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Reuben Reid received his BS (Civil Engineering/Environmental Science) from Cornell University in 1996. At the same time, he worked as a Cisco training teacher in New York. He received his Ph D (Civil Engineering) from University of California. Now Dr Reuben Reid is an Associate Professor in the graduate fields. His research interests include Comptia Remote Support Tech designation pathway, CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Technology, Storage Networking Design and Management, Content Management Web Application Programming and so on. Dr Reuben Reid joined us since 2007. Professor Reuben has received numerous praise during his outstanding teaching at TestsForge. It recommended that all the candidate take his CompTia boot camping training. At the part-time, Mr. Reid is also interested in Tektites and other closely related materials. He is the friend of the couple Norm & Cookie Lehrman who hold the website tektitesource. These 3 guys do lots of research and publish lots of articles about Tektites, Campo del Cielo Nickel-irons, Javanites and wabar glass on the website. They also do lots chemical tests of these materials. Anyway, the following are some of their publications:

Recent Publications

1. Dr Reuben Reid edited the page taffy_cored_tektites for the website of tektitesource on 2013 August

Tektite Source taffy-cored splashforms! ... ... In the left hand image of this pair, I have digitally closed the skin split to show the restored symmetry of the specimen. Note the coherent pattern of the restored skin ornamentation. Also, note the impact facet on the lower right. this big guy was severely battered while still plastic!


2. Dr Reuben Reid corrected the error of the page meteorite for the website of tektitesource on 2014 June

The perfect meteorite for show & tell at school! ... ... The name almost certainly stems back to the liklihood that there were people on hand to witness this monstrous impact event some 4000 years ago. And it was Big. The biggest single piece thus far recovered weighs 31 tons! ...


3. Dr Reuben Reid corrected the error of the page Javanites for the website of tektitesource on 2012 February

Javanites ... ... the fabled Javan tektites have a rich cultural lore collected in an entertaining book by Latvian Baron Richard J.H. de Touche-Skadding. (Agni Mani: Magic Gem from the Moon: Ballantine, 1966; Mayflower 1968). While the book purports to be a non-fiction account of his 30-year search for the stones, it seems as highly embellished as the skin of a Javanite ...


4. Dr Reuben Reid corrected the error of the page Tektite_tests for the website of tektitesource on 2013 December

Is It a Tektite??? ... ... This difference is sufficiently large that it can be detected with a strong magnet. Hang a good Neodymium-Samarium magnet on a thread, then pass your suspect material close by. If there is any visible deflection of the magnet pendulum


5. Dr Reuben Reid corrected the error of the page Wabar_glass for the website of tektitesource on 2011 November

WABAR GLASS: the Pearls of Al ...... The white impactite varies from shock-fused sandstone to frothy, pumicious material, and commonly contains about a half percent of meteoritic contaminants. The black glass is typically dense and vitreous, often forming a coating on white frothy glass cores. The black glass contains about 4.5% meteoritic components

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