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HDI: Help Desk Manager

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of QQ0-300 certification exam

The exam number is QQ0-300 and the exam name is HDI Help Desk Manager. This exam was available in English. The QQ0-300 exam is only available for testing at a Pearson VUE test center. During the QQ0-300 exam, candidates will need to be able to provide near real-time feedback on organizational performance, ensure the realization of an employee's potential, understand the benefits of mentoring programs, ensure consistent customer service, recruit and retain people who possess optimal skills, understand and value cultural differences, maintain a balanced and positive outlook when adapting to new situations, define a Help Desk's role in an organization and understand the techniques in preventing or eliminating customer conflict. The exam is valid towards the HDI certification and will be administered via Pearson VUE.

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