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Selling HP SMB Solutions

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of HP2-E43 certification exam

Industry standard certification is available for IT experts that have experience in the HP SMB Solutions with the HP2-E43 exam. With the successful passing of the HP2-E43: Selling HP SMB Solutions Exam, you will be tested and proven to industry standards, which makes you eligible for more positions. Concurrent with passing this exam, the certification can also be used to achieve additional certifications in the HP field. Participants taking this one hour test can be expected to be tested on 40 different items to achieve certification. Each of the 5 subsections will test on a different knowledge base as it pertains to the HP SMB Solutions.

Examples of what could be on the test include ideas pertaining to business protection as it deals with the HP SMB Solutions. Questions will pertain in this section to the server, networking, services and storage as well as dealing with key messages in each of these areas. One scenario that participants could find themselves dealing with is the identification of financial and technical services as they pertain to Business Protection. Selling and networking are also a big knowledge base that will be covered in this exam. Participants will also need to be able to walk through a given scenario with the network as it deals with sales values and know how to deal with the key messages as it pertains to the network.

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