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Both IP & OSI based DCN Planning are specialties that Ray Hylton obtained knowledge of during his time at the West Bengal University of Technology. In his position as part of TestsForge's software development department, Ray Hylton also utilizes skills in J2EE, Cisco Router & Switch, Linux, CSS, and HTML. Previously, Ray Hylton has found employment as a Software Engineer, Software Development Engineer, and Support Escalation Engineer. Ray Hylton has performed these tasks at the following companies: Cisco Systems, Microsoft Corporation, and Accenture. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: E20-805 EMC Storage and Information Infrastructure Expert Exam for Technology Architects, 650-303 Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the SE (PACSCERSE), 156-215-70 Check Point Certified Security Administrator R70, E22-310 DiskXtender for Windows, LX0-101 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1, HP0-M49 HP Virtual User Generator 11.x Software, HP2-Z20 Introduction to HP TippingPoint Security Products, HP2-E47 Selling HP Value Services Portfolio, 646-046 Advanced Routing and Switching for Account Managers and 640-878 Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2. Ray Hylton also creates the website of haemtech. Medical technology is expected to meet precise standards, and is dependent on life-saving, blood work agents, which is why so much research goes into substrates, inhibitors, anti-bodies and anti-coagulants. Haematologic Technologies manufactures high quality, plasma derived coagulation proteins, anti-bodies, factor deficient plasmas and blood collection tubes intended for in vitro research use. Ray Hylton assisted Haematologic in creating a website that lists the company products and their services. The product quality is guaranteed, with PhD level technical services. Gain news and information on current research and development and various types of protein based therapies. Check product listings for your hemostasis research needs.

1. About the webpage of Antibodies.htm: Antibodies and coagulation proteins for monoclonal antibodies are available according to your specifications with a chart designed by Ray Hylton for Haematologic technologies . The chart is broken down into the classifications of description, catalog number, antigen recognized, sub-class and properties. There is also a table for rat anti-mouse monoclonals and polyclonal anti-bodies.


2. About the webpage of news.htm: Thrombin Generation Essay (TGA) is a universal test capable of assessing a research subject’s global hemostatic balance in the case of hemorrhage or thrombosis. The assay was validated in 2012 to support the use of TGA as a release assay for Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Stay in the news on the Haematologic page created by Ray Hylton with information on the latest medical research in plasma-derived therapies.


3. About the webpage of FAQ.htm: Ray Hylton has compiled a page of frequently asked questions concerning product storage and handling, with Haematologic technologies. Available are also data sheets for enzyme assays and activity units. There is a general guideline to basic buffers, cleavage of fusion proteins, and imunohistochemistry.


4. About the webpage of Blood_Collection_Tubes.htm: Haematologic offers stock blood sample tubes non-routine tests that requires the collection of blood and other body fluids. Ray Hylton states these tests also require the use of special anti-coagulant or proteinase inhibitor cocktails to preserve the integrity of the sample. Custom blood collection tubes for research applications are also made on request.


5. About the webpage of Substrates.htm: Ray Hylton helped provide information at a page at Haematologic that will help you understand the general structure of ANSN - based flourogenic substrates. Along with a diagram, there is a break-down of the kinetic properties and information on substrates containing the florescent reporter group 6-amino - 2 naphthalene-sulfonamide.


6. About the webpage of plasma.htm: For research purposes only, Ray Hylton offers you a page where you can order immunodepled factor deficient plasma. Haematologic’s deficient plasmas are manufactured from normal, citrated human plasma. They are shipped frozen or on ice and have a five year expiration date.


7. About the webpage of ordering.htm: You can order Haematologic coagulation proteins, anti-bodies, plasmas and test tubes online. Ray Hylton asks that you provide information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, item and quantity. Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final.


8. About the webpage of about.htm: Ray Hylton works with Haematologic, a company dedicated to supplying the international research community with the highest quality proteins and reagents attainable. They offer a broad line of services, which include custom protein purification, protein modification, assay development, contract manufacturing and contract research. The company strives to be on the cutting edge of coagulation research through in-house efforts and firms at the top of hemostasis and thrombosis research.


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