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Selling HP Value Services Portfolio

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Jul 3, 14


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Overview of HP2-E47 certification exam

When it comes to the IT field there is so much that people either do not know or know only a little about. Do you know what is needed in order to sell any of HP's products? When selling HP's Care Pack Value Service products it might not seem like it is all that difficult to make the point known. Those that have been selling these products for at least one full year and that wish to become certified by HP would take the HP2-E47: Selling HP Value Support Services exam. Those that are HP sales professionals, HP Authorized Partner Sales Consultants or Professionals are the ones that would be the most likely candidates to take this exam.

Some things that examinees are asked about on HP2-E47 cover everything having to do with Selling HP Value Services which comprises 15 percent of the exam questions and Selling HP Product Specific Value Services which comprises the remaining 85 percent. Are examines able to accurately and completely describe to the customer the benefits that HP Value Services can and will provide to them? How would the HP salesperson make the key selling points interesting and engaging enough to a customer that they would buy HP Value Services? Exam participants are asked to describe the selling points that are keys to the sales of these: HP Mission Critical Services, NP Networking Value Services, HP BCS Value Services, HP Storage Value Services and HP ISS Value Services.

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Earlier this month I took the HP HP2-E47: Selling HP Value Services Portfolio exam after a lot of complaining about how hard it was going to be and how I didn't have time to study. As a surprise gift, my very kind husband presented me with your HP HP2-E47 test answers and questions packet. Now I am making him special dinners every night as a thank you! I never could have passed that darn HP HP2-E47 without your priceless insight on every page. In fact, I even aced the test to everyone's surprise. We've recommended you to several friends and now enjoy raving about your company and my high score.

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