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Throughout his career, Nanette Gossett has worked in software development for companies such as Oracle, Yahoo!, and Zazu Networks. At these companies, Nanette Gossett has performed work in the roles of Software Engineer, Senior Cost Engineer, and Product Manager. His primary areas of expertise include cloud services and the development of mobile applications. At the present, Nanette Gossett works for TestsForge, where he assists his coworkers in software development. Nanette Gossett's initial understanding of software began at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently a developer for the following certification exam: HP0-606 Data Protector Basics for Windows, HP0-698 Supporting the HP ProLiant Storage Server Product Family, N10-005 CompTIA Network+, 1Y0-456 Access Suite 4.0 Build/Test, HP0-092 HP-UX Advanced System Administration, HP0-M53 HP BSM Operations Manager on Windows 9.x Software, 9E0-921 PNNIMPLS, E20-517 Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators, JK0-701 CompTIA Academic/E2C A+ Essentials (2009 Edition), 3001 Avaya IP Office Configuration and Maintenance, 650-281 Cisco UCS: C-Series Servers for Account Managers (UCSCAM) and 220-602 CompTIA IT Technician. PreventNow is a website designed by Nanette Gossett to let others know that the fight against Aids and HIV is ongoing and now is the time to fight it. From the site viewers can learn valuable information to help in the prevention of Aids such as the use of female condoms and which countries support the idea. As of right now there are 218 organizations in forty-eight countries that are behind the idea in prevention. While visiting the site viewers can learn what steps they can take to make a difference in the fight by using the get involved link.

1. About the webpage of female_condoms/research/: The female condom has at times been at the center of controversy and Nanette Gossett has built the A Collection of Peer-Reviewed Journal Entries About the Female Condom. This page and its articles cover a variety of areas such as cost effectiveness, social marketing, efficacy, and anal intercourse. This is where visitors come to find the best articles to get information like; “Reproductive Health Matters”, Aids Education and Prevention”, and “The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care”.


2. About the webpage of about_us/our_strategy/: Every plan needs a strategy and Nanette Gossett has created the Our strategy page to better explain the strategies behind the Prevention Now! Campaign. PreventionNow! works to network with U.S. and international leaders to build global access to female condoms. PreventionNow! is also reaching out to media resources to help spread their message and agenda.


3. About the webpage of get_involved/tools_for_advocacy/: Anyone can join the campaign movement and become and advocate. Nanette Gossett built the Tools for Advocacy page to help visitors become advocates faster. If one of the suggested ideas such as contacting congress, lobbying, planning an event, or writing to newspaper editors doesn’t fit and you still want to help; Nanette Gossett has include contact information where want to be advocates can learn of other ways to get involved.


4. About the webpage of about_us/faqs/: Nanette Gossett created the FAQ’s page so that the frequently asked question about the PreventionNow! Campaign can be answered swiftly. One of the top questions is “What is the PreventionNow! Campaign followed by “How can I get involved?” This is the place to learn about activities and actions being sponsored by the campaign.


5. About the webpage of about_us/: Prevention Now! Is doing a great job and Nanette Gossett wanted to help them get the word about what they are doing so he created the About Us page. The Prevention Now! Campaign spans across the globe and was initiated by the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE). They have set goals to increase donor and government funding, to expand the distribution of female condoms in every country, and to use information-sharing and training to get a global network of female condom advocacies.


6. About the webpage of about_us/global_campaign_support/: This is a global campaign and Nanette Gossett has created the Global Campaign Support page to get the names of supporters out there and to let others know how to become a supporter of the cause. There are over 215 organizations supporting the campaign and they are in forty-eight countries around the world. Some of the organizations working with the campaign are, ATHENA Network, Awareness International Network, Bunyad Foundation, and JAZAS just to name a mere handful.


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