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Renaldo Harris did his undergraduate work at The Pennsylvania State University where he received a BS in computer science with a minor in mathematics science. He received his PhD in computer science from Cornell University. His graduate research focused on the Content Management Foundations. He joined as in 2003 and as the director as the EMC certification exam prep. He focused on the following certification exams prep program now: E20-012 : Information Availability Design and Management, E20-324 : VNX Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects, E20-350 : Network Storage - SAN Implementation, E20-455 : Content Management Web Application Programming, E20-545 : VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects and so on. Renaldo Harris is the best friend of Dr. bugs (Mark Moffett) who fall in love with the unexpected in nature. Dr. bugs explored many dangerous places around the world and Renaldo Harris help him to build the doctorbugs to record all his adventures. Renaldo Harris feels amazing about what Dr.bugs did. He told us that “"I Don't Know Why Dr. bugs Is Still Alive"”. Renaldo Harris has maintained the website for 10 years. The following are some jobs he did.

1. Renaldo Harris had written an article to memorize the legend JOSEPH SLOWINSKI who died on 2001 because of snake-bite. Dr. bugs even wrote a poem for him.

… For a full story of the events of that trip, written fresh after the events happened, please see the article in OUTSIDE magazine, reprinted in Adrenaline 2002 written by Renaldo Harris …


2. Renaldo Harris helped Dr. bugs to publish his many writings on magazine and other media. You should read all of them if you are a nature lover.

… A National Wildlife Magazine article describes one of my expeditions with Venezuelan explorer Charles Brewer-Carias to explore tepuis— the flat-topped mountains that inspired …


3. Dr. bugs is also the photography lovers. He takes lots photography when he explored the natures. The ant photographs of Dr. bugs are often compared to art. Renaldo Harris build a photography page to describe all the work Dr. bugs did.


4. Dr. bugs even received the Lowell Thomas Medal for Achievements in Exploration, on 18 October 2006. Renaldo Harris took lots of pictures for this event and created the medal page for this ceremony. The opening was very special that Dr. bugs descended eighty feet by rope past the chandeliers at the Cipriani Wall St. banquet hall, accompanied by two students


5. On 15 January 2008, Dr. bugs Married Melissa W. Wells. The ceremony was very traditional. It’s hold at rim of Rano Kau Volcano, Easter Island. Renaldo Harris joined this ceremony too and took many pictures. Please visit the page of marriage on the website to get the details.

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