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CompTIA Server+

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Jul 6, 14


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Overview of SK0-003 certification exam

The SK0-003 CompTIA Server+ certification exam is a 100 question exam that will focus on server skills and knowledge that are used by companies, businesses, and organizations across the world. This vendor-neutral exam is a great way to become introduced to the server IT field. Server administrators, systems engineers, software developers, and service technicians are welcome to take this exam to validate their knowledge of concepts including hardware, software, storage, troubleshooting, and more. 90 minutes will be given to complete this exam; if a score of 750 or higher is earned, the CompTIA Server+ certification will be acquired.

Candidates should take this exam as a follow-up to the A+ certification, also offered by CompTIA. Participants should have 18-24 months of experience with server technology. Additional training can be obtained by purchasing one of the many resources that CompTIA offers as part of this program. Courseware, training guides, practice exams, and more are available. The exam is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and German.

Participants should be knowledgeable of system hardware, such as system board types, chassis types, memory features, expansion cards, and firmware, and system software, such as NOS security and management features, server roles, and virtualization. Troubleshooting techniques will also take up a quarter of the exam, with various tools and methods for common problems in each server component covered. RAID and other storage technologies will be tested, while disaster recovery methodologies must be understood. A section on the IT environment and industry best practices will also be featured.

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