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NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF)

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of HP0-768 certification exam

Exam participants taking the HP0-768 : NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) exam should have at least three years of experience on the NonStop S-Series platforms running the G-Series NonStop Kernel Operating System. Professional Services personnel and Authorized Service and Support personnel are examples of qualified professionals who may excel at the HP0-768 exam.

Completion of the HP0-768 exam is an elective for both the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) certification in the HP NonStop S-series Systems track and for the HP NonStop Kernel Certified Systems Engineer (CSE) in the HP Operating System certification. There are 77 questions on the exam and each of them are multiple choice. Candidates must correctly answer 48 questions and earn a score of at least 62% in order to pass the exam. Each participant will be given 90 minutes to attempt to pass the test.

Questions on the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of transaction concepts, including atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Participants will also be tested on their knowledge of TMF architecture, including the role of TMF components and the characteristics of the TMF audit trail. Concepts relating to configuration, operations, recovery, and problem management will also be included on the exam.

Before attempting to take the test, candidates are encouraged to complete the four day long course, HP NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) operations and management. This is an Instructor-Led Training course.

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