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CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Technology

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Jul 5, 14


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Overview of FC0-U21 certification exam

IT professionals located in the UK are able to take the FC0-U21 CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Technology examination, which measures competency in PC hardware and peripherals, operational procedures, preventive maintenance, and compatibility issues. This exam is comprised of 35 questions that must be answered in a period of 60 minutes. It is available in English, only in the United Kingdom. By earning a passing score of at least 70% and taking it conjunction with CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality exam, candidates will earn the ITQ Level 1 certification.

Training for this exam is available through CompTIA's marketplace, in the form of a courseware knowledge pack that includes an eBook, student guide, detailed evaluations, and exam voucher. To become acquainted with the concepts found on the exam, it is vital to purchase this helpful resource. It is expected that all participants will have accumulated at least 30 hours of hands-on guided learning experience before taking this exam.

The majority of this exam will review technologies and computer hardware basics. In this section, participants should be able to demonstrate the use of various devices, explain the functions and characteristics of internal and external storage devices, peripheral devices, and core input devices, demonstrate the ability to set up a basic PC workstation. Compatibility issues and common errors, such as operational problems caused by hardware, will be discussed, as will software installation tasks and basic security risks and preventive procedures. The final section will review Green IT and maintenance techniques.

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Continued Success on CompTIA FC0-U21

I have used your guides in the past to study for exams. Even with this fact, I am still amazed how I have been able to have continued success with my latest exam, the CompTIA FC0-U21: CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Technology. I breezed through the informational guides. My confidence grew with each page I read. I only had to take the practice exam one time to know I had the information correct. It amazes me so much how you offer everything that is needed to pass the exams for such so many topics. I love the fact I have success once again. It is great to know I have a source with updated questions so much the actual exam anytime I need to pass another certification.

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