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CompTIA IT for Sales Specialist

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of FC0-TS1 certification exam

The FC0-TS1: CompTIA IT for Sales Specialist exam requires candidates to complete 50 questions within 60 minutes. Candidates may complete the exam in Korean, English, or Japanese. The exam's scores range from a possible 100 to 900, but candidates must earn a score of at least 655 in order to pass the exam. Appropriate job roles for the FC0-TS1 exam include account managers, business development managers, and sales engineers.

Exam participants taking the FC0-TS1 exam must be able to prove that they have a professional knowledge of the basic technology required to complete sales activities. These activities should be ones completed with customers in technical fields.

In order to prove their expertise, candidates will need to be able to demonstrate that they have the proper communication skills required to engage customers. Exam participants must also be able to prove that they can identify types of technology users and provide the right solutions based on specific needs and requirements. Potential solutions that candidates should be familiar with include Green IT and preventative maintenance. Additionally, exam participants should be able to coordinate with technical staff in the sales process. The exam will test a candidate's skills in ongoing customer case and engagement, as well as a candidate's ability to employ customer satisfaction techniques.

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