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ProCurve Secure Mobility Solutions

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of HP0-Y18 certification exam

Although HP does not require candidates to complete training prior to taking the HP0-Y18 : ProCurve Secure Mobility Solutions exam, potential exam participants are strongly encouraged to complete the Instructor-Led Training course and to review the other reference materials associated with the HP0-Y18 exam. Passing the exam is a core requirement for the Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) ProCurve Networking and Mobility [2008] certification.

A total of 64 questions will be featured on the test, including multiple choice and drag-and-drop options. Completing the test will require 90 minutes of the candidate's time, and participants must earn a score of no lower than 75% in order to pass. Exam questions may focus on advantages of ProCurve Networking’s Adaptive Edge Architecture, AP 420 features, AP 530 features, and the differences between an RP and an AP.

The ProCurve Mobility (v8.21) Instructor-Led Training course is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Additional documentation and references include FAQs, configuration examples, and manuals.

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