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Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of HP0-J51 certification exam

It certainly is not really that much of a secret these days that to get anywhere in the IT world you need certain certifications. This is pretty true when the topic of discussion turns to HP and all of the myriad of products, software, hardware and technology solutions that they have come up with. To this end it stands to reason that HP - and customers/clients alike - wants their field service personnel to be thoroughly knowledgeable about and with products/services they want to provide the public with. This is even truer when HP's StoerageWorks Solutions is being discussed. This is where the HP0-J51: Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions certification exam comes into play.

Those that are going to be taking HP0-J51 will need to have a good working knowledge of and experience with HP StorageWorks Solutions in and of itself and also with the other 'family members' of this particular package. Exam participants also need to have one or more years of personal installation/configuration experience with this system in order to understand the system and to pass this exam. Those taking this exam would need to be able to accurately describe and/or explain some of the following items: NAS technology; the interconnected components of storage systems; storage benefits and concepts as a better manner of converged infrastructure.

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