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ProCurve Adaptive Edge Fundamentals

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of HP0-207 certification exam

The HP0-207 : ProCurve Adaptive Edge Fundamentals certification exam is one of the fundamental requirements for those seeking to be certified as an Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS).

The content of this test focuses primarily upon the following topics:

1. Device Configuration and Monitoring

2. Configuring VLANs

3. HP ProCurve Manager and HP ProCurve Manager Plus

4. Increasing Capacity and Improving Availability

5. Introduction to Wide Area Network Configuration

6. Introduction to Dynamic Routing & 10Gb Ethernet

7. Enabling Convergence

8. Introduction to Wireless Access and Access Control Configuration

9. Network Design and Deployment

The HP0-207 test features 60 multiple choice questions, and a test taker will have approximately 90 minutes to complete the exam.

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HP HP0-207 Certifications

I have many certifications but not the HP HP0-207: ProCurve Adaptive Edge Fundamentals. I decided to finally try to take the test so get the certification. Little I realize just how much studying I would have to do for something I have done for years. I refused to give up because I knew the information but seemed to have problems with the questions. I found this site offering such a great solution to my problem. I ordered the information. When I saw where I was having problems with the questions I was relieved. I now have the certification to add to my others. Thank you for helping me learns how to answer questions correctly and add to the required certifications needed in the industry.

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