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HP Network Automation 9.x Software

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of HP0-M40 certification exam

Network Engineers as well as Administrators that have knowledge and work experience working with Communication Protocol Basics, Fundamentals of Network Devices as well as networking should take the HP0-M40: HP Network Automation 9.x Software certification test. Familiarity with all parts of the HP Network Automation will be very beneficial. Successful examinees will need to pass this exam with a score of 73 to obtain certification. It would also be beneficial to utilize the five different resources that will help with this exam such as HP Network Automation Users Guide and the Multimaster Distributed System on Oracle Users Guide.

Practical working knowledge of the proper procedures for the addition of devices to the HP Network Automation will be tested on as well as authorizing user access. Be prepared to explain how to create and use partitions for security as well as the steps to create both user groups and accounts. Participants will also need to describe be the steps to successfully add device groups and devices to the network as well as configuration deployment, viewing and editing. Given a typical work scenario, examinees will also need to understand and be able to solve troubleshooting problems with the HP Network Automation. Intimate knowledge of Planning and Installation will also be tested such as a possible example of how to install correctly HP Network Automation.

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