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Michael Banchek works at TestsForge and develops software. Prior to his current position, Michael Banchek was fortunate to earn positions as Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer - Diagnostics, and New Product Design Engineer at companies that included Cisco Systems, Google Inc., and NEC Laboratories America. His computer software education began at the National University of Singapore and continued at Stanford University. Michael Banchek's specialties include transform coding, analytical thinking, video compression, and image processing. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: 642-181 Cisco Presence Design and Implementation, 3304 Avaya Call Center Elite Implementation and Maintenance, 7003 Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura® Implementation, 132-S-100 Avaya Sales Certification Specialist, 642-582 WLANFE, E20-616 Symmetrix Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers, HT0-102 HTI+ Systems Infrastructure, 9A0-311 Certified Macromedia Flash 8, HP2-K31 Technical Introduction to the HP Storage SMB Portfolio, HP0-762 NonStop Kernel Platform Support, E20-390 VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers and HP0-236 Supporting SAN Infrastructure & Solutions. Michael Banchek also creates the website of jehzlau-concepts. The Jehzlau Concepts page developed by Michael Banchek is a little different than a lot of sites out there on the web. Viewers are finding post and articles covering a variety of topics from gaming, to technology, to design and personal, right down to special events. Some titles that you might see on the site are “Nope, I’m Not a Councilor”, “The First 90MP Smartphone in the World is From the Philippines” and “Top 5 Things You can Donate to Yolanda Typhoon Victims.” Each article or blog can be commented on so that viewers can have their own opinions.

1. About the webpage of 2013/04/this-is-not-an-april-fools-day-post.html: This is Not an April Fool’s Day Post is a page that Michael Banchek created on a serious note even though its actual writer was being humorous. This is a host of blogs that are for the end of the year and have become so late that the next year is already half over. The author admits that the blog has become more like work and his laziness prevents him from keeping it updated.


2. About the webpage of 2012/12/fujifilm-x-series-cameras-xf1-and-xe1.html: The Fujifilm X Series Cameras: XF1 and XE1 page is Michael Banchek’s way of showing off the latest additions to Fuji’s line. The page discusses the key features that are important to the new products. Some of the top features listed are; HD movie recording with built in stereo microphone, 12MP, 25-100 MM equivalent, and advanced filters just to mention a few. Michael Banchek has included pictures to show the actual products to viewers of the page.


3. About the webpage of 2012/10/life-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates.html: Michael Banchek uses the famous movie line “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates” as the title for his page focusing on The IMG marketing company. This company is dedicated to helping to educate every Filipino on the importance of making good financial decisions. They offer free seminars on a regular basis and this page can get people on the path to attend the seminars and make the best financial decisions.


4. About the webpage of 2012/07/send-money-to-the-philippines-best-new-online-remittance-site.html: Michael Banchek’s page Send Money to the Philippines: Best New Online Remittance Site talks about the up and coming NTrust company. This is an online money transfer site that has been described as the lost love child of PayPal and Facebook. This company wants you to see a transfer as not sending money but sending the items your loved one needs on the other end. In other words; you are sending food, shelter, heating and cooling, and helping to improve lives.


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