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Selling HP Network Solutions

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Jul 5, 14


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Overview of HP2-Z22 certification exam

Designed to validate the abilities of sales professionals in recommending and selling HP networking products, the Selling HP Network Solutions (HP2-Z22) certification exam features 50 multiple choice questions which may require a single or multiple responses. The exam is an hour and fifteen minutes long and requires a score of 68% or greater for success.

One year’s on the job experience and practical, hands-on expertise is recommended to pass the HP2-Z22 exam. HP additionally recommends focused training and/or study prior to taking this exam.

Five primary test sections appear on this exam, with each accounting for a percentage of the overall score. The smallest section covers HP services and sales tools and is only 6% of the final score. Substantial preparation time should be spent on study related to FlexNetwork Architecture, which is 50% of the evaluation. Other topics appearing on the HP2-Z22 exam include: FlexManagement, Security, Campus LAN and Brach Office solutions and Network segmentation.

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