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Degrees from Northwestern University and Peking University helped to lay the foundation for Rosemarie Horner's understanding of computer software concepts, such as video compression, JavaScript, transform coding, HTML, image processing, and CSS. After graduating, Rosemarie Horner obtained positions at Google, NEC Laboratories America, Cisco Systems, and Department of Machine Intelligence. He has earned the prestige associated with titles such as Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Senior Data System Engineer. Currently, Rosemarie Horner enjoys the challenges of performing software development for TestsForge. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: SY0-301 CompTIA Security+, 650-474 Introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine for System Engineer (PAISESE), HP0-S31 Managing Windows and Linux Server Systems, HP0-082 OpenVMS Advanced System Administration, Performance, & Support, 350-060 CCIE SP Operations written, 642-053 RSSE/FE, HP0-A17 NonStop Hardware Install, Maintain, Upgrade, 1Y0-A14 Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 3, 640-911 Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking, HP0-G11 CCI Fundamentals for Solution Architects, E20-326 Symmetrix Solutions Design and HP0-A21 NonStop Kernel Basics. Rosemarie Horner also creates the website of bradfordtimeline. Bradford has been a busy place over the years and Rosemarie Horner has created a web page to highlight some of that fantastic history of music and theater. Rosemarie Horner finds it enjoyable to look back the history and he has created the Bradford Time Line page just for that purpose. He has included every part of history covering music, theater, tv, books, architecture, and concerts. All of the information he has shared can be backed up by further research of the list of reference materials he has provided. Before visiting Bradford this is a great place to start building an itinerary.

1. About the webpage of 185099.htm: Putting together the page in the Bradford Timeline 1850 through 1899 Rosemarie Horner learned that there was a tone of history being made during that time. Rosemarie Horner has included hyperlinks to Flicker presentations for several of the historic events on the page for example you can see the actual architecture for the Children’s Hospital in 1890. Find out through the page when Cadbrury produced its first milk chocolate.


2. About the webpage of 190049.htm: 1900 through 1949 was a busy time in history and that is why Rosemarie Horner included this page. He wanted people to remember the Olympic Game in Paris in 1900 and the Kodak Brownie Box camera produced the same year. He wanted to include event that a number of people might not know about like the fact that in 1949 Hammonds Brewery won a prize medal. The page doesn’t give a lot o details but it gives people a place to start digging in history.


3. About the webpage of biblio.htm: Rosemarie Horner likes to be certain that all the information that he passes on is verifiable and that is why he has included the Reference Materials Used page. Rosemarie Horner has broken it down into various categories to make it easier for viewers to find references. The categories viewers will find are, local books and publications, internet locations, CD-roms, and general reference books. Rosemarie Horner has also included a key to better understand the layout of the timeline pages.


4. About the webpage of 195099.htm: When Rosemarie Horner came to the 1950 through 1999 page he had to expand his charts to include all the history in the making. This page includes important dates for the following areas in history; events, international and national headlines, firsts, sports, products along with pricing, and arts and media. There numerous links to Flicker slideshows to better bring home the effect of these events included in the page.


5. About the webpage of 160099.htm: Rosemarie Horner has gone back a long ways in history with the 1600 through 1690 page because; it actually starts with some history dating back to 1066 with the Battle of Hastings. Rosemarie Horner even lets visitors know when Christopher Columbus was born and when Joan of Arc was burned. Learn the dates of some of the most famous works of William Shakespeare. Rosemarie Horner takes you all the way through 1699 when the Clockhouse School was built.


6. About the webpage of 180049.htm: The 1800’s as a whole produced a lot of history that Rosemarie Horner felt needed to be shared with the world. This is the one page that a person can find facts already set in chronological order for them. Just as an example here are a few of the things that happened between 1800 and 1849; the US government moved to Washington, the UK made paper banknotes legal tender, Mark Twain was born, and safety pins were patent.


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