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Implementing HP TRIM 7.x Software

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of HP0-M35 certification exam

Individuals that currently demo or perform Proof of Concept would certainly have an advantage over others with the certification received from taking the HP0-M35: Implementing HP TRIM 7.x Software exam. For a successful test taking experience, qualified individuals should have at least three months of experience in the HP Trim Software and be familiar with the uses of HP Trim including front end and back end administration, SharePoint integration and familiarity of HP Trim in a testing environment. In the exam, the section that has the highest weight is the Maintenance and Installation of HP Trim.

Examinees will need to know how to monitor and modify Trim events as well as be able to explain and identify different installations for the HP Trim Program as well as be able to explain the deployment and configuration of Studio. They will also need to know the Workgroup Server Installation. Other areas of testing may include but are not limited to the following:

1. General concepts such as TRIM features and their ancillaries
2. Integration Design, Configuration and Architecture such as defining configuration application.
3. Configuration and Customization of TRIM such as global settings interface and Barcode Scanners
4. Operation and Administration of Trim such as building templates for workflow
5. Export and import of files such as Print Merge export

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