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Overview of PD0-001 certification exam

The PD0-001 CompTIA Printing and Document Imaging (PDI+) certification exam was retired in January 2014. All those professionals who were able to successfully pass the exam have a lifetime certification. The exam was designed to validate a professional's entry level skills with printing and document imaging devices. Although originally designed for world-wide use, the certification exam was primarily used in Canada.

The exam's target audience consisted of professionals in customer service, those who worked at the help desk, field service personnel, and individuals working in network support and service. Candidates were required to prove that they could resolve most of the problems associated with printing, scanning, installation, repair, and maintenance. Questions on the exam included concepts relating to color theory, professionalism, communication, safety, environment, and basic electromechanical components.

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Professional Results When Studying with This Help

Working as a professional means you will eventually have to take tests. These tests serve to show your excellence in your field and that people can trust you. The CompTIA PD0-001: CompTIA PDI+ is just such a test. I knew I would need to take it to be taken seriously in my field. I went ahead and took the time to study everything I found at TestsForge and I was able to get professional results. Not only was all of the information laid out in the easiest to understand manner, but I was able to get through it quickly and easily. Now, I am starting to look to the next professional test I have to take and you know I am going to use TestsForge again.

- From Katy Huffmeister

Don't hesitate!

I have been putting off getting a new certification for years. I always had another excuse why. I didn't have time. I didn't have money. I didn't have energy. Then a coworker turned me on to the TestsForge website, and I realized I didn't need a ton of extra time or money to be able to reach my goals -- finally! I signed up for the incredible CompTIA PD0-001: CompTIA PDI+ program. The lessons were very easy to follow, and they instantly relieved a ton of my stress. They prepared me very well for the tests, which I ended up passing. I can't believe I put this off for so long.

- From Kyle Smith

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