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NonStop Hardware Install, Maintain, Upgrade

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of HP0-A17 certification exam

Authorized Service personnel and support personnel, including field support technicians, are among the target audience for the HP0-A17 : NonStop Hardware Install, Maintain, Upgrade certification exam. Other qualified individuals may include Global Mission Critical Support Center staff, Solution Architects and Professional Services personnel, software developers, system integrators, and consultant partners. HP recommends that candidates for the exam have at least one year of experience working with the HP NonStop S-Series servers, and these servers should run the G-Series NonStop Kernel Operating System.

Passing the HP0-A17 exam is one of the elective requirements for the Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) – HP NonStop System certification. Prior to taking the HP0-A17 exam, candidates must successfully earn the AIS – HP NonStop Systems certification. Additionally, candidates are encouraged to complete seven optional Instructor-Led Training courses before taking the HP0-A17 exam.

The largest percentage of the exam will be devoted to troubleshooting. These questions will make up 28% of the test and will examine a candidate's knowledge of data collection methods, log analysis procedures, and troubleshooting resources. Other topics on the exam include corrective maintenance, proactive and preventative maintenance, system configuration, system installation, site preparation, and installation planning.

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