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CompTIA Storage+ Powered By SNIA

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of SG0-001 certification exam

No prerequisites exist for the SG0-001: CompTIA Storage+ Powered By SNIA exam. However, it is recommended by CompTIA that candidates complete one of the following CompTIA foundational level exams: A+, Network+, or Server+. Professionals taking the exam will ideally possess at least a year of hands-on technical storage experience. Candidates taking the exam must have the knowledge and skills needed for the configuration of basic networks, including archiving, backup, and restoration.

The SG0-001 exam is accredited by ANSI for compliance with the ISO 17024 Standard. Regular reviews and updates take place in order to make sure that the SG0-001 exam remains compliant.

During the SG0-001 exam, candidates will be required to prove that they understand storage components. Specific questions on the exam may test a candidate's knowledge of SATA, Fibre Channel, SAS, SSD, Spindle, and SCSI. Connectors, cable types, and removable media types will also be tested on the SG0-001 exam.

Additionally, 24% of the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of connectivity concepts. Questions on this portion of the exam will require candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of link, worldwide node name, worldwide port name, oversubscription, and flow control.

Twenty-six percent of the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of storage management. General volume management and virtualization concepts will be examined on this portion of the exam. The remainder of the test will examine a candidate's knowledge of data protection and storage performance.

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