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Open VMS Security Administration

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of HP0-276 certification exam

The HP0-276 : OpenVMS Security Administration exam is one of the elective requirements for the OpenVMS Certified Systems Engineer (CSE) certification. Prior to obtaining the CSE certification, candidates must also have earned the OpenVMS Certified Systems Administrator (CSA) certification. Although there are no prerequisites to taking the HP0-276 exam, candidates are encouraged to have completed at least three years of experience working in an HP OpenVMS environment before attempting the 60 question exam. Each question on the exam will be either multiple choice or drag-and-drop. Candidates will have a total of 90 minutes to earn a score of at least 71%. The HP OpenVMS System and Network Security training course is recommended prior to attempting the exam.

A thorough knowledge of security is required for candidates taking the HP0-276 exam. In order to prove their expertise, candidates will need to be prepared to answer questions on threats, risks, impacts, and consequences. Candidates will also need to prove that they can detect security threats and breaches. Common threat vectors, security solutions, and the configuration of relevant protocols, applications, and services will be tested on the exam.

Additionally, candidates will be tested on their knowledge of security components and attributes. To demonstrate the appropriate level of knowledge, candidates will need to prove that they understand how clustering relates to system security, securing the file system, and how to define protected subsystems. Data storage security, common OpenVMS security applications, the ability to secure DECnet network services, troubleshooting, and recovery will also be tested on the exam.

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