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Rhian Donadelle is an associate professor in the graduate fields of computer science. He is a member of AHD60 (Transportation Research Board Committee on Maintenance Equipment). Rhian Donadelle received his undergraduate degrees in Electronice Engineering in 2003 from University of California, Los Angeles. Rhian Donadelle research interests include Cisco Video Network Devices, Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications, Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking, Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions and so on. Rhian Donadelle has joined our team since 2006. Now he is the major developer of Cisco certification exam engine. Rhian Donadelle and Duncan created the Wisdom InfoTech in 2006. This company provides the IT Solutions and Services, custom software development, Business Process Improvement and Business Intelligence for all world around customers. But it’s major customers are from United States. Wisdom InfoTech has over 100 employers and the profit is over 1 million in 2013. Rhian Donadelle invests a lot of time to develop the website of wisdominfotech.

The jobs that Rhian Donadelle is responsible for Wisdom InfoTech includes:

1. Rhian Donadelle is responsible for Wisdom InfoTech's financial and banking services. You can find it on Wisdom InfoTech's website.

With Wisdom InfoTech's financial services, the customer can automate the banking functions, portfolio management, and other financial services, and save company time and money.


2. Wisdom InfoTech's provide all the solution to the industry. Rhian Donadelle make all the big decision for this service.

… With the solution from Wisdom InfoTech, all the customer can build the business's efficiency and boost the bottom line by taking advantage of their highly specialized consultants. All the customer can get the best—for less cost.


3. Web Services from Wisdom InfoTech

Wisdom InfoTech believes that Web Services technology will allow enterprises to build stronger and faster relationships with customers and partners. Web Services technology is a way to … …


4. Areas of Expertise

Wisdom InfoTech’s employees are certified and experienced in a broad range of technologies, business processes, products, software, and operating systems. What’s more, they have hands-on experience using ……


5. IT Strategy Planning

With Wisdom InfoTech's IT planning services, the customer can identify problems before they develop and save your company money in lost time and resources.

6. Business Intelligence

Wisdom InfoTech – Combining Wisdom with Intelligence. The customers can maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

7. QA Services. Wisdom InfoTech – Quality Assured, For Less.

With Wisdom InfoTech's QA services, the customers can maintain stringent QA standards and Improve quality.

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