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Vital skills in computer software development were obtained during Kimberly Zinser's educational years at the Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science and Technology. While there, Kimberly Zinser gained her understanding of programming languages, computer software design, and computer software testing. She went on to pursue careers at VonExpy Softech LLC, Imagination Technologies, and Redgate Software as a Developer, Software Engineer, and Programmer. All of the experiences helped to prepare her for her present career at TestsForge in software development. She is currently a developer for the following certification exam: 6006 Avaya Aura Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation, HP2-K27 Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions, HP0-P15 Planning & Designing HP Superdome 2 Solutions, HP0-D17 Architecting HP Cloud Solutions, HP0-Y30 Implementing HP Networking Technologies, 1D0-450 CIW Server Administrator, 650-296 TelePresence Video Sales Engineer for Advanced (PATVSEA), 640-692 Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices, 1Y0-614 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Design, 1Y0-222 Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server with Feature Release 3, 650-157 Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Email Security (ISIES) and 9A0-066 Adobe ColdFusion 8. Having the understanding that the business world is competitive is part of the reason that Kimberly Zinser created the website; PelFusion. Her site has a plethora of information that can be beneficial to thousands upon thousands of viewers. He not only looks into strategies and freebies for business owners and web designers he also delves into news that may affect those people. For restaurant owners there is a great link with ideas on how to creatively give discounts to patrons. Illustrators can find a link to help them get noticed sooner in their careers. There are just too many web design links to help the creators of the World Wide Web sites.

1. About the webpage of how-to-sell-your-internet-business-in-todays-marketplace/: Everyday there are internet businesses going up for sale and those business owners either making a fortune or going broke. Kimberly Zinser created the page How to Sell Your Internet Business in Today’s Marketplace for those contemplating the big move. In the page he suggest that sellers turn to BizBroker24 to get the help they need. BizBroker24 is ready to help sellers determine the best price and the actual worth of their business. There are three main ways buyers will look at the worth of a company and they are Revenue Multiple, Comparable Sales, and Asset value. BizBroker24 will help determine all those aspects.


2. About the webpage of 30-twitter-tools-for-managing-followers/: Managing followers on Twitter can get out of hand but, Kimberly Zinser created the 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers page to help with just that problem. Most viewers didn’t even know there were so many tools available for managing your Twitter followers. Each of the 30 sites Kimberly Zinser has supplied on the page has their own pros and cons. You can visit each site and make educated decisions. Some of the top picks Kimberly Zinser has included are Twittersnooze, Twitter Karma, Twittangle, Refollow, and Twitoria. Viewers can view each site and be able to make an informed decision.


3. About the webpage of freebies-for-designers/: Kimberly Zinser built the 30 In-Demand Freebies for Designers to help designers get in touch with the latest and greatest for their sites without spending a fortune. There are elements here that can keep designers creating fresh and innovative sites. One of the hottest right now is the social networking buttons because almost everyone on the net is somehow connected to a social media site. Another great idea from the page is Portfoilio Snaps which can change the dynamic of a site.


4. About the webpage of easter-wallpapers-and-cards/: Those that celebrate Easter and wait for it every year want it to be special so that is why Kimberly Zinser created the web page High Quality Easter Backgrounds. He has chosen some of the best backgrounds available to honor Easter. Each one is vibrant in color and true to the holiday. Kimberly Zinser has covered all aspects from the traditional dyed and painted eggs to some backgrounds that are more modern for example; background of eggs made from colored strands of wicker. This is a good page to help create a great Easter announcement or card.


5. About the webpage of cool-fonts-for-design-heads/: What font is used in the creating of a web page is just as important as the words used to get the attention of viewers. With that in mind Kimberly Zinser created the 20 Cool Fonts for Design Heads page to give light to some fonts that a lot of people have never even heard of. He has included some great pictures to capture the uniqueness of each font. Here are a couple that can be seen on the page; Qub, Citrus, Zero One, Sumkin, and Patagonia.


6. About the webpage of free-and-paid-seo-tools/: Search engines are vital for the web and Kimberly Zinser knows that being at the right place on a search engine is important to any business. Therefore he has gone on to create the Top 14 Free and Paid SEO Tools. Not optimizing search engines can be detrimental to a business and Kimberly Zinser’s page shows avenues that will optimize usage. Some of his suggested free tools are SEOQuake, Alexa, and Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The more indepth sites that are charging are SEMrush, Ahrefs, CuteRank, and Market Samurai.


7. About the webpage of how-to-make-a-esume/: Kimberly Zinser knows that finding a job the business world today is tougher that it was a long time ago so he created the How to Make a Resume page. When there is one job opening and hundreds of applicants you need your resume to jump out and grab the attention of the recruiter. Kimberly Zinser has put together a get package that includes free resume templates, free resume samples, free resume formatting, and free resume builders. Viewers will find the means to make a resume that stands miles away from tradition.


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