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NonStop Advanced Application Development

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of HP0-787 certification exam

There are no prerequisites for the HP0-787 : NonStop Advanced Application Development exam, but it is recommended that candidates have at least five years of experience developing applications in an HP NonStop environment. The HP0-787 exam is designed to test a participant's skills in programming a NonStop server within a Guardian environment, and the exam is not designed to test a candidate's programming skills in a specific language.

Passing the HP0-787 exam requires a score of at least 65%, which requires candidates to correctly answer 42 items on the test. There are 64 multiple choice questions and participants will have 90 minutes to attempt to answer them.

Twenty-seven percent of the exam covers a candidate's knowledge of program design and engineering. Concepts such as multithreaded processes, fault-tolerant processing, checkpointing, Data Flow, Message Flow, Processing Logic, and program resilience will be tested on this portion of the exam.

An additional 21% of the exam will test a candidate's understanding of physical development process. To adequately demonstrate their expertise, candidates will need to understand conversion between text file types, JAVA debugging techniques, SCOBOL debugging techniques, and PAX.

Fifty-two percent of the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of NonStop Server Services. Exam participants are strongly encouraged to complete a minimum of three Instructor-Led Training courses prior to attempting the exam. These courses range from four to five days in length.

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