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HP Server Automation 9.x Software

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of HP0-M34 certification exam

Those that are in the software administration field that are also or exclusively working with the HP Server Administration 9.x software looking for the certification necessary to prove that they know their stuff in accordance with HP's strict requirements need to take this exam - HP0-M34: HP Server Automation 9.x Software. Those that are or aspiring to become server and/or system administrators or data center engineers are the ones that need to focus on this exam. Knowledge of and experience in server automation configuration and usage for six or more months is also a requirement for taking this exam.

Participants who take HP0-M34 need to be able to prove their knowledge and experience in so many areas. One of those areas would be to be able to accurately describe these aspects of Security and Permissions and Role-Based Access Controls - properly describe the security communication between different components and authentication options available. Being able to accurately describe the core and satellite installation processes is explored and tested as part of Installing Server Automations. When Ensuring Compliance is the topic being able to identify the categories of Compliancy policy and also describing how the compliance scans get initiated and remediating the differences in the compliance scans are asked of examinees.

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