of the 30 questions on the exam in order to achieve this score.

In order to pass the exam, candidates should be able to understand TMap NEXT® life cycle acceptance and system tests. Questions covering these concerns will make up 40% of the exam's questions. An additional 40% of the exam is devoted to test design concepts.

Also, candidates must have a thorough comprehension of framework and the importance of testing. Questions covering these concerns will make up 15% of the exam. A final 5% of the test will be devoted to examining a candidate's knowledge of development tests.

Candidates typically take the exam because they know that TMap NEXT® is widely recognized as the leading standard within the field of structured testing. The exam is targeted towards any testers who wish to adopted a more structured approach to their work. The exam will provide a benefit to qualified testers and organizations who wish to develop a more efficient testing process. Testers taking the exam should be involved in testing on a daily basis. A general understanding of the field of system development and at least six months of work experience in the testing field is recommended for exam candidates.

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