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Overview of HT0-201 certification exam

The largest percentage of the HT0-201 : CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ certification exam is devoted to audio and video concepts. Candidates will also be tested on their knowledge of networking, telephone/VoIP, security, surveillance, home control management, documentation, and troubleshooting.

The goal of the exam is to validate a candidate's knowledge of the skills necessary for configuring, integrating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and understanding the design concepts relating to electronic and digital home systems. Primarily, the exam is targeted towards technology integrators, security system technicians, A/V installers, electricians, and network administrators. Those working in the cable, telecommunications, and satellite industries are also qualified to take the exam.

Latest Customer Reviews

Help from an Unexpected Source

My career is something that I have always approached on my own. I have not looked for help from anyone else. I even paid my own way through school. When it came to taking my CompTIA HT0-201: CEA-CompTIA DHTI+, I was fully intending on doing it all on my own with that as well. I admit, I was struggling a little to understand the material. My girlfriend knew I was having difficulty even if I did not want to say that I was. She took the initiative to download the study guides from TestsForge. I read everything and took all of the tests and finally understood how to pass the test. I am happy to say that I now have passed the test.

- From Raul Ramirez

My Heroes

Seriously, I want to give a great big thank you to everyone who works so hard at TestsForge. Getting a feel of how the actual test would be on test day really gave me confidence. I was prepared for the types of questions I would be asked and the format of the test. I took the pre-tests from TestsForge so many times I could have done them in my sleep. The actual exam just felt like second nature. Use the products on this site if you want to cruise through the CompTIA HT0-201: CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ like I did.

- From Deanna Crosdale

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