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NonStop Kernel Platform Support

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of HP0-762 certification exam

There are 62 questions featured on the HP0-762 : NonStop Kernel Platform Support certification exam. Candidates must answer 39 items correctly to pass the test. A total of 75 minutes will be allotted for candidates to take the test.

HP intends the HP0-762 certification exam to be completed by those professionals who have a minimum of one year of related work experience. During this year, candidates should have worked with HP NonStop S-Series platforms and should have ran the G-Series NonStop Kernel Operating System. Qualified individuals include field support technicians, Global Customer Support Center personnel, Analyst SEs, presales technical support staff, NSK software developers, system integrators, consultant partners, application designers, and authorized service channel partners or distributors.

Throughout the exam, candidates will have their ability to gather information tested. Candidates will also be required to prove that they can analyze information, describe online considerations, and explain the availability of TMF, RDF, or BACKUP data. Resolution implementation, product interdependencies, change management, debugging tools, low level tools, information resources, and best operational practices concepts will also be included on the exam.

Before completing the exam, candidates are encouraged to complete seven Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses. These courses are recommended, but not required. Additionally, recommended Self Study programs, ILT, and computer based training courses are available.

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