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Advanced SAN Architecture Certification

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of HP0-W03 certification exam

HP is offering the HP0-W03 exam to individuals working in technical personnel roles, including SAN Architects and Storage Consultants, who design, configure, deploy, and integrate SAN-based storage solutions. The HP0-W03 exam is one of the primary requirements on the path to earning the Master ASE-HP SAN Architect-Data Availability Solutions certification and measures the candidate’s competency in practical design, support, and integration of application, platform, middleware, operating system, storage, and network components needed to solve the various needs of businesses. Prerequisites include the MASE SAN Architect or one of six ASE certifications.

The HP0-W03 exam has a maximum time limit of two hours and contains 74 questions offered in a combination of multiple-choice and drag/drop. Exam content includes items that require the candidate to explain and evaluate SAN concepts and technologies such as storage technology, Fibre Channel fabric and SAN topologies, and continuity concepts. Other topics include the role and tasks of a SAN architect, analyzing a customer’s current environment and business parameters, developing solutions to meet customer needs, and being able to describe SAN implementation, merging procedures, data management, fabric management, and security management. Additional related content is also likely, therefore HP recommends that candidates actively participate in and utilize all available related training resources.

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