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Tru64 UNIX V5 Advanced Admin. Support & Performance

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of HP0-702 certification exam

The person who can pass the Tur64 UNIX V5 Advanced Administration, Support, and Performance exam, HP0-702, will meet one of the requirements for certification as a Try64 UNIX V5 System Engineer or an Accredited System Engineer – AlphaServer Tru64 UNIX V5. HP also strongly recommends that individuals have at least 12 months hands-on experience with this technology before attempting this exam. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 66% of 56 multiple-choice questions, with a 75-minute time limit. This test measures advanced level knowledge and skills, and HP believes that candidates are able to apply knowledge of Tru64 UNIX kernel concepts, utilities and commands.

The details of the exam find it broken down into seven objectives. The first requires candidates to describe Tur64 UNIX Kernel concepts, components and subsystems. Objective two will ask you to describe and perform advanced system administration, configuration, and security tasks. The next section will require candidates to describe Tru64 UNIX file system concepts and architectures, and how to perform advanced planning and configuration of Tru64 UNIX file systems. Following that is a section that requires the description of Tru64 hardware and software RAID (LSM) concepts and architecture, plus to explain how to perform advanced planning and configuration of RAID. Next you will be required to describe and implement the advanced AlphaServer hardware capabilities that V5.0 and Tru64 UNIX can leverage. After that, the next section requires you to describe how to perform AlphaServer/Tru64 UNIX system and event management. The final objective covers the description of performance optimization and tuning methods, plus how to perform the corresponding procedures. HP offers six instructor-led courses that cover the material on this exam, plus another five course of self-paced training. Check with HP for specific details.

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