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Selling Through Curiosity

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of HP2-E48 certification exam

When the goal of any HP partner and/or an internal HP employee is to achieve certification in the Sales Certified Selling Through Curiosity; the certification exam that is needed to achieve that goal is HP2-E48: Selling Through Curiosity. Passing this certification exam requires participants need to have gone through the training course for Selling Through Curiosity Modules 1 through 5 and achieving a score of 65 percent or more on the exam. Although there are only 40 questions on this exam, participants are not going to need to sit for hours to take it. The time limit for this exam is only 60 minutes (1 hour).

Although there are only 4 main sections in HP2-E48 there is nothing minor or un-important in any of them. The 4 sections and the percentage of questions in that section are as follows: Foundations of Selling Through Curiosity - 35%, Qualification - 15%, Understanding the Customer's Decision Making Process - 15% and Advanced Questioning - 35%. Participants are asked to answer questions pertaining to open-ended questions versus closed-ended questions and what else questions. What are the basics of note taking when talking to a customer? Why and how would a customer be qualified? What particular and specific categories does the ideally qualified customer fall into? Another question/series of questions applies to how and when curiosity applies and comes into the decision making process of a prospect. In Advanced Questioning the following questions are explored - current situation, problem, impact, ideal and benefits advanced note taking.

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