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Savion Washington received a B.A. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Maryland in 2003, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Science from The University of Alabama in 2007. Since that time he has been a scientist in our team. In 2008-2009, he developed our new version of certification exam engine which can be used for all the exams. In 2010, he redesigned our website to make it easier to access. Dr. Washington's job has focused on the following certification exams prep now: 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL certification exam, 1z0-048 Oracle Database 10g R2 Administering RAC certification exam, 1z0-144 Oracle Database 11g Program with PL/SQL certification exam, 1Z0-225 Oracle EBS R12 Inventory and Purchasing Fundamentals certification exam, 1Z0-403 Oracle Linux System Administration certification exam, JN0-202 Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-M) certification exam, JN0-355 Junos Pulse Secure Access, Specialist (JNCIS-SA) certification exam, JN0-541 IDP, Associate (JNCIA-IDP) certification exam, 220-302 CompTIA A+ OS Technologies certification exam, FC0-U41 CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals certification exam, PK0-003 CompTIA Project+ certification exam and so on. Savion Washington was easy to catch cold since young. When he was in college, he tried to research the medical by himself to cure the common cold. When he searched all the information, he found the website george-eby-research and contacted the webmaster George Eby. They both were interested in curing the common cold and became the friends since then. They worked together to find the best medicine. At last they both believed that strong zinc lozenges are indeed the long awaited cure for the common cold. Since then, Savion Washington has spent lots of time to the medicine. Actually, Savion Washington maintained the website and do some research on the medicine besides he worked for us about the certification exam prep. The following are some jobs he has completed:

1. Savion Washington and George Eby worked together about the Clinical depression. You can check there articles on the page of depression-anxiety. It has several sections: Depression Defined, Cured with Lithium or Magnesium? NIH Table of Food Sources of Magnesium, Stress as Ultimate Cause of Depression and so on.


2. Savion Washington and George Eby also worked on ANGINA PECTORIS using ZINC as a treatment. You can find the information on the page angina. On the page, you can find the following topics: What is Angina Pectoris? Experimental Evidence for Efficacy of Zinc in the Treatment and Prevention of Angina Pectoris. How Can Zinc Cure Angina Pectoris? Role of Taurine in Zinc for Angina Pectoris. Role of Nuts in Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and so on.


3. These 2 guys also worked together with William W. Halcomb DO to publish an article about ANGINA PECTORIS using ZINC. The name of the article is High Dose Zinc to Terminate Angina Pectoris: A Review and Hypothesis for Action by ICAM Inhibition. Just find it on the page of angina1. It covers: Introduction, Methods and Procedures, Results, Discussion and so on.


4. They also work on Lymphoma and Other Cancers using the Tetrathiomolybdate Copper Reduction Therapy. However, Savion Washington and George Eby worked together with R. Duchette, S. Gallant, C. Wolf. Andn and S. Sloterbeck …A physician can order prescriptions for a drug if he thinks it is medically justified even if there is no specific approval for the specific condition he is treating. In general, there are two things a doctor might be worried about …


5. George Eby and Savion Washington also compiled Glycemic Index of 1200 Foods which can help you live longer. Actually, some data are from University of Sydney Glycemic Index web site. …Remember that "diabetes" used to be called "sugar diabetes", until the sugar lobby got ticked. Note the other relative risk factors too…


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