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HP SiteScope 11.x Software

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of HP0-M44 certification exam

Attention all software technicians out there that have been working with the HP SiteScope 1.x Software that have been doing so for three months or more that want to achieve that next step in your career path. If you are paying attention to this then the HP0-M44: SiteScope 11.x Software

Certification exam is that next step that you are looking for. Examinees will have 70 questions to answer that test their knowledge of and skills in the demonstration of and Proof of Concept with plus implementation, configuration and management of the HP SiteScope 11.x software. A correct score of 75 percent or more is required for passage of this exam.

Those that are taking HP0-M44 will need to be able to describe different features and items, specify specific phases and items, identify, list and categorize many different parts and phases linked with and part of the SiteScope 11.x software. Describing SiteScope's key features and uses is something asked in the very first section of this exam. Participants need to identify SiteScope's data integration methods dealing with and from a 3rd party application into HP BSM and its position within HP's BTO family of software products. Knowing exactly what to do and how to do it regarding troubleshooting and repairing those trouble spots is also necessary for technicians.

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