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Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of HP2-K21 certification exam

Passing the HP2-K21 exam, Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta, fulfills the requirement for HP's premier certification: Master ASE - HP StorageWorks. Only those individuals who hold earlier versions of this certification and wish to upgrade should consider the HP2-K21. These are SAN Architects or Storage Consultants who hold a minimum of two years' worth of experience in designing multi-site complex solutions and managing the deployment of enterprise storage solutions.

For practical knowledge, the HP2-K21 exam has been divided into three, roughly equal sections. The 72 questions require a passing score of 72%. There is a two-hour time limit to the exam. The first section details the description of HP products and solutions, such as the HP solution-based portfolio along with its ISVs, and the benefits of storage as a utility for the converged infrastructure. The middle section requires the test taker to plan and design a supported solution, linking business needs to HP solutions, developing appropriate solutions for a customer's needs and validating the solution design. The final section covers the implementation of a solution design at a customer site.

The best experience for an exam such as the HP2-K21 will come from hands-on work experience gathered by the IT professional during the course of his or her routine. However, there may be additional classroom experience specifically related to the HP2-K21 exam, and potential test takers can check with HP's Learning Center website for additional information. Registration for the HP2-K21 can also be completed at the same site.

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