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ProCurve Security 7.3

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of HP0-Y11 certification exam

The HP0-Y11 : ProCurve Security 7.3 certification exam is intended for systems engineers and networking engineers who are capable of handling the design of complex networks. Other specific professionals who may be qualified to take the HP0-Y11 exam include HP field system engineers and HP services technical support and field services engineers.

Successful completion of the HP0-Y11 exam is a core requirement for the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) for ProCurve Networking certification. Employers value professionals who have passed the HP0-Y11 exam because they have successfully demonstrated that they understand complex and scalable ProCurve-based network design. The exam also demonstrates that professionals understand complex routing and switched environments.

Each of the exam's 66 questions are multiple choice. Candidates will be given 105 minutes to take the test, and a passing score is 71% or higher. During the test, candidates will need to prove that they understand functional layers of network security, ProCurve device management security, network protection, network access control security, and troubleshooting concepts.

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