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HP Virtual User Generator 11.x Software

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Overview of HP0-M49 certification exam

Technicians that are in the software/hardware industry and have been working with and on HP's Virtual User Generator 11.x software are at the right place to take the HP0-M49 certification exam. If they have been working hands-on for three or more months and have taken the appropriate training/study courses might have the level of knowledge it may just be time to schedule that exam as well. Knowing exactly how to create the scripts plus the virtual users that are used to validate the performance and also monitoring of the end user.

There are certain items that examinees are tested on via being asked to explain or identify or configure, recognize and implement certain procedures.

1. Of the four sections in this exam - HP0-M49 - the Script Recording Configuration accounts for 32% of the total exam questions.

2. Participants are asked to identify and also explain the transaction boundaries in addition to explaining and applying verification checkpoints.

3. Handling program errors is also part of the routine and how this is done is explored.

4. Examinees will need to shoe how they parameterize the data values in script enhancement.

5. Exam participants will need to be accurately be able to explain the term "Add Files to Script" means.

6. How are rendezvous points implemented?

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