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Senior Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Programmer, and QA Analyst are among the job titles that Tiffany Destaffno has held in the past 13 years. These positions have been at the following companies: McAfee, Quark Software Inc., Raffles Software Pvt Ltd., and Cisco Systems. TestsForge currently employs Tiffany Destaffno as part of their computer software development staff. Tiffany Destaffno credits his educational training at Sri Padmavati Mahila Viswavidyalayam for his thorough understanding of QA, testing, and software engineering concepts. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: 650-128 Connected Grid (Account Manager) Knowledge Verification Exam (CGAM), ITSM20F.EN IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000, 650-295 TelePresence Video Sales Specialist for Advanced (PATVSSA), 642-457 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2, E20-825 SAN Expert Exam for Technology Architects, E20-324 VNX Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects, HP2-B88 HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management Technical, 220-802 CompTIA A+, 642-999 Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing, HP2-N34 Selling HP BusinessService Automation Solutions and 642-874 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures. Tiffany Destaffno also creates the website of aformerskeptic. All of us at one time have wondered if ghosts are real. Martin Burns, author of the “A Former Skeptic” website found at aformerskeptic, says he was a “complete skeptic.” That was before he founded this website after experiencing a series of unusual, life-altering events in his own home. He created this in-depth site to share his interest in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), his personal paranormal experiences, collected ghost stories and ghost photography, types of hauntings, paranormal news and articles, and much more. His hope is that die-hard skeptics will begin to open their minds, while believers will view such things as ghosts, psychics, mediums and other things of that nature with a bit more critical eye. Tiffany Destaffno also included pages on this website that are devoted to a fear of the paranormal, types of ghosts, a look at demonology and exorcism, and a glossary of paranormal terms.

1. Are you hearing voices? If they’re not in your head, you may be able to pick them up using EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. This is the recording of what sounds like human speech or voices onto audio recording devices, devices such as analog and digital voice recorders. Often used on “ghost hunting” TV shows, the EVP phenomenon is explored on Tiffany Destaffno’s webpage, evp, along with three basic EVP classifications.


2. If you’re looking for the definition of ghosts and a description of the different kinds of ghosts, try Tiffany Destaffno’s page: whatarethey. Both residual and intelligent ghosts are profiled here. Website author Martin Burns does not purport to have all the answers, but he does enjoy entertaining different theories of how ghosts may enter our daily reality.


3. If you suffer from phasmophobia, a fear of ghosts and the paranormal, you’re not alone. As the website author explains on the page that Tiffany Destaffno made devoted to this topic at the webpage of fear, however, you likely have little to fear. He doesn’t believe that ghosts can harm, hurt or kill anyone, but he does take the opportunity to explain psychics, mediums, and his viewpoint on religion and the paranormal on this page as well.


4. While the author of the website admits that he personally does not believe in entities such as demons, devils or other entities of that nature, he devotes an entire page to the subject of demonology at the webpage of demonology. In addition to a page that explains the two different types of demonologists, Tiffany Destaffno also added sections on inhuman spirits and exorcism. There is something for believers and non-believers alike here.


5. A haunted house can be one of many things. At the webpage of hauntings, Tiffany Destaffno details both the subtle and the dramatic differences between residual, intelligent and demonic hauntings and the simple, unexplained noises and movements of poltergeist activity. Those who have lived in or visited a truly haunted house should recognize the type of haunting on this page.


6. For a gallery of ghost and paranormal images all in one place, check out Tiffany Destaffno’s page, images.html. Visitors to the website submitted these images. It is left up to the discretion of each website visitor to decide whether or not they are genuine ghost photographs or other paranormal phenomena captured on film—or just a trick of the camera.


7. Visitors to the site have submitted the ghost and paranormal stories you can read at the webpage of stories. Enjoy reading the host of shine-chilling ghost stories on this page, where you can even consider submitting your own ghostly tale. Some of the stories on this page that Tiffany Destaffno created also contain a link to photos or video.


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