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Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of HP0-Y43 certification exam

HP is offering the HP0-Y43 exam to prospective candidates as a key component of the HP ASE-Network Infrastructure and HP ASE-Wireless Networks certifications. The ideal candidate to sit for this exam will have accrued at least two years of experience implementing or providing maintenance of network infrastructure solutions in a LAN or enterprise setting. To enhance the opportunity for success on this exam, candidates are encouraged to explore the various training opportunities related to this certification provided by HP.

The HP0-Y43 exam has a two-hour time limit, in which candidates will have the opportunity to respond to 62 questions that are presented in both multiple-choice and matching formats. Exam topics will include emphasis on solution optimization (e.g. tuning advanced Layer 3 routing protocols, assessing optimization of network availability and sensitive traffic) and solution implementation, including installation of multicast protocols, routing, and IPv4 and IPv6. Networking architecture and technology, solution planning, and solution troubleshooting will also be covered along with additional related items not listed above. Examinees must earn at least 74% in order to pass this exam.

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