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Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of HP2-E51 certification exam

When achieving certification as a sales consultant in the area of positioning and sales of HP's Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure solutions is the goal; ; taking the HP2-E51: Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions is the way of getting that certification. The infrastructure solutions sold will be based solely upon the customer's specific business needs and requirements at the time of the sale. Having at least one full year's worth of experience in the sales of HP Enterprise solutions and products is something required before this exam is even considered. Achieving this certification gives the exam taker both the tools and also the necessary skills when proactively selling the aforementioned infrastructure solutions.

There are all sorts of items covered on HP2-E51 that pertain specifically to the product that is being discussed. Some of those items are discussed in The Market Opportunity section. Those items would be what the specific market opportunity is for HP's Cloud Solutions and Converged Infrastructure and how would the sales person successfully translate the customer's specific business needs into a business proposition that is perfectly suited for their needs. Some items that are discussed in Start with Services would be HP Cloud discovery workshops along with these HP Services - Implementation, Transformation, Financial and Support as well as CI-MM.

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