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Overview of N10-005 certification exam

The N10-005 CompTIA Network+ exam is a 90 minute exam with up to 100 multiple choice and performance-based questions. This is a cornerstone CompTIA exam for IT professionals of all fields and backgrounds. The skills and knowledge tested in this exam are things that will be used throughout your IT career. Foundational concepts of network technologies, installation, management, security, and more will be covered. This is a great exam for individuals new to IT who are looking to get started with a certification that can prove competency and precision in vendor-wide technologies and concepts.

It is recommended to take this examination after earning the A+ certification, as concepts tested on that exam will be assumed on this. In addition, at least nine months of networking experience is a good measure of your skill level and ability with these exam concepts. The CompTIA marketplace offers a wide variety of training resources that can be used to prepare for this exam. Textbooks, courseware, study guides, and practice exam are among the resources offered. After earning this exam, various higher-level job roles (network administrator, technician, installer, etc.) may be acquired.

Network concepts, installation/ configuration, media and topologies, management, and security will all be covered, with each topic taking up an equal portion of the exam. Participants should be familiar with such things as IP addressing, routing and switching, common networking protocols, virtual network components, wireless network installation, standard media types (fiber, copper, media converters), network topologies (point-to-point, peer-to-peer), connectivity issue troubleshooting, network access security, and firewall configuration.

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