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CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of LX0-101 certification exam

The Linux+ certification from CompTIA requires a passing score on two exams. The first exam, LX0-101, consists of 60 multiple choice questions that will test knowledge of basic maintenance tasks, backup and restore, workstation installation and configuration, the Linux command line, and more. Participants will receive 90 minutes to complete this exam; it is available in English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. A passing score of at least 500 is required.

This exam will validate the skill base of a junior Linux administrator; it is expected that candidates will have 12 or more months of experience in this job role, or as a network, systems, database, or web administrator, in which basic IT concepts and Linux administration tasks were used and performed regularly. Additionally, the A+ and Network+ certifications should be earned before attempting this exam. Training options include eLearning courseware, live mentoring, study guides, and practice exams, and can be found on CompTIA's online marketplace.

Four sections will be found on this exam:

1. System Architecture - Participants must know how to identify and configure hardware settings, boost the system, alter runlevels, and reboot the system.

2. Linux Installation and Package Management - Participants should be able to design the hard disk, manage shared libraries, and use three types of package management: Debian, YUM, and RPM.

3. Unix and GNU Commands - The ability to work on the command line, perform basic file management, and process text streams is required.

4. Devices and Filesystems - Participants should know how to create and maintain filesystems and manage disk quotas and file permissions.

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