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Tru64 UNIX V5 Network Administration

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Jul 5, 14


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Overview of HP0-703 certification exam

Service engineers, pre-sales technical support engineers, and HP customers with advanced level knowledge of networked and clustered AlphaServer systems that run HP Tru64 UNIX may wish to consider Exam HP0-703, Tru64 UNIX V5 Network Administration. Passing the exam meets one of the requirements for either the Tru64 UNIX V5 Systems Engineer certification or the Accredited Systems Engineer – AlphaServer/Tru64 UNIX V5 certification. HP also strongly recommends that candidates have at least 12 months of hands-on experience with this technology.

The exam consists of 56 questions. Candidates will have 75 minutes to complete, and must achieve a score of 66% in order to pass. Since this exam measures advanced level knowledge and skill, candidates must be able to apply their knowledge of TCP/IP, SNMP, remote access, networked Tru64 UNIX systems, as well as other connectivity and security requirements. Section 1 of the exam will ask you to describe TCP/IP networking concepts and components. Section 2 covers how to install and verify IP applications on a Tru64 UNIX end system. Section 3 will require candidates to describe how to install and configure UNIX native server networking applications. Next, section 4, is the description of advanced configuration procedures for IP and routing. The final section requires you to describe fault resolution procedures and practices. HP recommends the Tru64 UNIX V5.0 Network Administration course, a five-day instructor-led seminar, for preparation for this exam.

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